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Fitness training with cardio: the benefits and exercise for weight loss

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Fitness training with cardio: the benefits and exercise for weight loss
The contents

  • Features of cardio
  • Use cardio
  • Varieties of physical exercise for weight loss
  • Fitness training with cardio and slimming
  • Basic exercises cardio

Cardio, as a special kind of exercises have become ingrained into our lives. They can be used effectively to strengthen the heart muscle, respiratory system, provide muscle tone and beautiful terrain, to improve the health and productive to get rid of extra pounds.

Features of cardio

Cardio is called the type of physical activity used to quickly get rid of excess weight. Cardio is high-intensity fitness training, where the heart begins to beat faster and the pulse increases to a higher than usual performance. Due to the fact that the blood begins to actively circulate throughout the body, fat cells are broken down in several times faster.

Without exercise cardiologia impossible to speed up the process of weight loss. The measured fitness classes will develop muscles, but without regular cardio, the muscles will still be under the fat layer.

Use cardio

The cardio is not only a qualitative basis for active weight loss. These exercises help maintain a healthy lifestyle and bring tangible benefits:

  • improve the quality of the heart and blood vessels, causing the blood to circulate more quickly throughout the body, filling the tissues with necessary substances;
  • expand the volume of the respiratory organs: cardio improves the transfer of oxygen to all organs, thereby developing a athletic performance, including endurance
  • accelerate the blood flow normalized blood flow, caused by active fitness training, much faster to supply oxygen to the tissues, which avoids congestion and related diseases the blockage of blood vessels;
  • normalize metabolism: cardio qualitatively improve metabolism, making aktiviziruyutsya weight loss, improves the functioning of all life-support systems of the body, improves mood, replenish energy resources;
  • make slimming fast and effective: the skin is tightened, cellulite disappears, begins to form muscle relief, changes for the better body silhouette;
  • cause a burst of energy that helps to fight tiredness, fatigue, sleepiness and sleep disorders.

Varieties of physical exercise for weight loss

Exercise regime of cardio can be performed not only in the gym but at home. The choice of a particular species fitness depends only on the preferences of the person, its capacity and physical fitness. The main types of cardio you can call the following varieties:

  • Walking.

One of the basic exercises, which can lead to weight loss even without a strict regime. Such fitness training are especially recommended to people with serious degrees of obesity. The more intense fitness classes, unlike walk, can harm the heart, blood vessels or joints. The moderate step for 1 hour burns about 280 calories, so the weight loss will not keep itself waiting long.

  • Cross country exercise.

Fitness classes can be conducted on a cross-country exercisers, and outdoor air: 1 hour jog at a dynamic pace will burn about 600 calories.

  • Swimming.

The ideal method to relax, relieve tension from the muscles, losing weight and bring the muscles in tone: 1 hour swimming breaststroke eliminates 340 calories.

  • Velotta.

This sport is not only suitable as a warm-up, but in an active cardio for weight loss zone feet. 1 hour drive you can get rid of 320 calories.

  • Jumping rope.

A great option of cardio for fat burning: in 1 hour is spent 700 to 800 calories.

  • Step aerobics.

Intense exercise to work out the legs, arms, abdominals and active weight loss. 1 hour training burned about 500 calories.

Fitness training with cardio and slimming

For proper diet must be combined and alternated cardio and strength training. While anaerobic exercises help to increase muscle mass, which is a consumer of energy resources of the body even during rest.

These are the main differences between strength training from cardio. In the process of power fitness workouts calories broken down only during operation of the muscles, and after training complex the process of weight reduction stops.

To weight loss through cardio became really productive, you will need to stick with a balanced diet and the correct frequency pulse. The ideal option is to purchase a fitness bracelet that will monitor your heart rate.

For accurately calculating the optimal heart rate you can use this formula: heart rate = 220 — person’s age. The resulting figure will be the maximum allowed for an athlete with a heart rate monitor. For active weight loss, this frequency should be 60-80 % of the resulting figure.

Cardio duration should not exceed 70 minutes to the body is not overworked and has not started to use as the stored energy of protein, which builds muscle tissue.

Basic exercises cardio

Most suitable cardio it is possible to identify a practical way. However, for a basis we can take most popular exercises:

  • walking on the treadmill-stepper;
  • lunges forward and kicks;
  • exercise some burpees;
  • squat depth: with and without weights;
  • classic or side bar, as well as its variations on the elbows and one hand;
  • push-UPS.

The fitness room is easier to control the intensity and amplitude of loads. The advantage is that there is a unique machines. Modern sports equipment is equipped with special sensors and timers, which are able to calculate the level of heart rate and load level individually for each athlete.

For effective fitness training cardiologia will fit the following machines: treadmills, rowing and rowing machines, stair-Steppers, training ropes.

Systematic cardio for weight loss help to get rid of excess body fat, cellulite, and allow you to develop muscles throughout the body. The use of such fitness training are obvious: in addition to bringing the body toning exercises strengthen the heart muscle, improves immunity, normalizes blood pressure and activate blood circulation.

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