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Fitness training with a hula Hoop for weight loss

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Fitness training with a hula Hoop for weight loss
The contents

  • The gymnastic hoops for fitness
  • The benefits of hula hooping for effective weight loss
  • An example of a fitness workout with gymnastic Hoop

Waist and stomach is one of the most problematic areas of the female figure, because in this area women have localized excess fat deposits in the first place. It is connected with the peculiarities of female physiology: thus the body provides the most comfortable and safe conditions for the development of the fetus in case of pregnancy. For the same reason, to get rid of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and waist is difficult, but using a comprehensive approach that includes exercises with cardio and proper nutrition, perhaps. One of the most effective physical exercise that stimulates weight loss in the abdominal area and waist is the rotation of a gymnastic Hoop.

The gymnastic hoops for fitness

Hoolahoop come in several types, each of which during fitness training has a different intensity:

  • light classical shell made of plastic or aluminum.

This hula Hoop is suitable for beginners to practice techniques of rotation and bring the muscles in tone. To achieve drastic weight loss belly and waist with the help of this model, the hula Hoop is almost impossible;

  • the weighted Hoop.

The weight of the shell varies between 1-3 kg and due to this the abdominal muscles, as well as the whole crust get enough intense workload during fitness;

  • massage.

This model is a weighted Hoop at its inner surface has rollers, the rollers and the rib, which during the rotation of the projectile massage the abdomen and the waist, thus slimming these body parts;

  • magnetic hula Hoop,

Looks similar to a weighted Hoop with massage effect. This shell is additionally equipped with magnets, which promote blood flow to the working areas of the abdomen and waist;

  • zhimflekstor.

Sports equipment in the form of a Hoop, which can not only rotate at the waist, but to bend, performing a variety of exercises during a fitness workout.

The benefits of hula hooping for effective weight loss

Fast and effective weight loss belly and waist is not the only benefit of regular exercise with hula Hoop. Rotating gymnastic Hoop, you can achieve the following positive changes in the body and health:

  • the muscles of the whole body, especially the muscular system, come in tone;
  • strengthens the heart muscle, and normalizes the entire circulatory system;
  • improves intestinal peristalsis;
  • decrease visible appearance of cellulite;
  • increases flexibility of the spine;
  • improves posture;
  • increases the overall level of physical training.

Despite the benefits of santification with a stability ball to do not recommended in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in the postpartum recovery period;
  • in the period after abdominal operations;
  • during exacerbation of chronic diseases of abdominal cavity organs;
  • in heart failure;
  • in the presence of injuries of locomotor apparatus.

An example of a fitness workout with gymnastic Hoop

Before you start setting fitness workouts with the hula Hoop, you need to practice the technique of rotation, which is to perform the following actions:

  • Stand up straight with feet on the width of the pelvis or a little more, and place the Hoop on the waist.
  • Hands to give impetus to hula Hoop and spin a shell, perform a few movements of the pelvis in the direction of rotation of the Hoop.
  • Raise the arms up and rotate the hula Hoop, occasionally giving it a boost with the help of the pelvis and not forgetting deep and measured breathing and strain your muscles.
  • Having mastered the basic technique of rotation, you can start organizing the fitness classes with hula hoops, including the following exercises and techniques rotation of gymnastic Hoop:

  • Stand in the Hoop, raise it to waist level. Hold the hula Hoop in the arms, you must perform the steps in place. Not reposed yourself, you need to lift the ball over the head and hold in this position for a minute. After this time you need to drop the projectile to the level of the hips and perform alternate steps to the side. Marching left and right, you need to raise the shoulders. This fitness workout you need to perform for 60 seconds and then repeat the whole bunch of movements.
  • Stand up straight, pick up a hula Hoop and pull it in front of chest. Apart from the lower limbs hip-width apart and pushing the pelvis back, lower it down, crouching to the level at which the knee bends to a right angle is formed. Pausing in the squat for a second, need, slightly pushing your heels, quickly stand up straight and repeat the exercise. To squat this way for slimming thighs and buttocks is required within 30-60 seconds.
  • Standing straight and with feet at the width of the pelvis, to fix gymnastic Hoop near the chest. Then, it is necessary to put one foot to the other, as though urging her, and straighten upper limbs, pushing the hula Hoop to the side. Repeat this training movement fitness classes to the other side. Work with gymnastic ball in such a way should be 1-2 minutes.
  • Stand up straight, bringing feet together and hold a hula Hoop at arm’s length in front of face. Further, the exercise should take one lower limb back and sit down, flexing both knee joint at an angle of 90 degrees. Dropping into the squat, you need to expand the housing towards the support of the lower limb. Repeat this exercise for weight loss thighs 4 sets of 20, allocating back alternately to each foot.
  • Stand up straight with your feet at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Place the hula Hoop on waist and begin rotation. Never ceasing to rotate the Hoop, you need slowly to dissolve the upper limb to the side. Hold hands on the weight you need within 2 minutes. You then connect the upper extremity near your chest and repeat the exercise for weight loss hands up to 10 times.
  • Lie on your back, bending your knees and placing the feet on the floor. To take up the Hoop and lift it over the breast. Breathing should raise the torso and stretch the hula Hoop up. Exhale, lie back and repeat the exercise 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Standing up straight and rotating the Hoop at the waist, lift the hands to shoulder level and, keeping your arms and without stopping the rotation, to do small steps first in one direction and then in the opposite.
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