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Fitness training to strengthen the muscles of the back at home

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Fitness training to strengthen the muscles of the back at home

The contents

  • Useful fitness equipment for back training at home
  • Effective exercises with dumbbells for back
  • Recommendations to minimize injury during physical exertion on the back
  • Women’s set of exercises for the muscles of the back

Developed back muscles is not so much a question of aesthetics and proportion of the body, as a fundamentally important component of human health, which is essential to its normal functioning. Because these muscles support the spine and provide virtually the entire physical activity of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to work out the back muscles during the fitness workouts. And if the gym is not possible, then at least you can not effectively train your back at home.

Useful fitness equipment for back training at home

In order to pump the back muscles at home, not necessarily to buy expensive stationary exercise equipment that simulates thrust. Quality physical load on the muscles this part of body can provide quite affordable sports equipment — horizontal bar, chest expander, dumbbell, barbell.

A chin-up is one of the most effective exercises for the back, as the synchronous operation of the muscles during its execution proportionally and harmoniously develops the back. Another advantage of this training movement is the ability to perform chin-UPS with weights, providing progressive training. By means of working on the bar you can not only strengthen muscles, develop strength, and improve posture.

Also extremely effective exercise for the back with the chest expander sports projectile, which is a stretchable tape from the handles. The expander is a versatile training tool that can be fixed in different ways and to train in different locations of the body, working through different muscle groups.

In the set of exercises with the chest expander for developing the muscles of the back can include training movements:

  • Thrust in the slope.

As follows: to step forward like a lunge, stepping on the end of the shock-absorbing tape for fitness. To take in hand the free end of the expander and pull it to the waist, turning the body.

  • The horizontal thrust of the expander.

This exercise can be performed sitting or standing. You need to fix the expander at waist level, take a comfortable position and pull the edge of the cushioning strip to the waist, the elbows should be pressed to the body. If you pull the bar to your chest and dilute elbows in the sides, then the physical load in this case will fall on your upper back.

  • The vertical thrust.

To accomplish it you need to fix the shock-absorbing tape vertically and pull the ends of the expander to the chest.

Effective exercises with dumbbells for back

By using dumbbells you can also effectively pump the muscles of the back. But these fitness workouts it is important to observe prerequisite: weights for men shall be weighing 10 kg, the weight of the shells for women – not less than 6 pounds.

Home exercises with dumbbells to strengthen, development and formation of topography of the muscles of the back should contain the following elements:

  • Pull shells towards the waist when the enclosure is tilted.

Stand up straight, take a dumbbell and tilt your body forward. In this situation it is necessary to bend the upper limb, bringing the dumbbells to your stomach.

  • Deadlifts.

To perform this exercises you need to stand up straight, take a dumbbell straight grip, tilt your body forward and take the pelvis back. You then slowly lower the dumbbells to the floor, keeping your back straight, and slowly return to starting position.

  • The thrust of the shells, with emphasis on the bench.

To stand at the bench for fitness, to rest on her middle knuckle and palm, in the other hand take a dumbbell and bend your elbow, bringing the shell to the waist and slightly expanding the housing in the direction of running of the upper limb. At home instead of sports benches to rest against the edge of the sofa.

  • Pull the dumbbell in the bracket.

This exercise for back as follows: make the emphasis on socks and feet palms holding them dumbbells. Leaning one upper limb on the dumbbell, pull up, bending the elbow, the other arm with the dumbbell to the abdomen. To return to the starting position, change the reference of the upper limb and repeat the exercise.

  • Sragi.

Stand up straight, pick up the dumbbells, raise the upper limbs to the sides. In this position, you must raise and lower the shoulders, thus rendering the power of physical load on the trapezius muscle.

Recommendations to minimize injury during physical exertion on the back

Fitness classes to work out the muscles of the back are considered to be quite traumatic, especially for beginners, because you have to work with more weight, and the technique of performing exercises is often violated due to lack of experience. To reduce the risk of injury, you must follow these rules:

  • physical stress on the back should be tightened gradually, so to start you must train with an average worker weight and gradually increase as you strengthen the muscles. To provide progressive load you can buy a collapsible model of dumbbells and then use the pancakes more weight;
  • in addition to a focused study of the muscles of the back, should also strengthen the muscles which includes abdominal muscles, thighs and buttocks. All of these muscle groups are involved in work in the gym for back and lifting weight, so they also need strengthening. Underdeveloped core muscles can cause a spinal injury.

To strengthen the bark to the main complex of exercises for the back add a classic, with emphasis on the elbows and back straps, and reverse hyperextension.

Women’s set of exercises for the muscles of the back

The complex of exercises for strengthening the back women you can use all of the above training movement, but with lower weight shells. Plan homework sessions for women with the aim of training the muscles of the back may look like this:

  • Pullups on the bar.
  • Thrust in the slope with one or two hands for development of the broadest muscle of the back.
  • Deadlifts with dumbbells or a barbell and hyperextension for exercise of muscles of the lower back.
  • Sragi for the development of the trapezius muscle.
  • Reverse hyperextension and various types of straps for the development of muscle Cora, chest muscles, triceps, abdomen and lower extremities.

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