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Fitness training program for muscle growth

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Fitness training program for muscle growth

The contents

  • Fitness for beautiful muscles: the instruction in details
  • Fitness classes and basis of preparation training program
  • Fitness program for muscle growth (chart exercise and rest)

The fitness exercise program for a set of muscle mass include: fitness routine, fitness diet, as well as optimal rest periods of muscles. Such fitness is significantly different from “drying” of the body, when you are working on terrain.

Fitness for beautiful muscles: the instruction in details

Men attend fitness training in the gym often to build muscle. The main task is to choose the right type of exercise, otherwise there is the possibility of losing muscle mass, having spent wasted time and money. Therefore, the fitness program should take into account the main principles of muscle growth.

  • Training.

Fitness classes in the gym better not spend more than an hour. Otherwise there is a risk of fatigue, and instead of increasing will be burning muscle. The break time between sets for recovery of one to four minutes. If the rest longer weaken the flow of oxygen to the muscles, they will return to the state in which were before the fitness exercise.

  • The frequency of fitness activities.

Between workouts should last no less than 48 hours. Therefore, exercise should be at most 3 times a week.

  • Load.

Fitness elements are performed in 3 sets, 8 to 12 reps. Study your muscles slowly, methodically, focus on skills exercises. If you follow this installation, the result will appear much earlier than when the discharge load and a long grind.

  • Traction.

Efficient fitness program to increase muscle mass includes exercises with a barbell, dumbbells. They give the load necessary for the growth of muscles. However, do not engage using specific weight: to consistently increase the load to the muscles do not stop growing.

Fitness classes and basis of preparation training program

To start training to build muscle is to perform basic fitness program. It will serve as a basis before pumping up the volume and reshaping the muscles. Mnogocwetnye exercises are designed to activate multiple muscle groups. Among them — exercises with a barbell and pushups. In the next phase fitness the aim is to simulate the mass of specific muscles, and in the final of the recruited muscle mass of the forearms, triceps.

Fitness program for muscles need to be complemented/changed every 3-4 weeks: add new exercises, change the intensity, weight. Then accustomed to a certain load, the muscles will begin to experience stress and workouts will not lose in efficiency.

A well-known fact that muscle mass increases in the period of training and in between workouts. Thus, high-quality muscle hypertrophy can be obtained only if the right to organize complex recovery, which includes a fitness diet, sports supplements and adequate sleep.

Do not overload, muscles need rest. The optimal solution is to choose a fitness program, where each muscle group aktiviziruyutsya only once a week. In this case, you can work out all the desired direction without unnecessary stress.

Fitness program for muscle growth (chart exercise and rest)

The recommended fitness program for building muscle mass is optimal for athletes of middle and advanced physical training. Fitness classes last for 6 weeks. At the beginning of the training exercise from 8 to 10 times in three sets, then the load can be increased (up to 10 to 12 repetitions in 4 sets).

First day. Workout for triceps.

  • Raising the bar wide grip.

In the supine position on a horizontal surface grab the barbell with your palms facing forward. Keep the projectile directly over the chest, arms do not bend. Inhale lower the shell down into the lower part of the chest. On the exhale, straining the muscles, lift the bar up. Upward movement should be less time than down about 2 times.

  • Lifting dumbbells from a lying position on a flat bench.

Place a dumbbell in front of chest at shoulder width, palms forward. On the exhale, slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides. On the inhale lift the dumbbells up.

  • Raising and breeding dumbbells lying on a horizontal surface.
  • Raising the bar in the supine position on a horizontal bench.

During the execution of this element of fitness you should feel tension in your chest.

  • “French press”.

Pick up a barbell in the prone position on an incline.

  • Lifts the knees on the crossbar.

Spread wide his arms, hang on the bar. Straighten your legs and lift to a right angle with the body, then slowly lower.

Second day — muscle recovery.

Take this day to relax, visit massage prep sports nutrition. You can do yoga, light exercises, to do stretching. Don’t forget to complete at least eight hours of sleep.

The third day. Gym for back and biceps.

  • Pullups on the crossbar of the horizontal bar.
  • Raising the bar in the standing position and in slope.
  • Pullups on the crossbar of the horizontal bar with a reverse grip of his hands.
  • Raising the bar in the standing position to the level of the hips.
  • Lift barbell reverse grip to the shoulders.
  • Lifting dumbbells.

In the sitting position on the exhale and lift the dumbbells at the same time turn brushes palms toward you. Tighten your biceps, lock position for a second. On the inhale, lower the dumbbells.

  • Twisting.

Lying on the edge of a horizontal bench, cross your arms on your chest. On the exhale slowly bend the body at the waist, keeping your back straight. On the exhale, again take a horizontal position.

The fourth day of restoration and relaxation of muscles.

The fifth day. Fitness for the muscles of the shoulders and legs.

  • Running on the treadmill for 15 minutes.
  • Squats. For optimal load do this exercise with a barbell. Keep your back straight.
  • Raising the bar sitting on the bench.
  • Raising the bar from behind the head. Running in position for squats.
  • Breeding dumbbells to the sides until shoulder height in a standing pose.

The sixth and seventh days are devoted to rest and recovery of muscles.

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