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Fitness training for girls: features of physical activity

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Fitness training for girls: features of physical activity
The contents

  • Features of physical activity for girls
  • Food rules for harmony
  • Fitness training program for girls

Going to fitness classes at the gym, girls should be especially careful. Improper handling of weights can cause injury, and excessive exercise to a state of overtraining, then a beginner may lose the motivation to further studies. Moreover, incorrectly compiled program can ruin the shape, and then restore the old look can be very difficult.

The majority of women starting to engage in the gym, want to lose weight and make the shape firm. Absolute beginners fitness training on your own for a long time, often do not get the desired result: extra pounds remain in place, and the body even could become even bigger because of muscle growth. All this reduces motivation and impedes the attainment of a beautiful figure.

Features of physical activity for girls

Fitness training program for women and men differs significantly, as the female body has a number of features. They mainly lie in the nuances of the functioning of the hormonal system:

  • women, unlike men, the hormone testosterone is much lower, so it is called “male” hormone;
  • twice a month women is a powerful alteration in the hormonal system caused by the periods of menstruation and ovulation.

Through the hormone testosterone men to train intensively with a sufficiently large scales, can not be said about girls. Muscular failure in women occurs much earlier and, therefore, working with weights is less efficiently and the muscles grow slowly. However, the female figure is constructed in such a way that the greatest number of muscles are concentrated in the lower part of the body, forming a good muscular corset for the full carrying a child. Therefore, with adequate training, it is really good to pump up these areas and make hips and buttocks elastic and voluminous.

Physical activity during the menstrual cycle has very clear limitations:

  • this period is not necessary to load the abdominal muscles and legs, the body itself dictates such a decision, showing General weakness and pain in the area concerned;
  • within two weeks after the start of menstruation, a woman feels a surge of strength and energy, so in this period you should work with a vengeance;
  • at the end of the period of ovulation, when you need to reduce the intensity of physical activity, but still continue to work out all areas of the body;
  • the next two weeks — the period of complete disability, when you can get the maximum effect.

It is important to consider all the above points and not to chase the result at the expense of their health and Wellness.

Food rules for harmony

Important to achieving weight loss and slimness is the question of power. The appetite of women is also closely linked with hormonal changes in the body, namely one week before menstruation it will try to accumulate nutrients for the successful carrying a child. This period should be especially careful to follow the diet to the max with the exception of a simple carbohydrates and fats.

Fast carbs, doing the female body are deposited in the muscles as glycogen, which is then used as “fuel”. This process in men is slower, but the fat for energy splits them longer than women. The conclusion is obvious: the more muscle, the more glycogen they are able to put, the less carbohydrates will be deposited as fat.

A woman’s diet during the period of training should be balanced and healthy. This means that it should eliminate all the harmful processed foods and to eat only good fresh foods, filled with nutrients. You need to build your diet so that it harmoniously combined proteins, fats and carbohydrates, accounting for 50%, 30% and 20% respectively. In addition, you should organize frequent and smaller meals, which will be 4-5 meals in small portions.

Fitness training program for girls

There are two ways of fitness training for girls: on the mass and on the terrain. The work on the ground involves the performance of exercises with more weight weights, high-calorie diet and, as a rule, the administration of specific drugs. Most in this way I train professional women bodybuilders who subsequently perform on stage and demonstrate their results.

Most women start to do fitness in the hall in order to reduce the amount of excess fat, make the body ripped and fit. For this purpose, first of all, you should adjust the diet and do cardio. A little getting rid of excess weight, you can connect and power training, training on a three-day split.


  • Cycling — 5 minutes;
  • workout the whole body and especially the knees — 10 minutes;
  • exercise “hyperextension”;
  • classic squats with the weights;
  • a study of the quads in the simulator sitting;
  • bleeding calf in the browsing simulator;
  • Jim Arnold;
  • the layout of dumbbells in the standing position;
  • direct twisting the press;
  • hitch with elements of stretching;
  • any cardio 30 minutes.


  • riding on the elliptical — 5 minutes;
  • workout the whole body — 10 minutes;
  • pushups with wide hand positioning;
  • dumbbell bench press lying on the bench under the tilt;
  • the layout of dumbbells lying horizontally;
  • extension, hands on the triceps in the block;
  • lifting dumbbells “Hammer”;
  • oblique twists on a press;
  • hitch with elements of stretching;
  • the cardio is 30 minutes.


  • Cycling — 10 minutes;
  • warm up with special attention to knees — 10 minutes;
  • fitness exercise “hyperextension”;
  • deadlift on straight legs;
  • training of the biceps of the thighs in the simulator lying;
  • vertical thrust to the chest;
  • horizontal thrust;
  • study of the calf standing;
  • the drill press;
  • hitch with elements of stretching;
  • the cardio is 30 minutes.

Working weight for this program the pick up this to get to do the specified number of iterations at the limit of their forces. Each exercise in this program is performed in 3 sets of 20 repetitions, with the exception of the AB workout, here you need a minimum of 30 times.

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