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Fitness training for development of endurance

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Fitness training for development of endurance
The contents

  • The impact of fitness to develop endurance
  • Types of exercises for the formation of special endurance
  • The development of speed endurance through fitness training

In everyday life we often feel the lack of power. It becomes difficult to climb stairs, get out of breath when walking fast. These signs indicate a low degree of endurance. You must develop this quality by means of fitness activities.

The impact of fitness to develop endurance

Endurance, as the ability of the human body to withstand the same type of load for a certain time, divided into two kinds: General and special.

  • General (or aerobic) endurance implies the ability of man for quite a long time to perform monotonous exercise of medium difficulty level. As a kind of meter this type of endurance is usually used data on the volume of oxygen which the organism consumes per unit time.
  • Special endurance means the ability to undertake physical activity of any one species. To the category of special endurance refers to the power, speed and speed-strength the body’s resistance to stress. Each of these types is also divided into several groups depending on the classification performed by the fitness elements.
  • High overall endurance indicate the health of the body’s ability to withstand prolonged physical stress. This property must consciously cultivate, gradually accustom your body to prolonged stress.

    Newcomers are usually already in the first half of fitness training experience fatigue and lack of strength. Such is the shortage of General endurance. To increase resistance to stress, you should regularly perform certain exercises. You can start with 15 minutes of training, gradually increasing the duration of employment. To enhance the General endurance, the load should be moderate and uniform: running, walking, swimming, exercises on the cardiovascular equipment. It is recommended to devote such trainings a couple of hours daily.

    Gradually, the body adapts to stress. Athletes acquire the necessary skills and easily kept up the pace of the lesson. At this point you can move on to more complex elements of fitness, to develop special types of resistance to stress.

    Types of exercises for the formation of special endurance

    Under special endurance mean the body’s ability to perform for extended periods of time, certain types of exercises. Depending on which elements are given preference in the program fitness training, one can distinguish different types of special endurance.

    • Static endurance.

    Produced by regular execution of the elements associated with weight retention in a particular position. For example, the static muscle tension is manifested in a situation when you want to pick up and hold the hand with the dumbbell parallel to the floor surface.

    • Dynamic endurance.

    Formed in the process of implementation of a series of similar movements. Many repetitions of the same fitness element strengthens certain muscle groups. The longer the athlete is able to perform such movements, the higher the level of its dynamic endurance. This classification of types of stamina is very conditional, because in the process of training static and dynamic components are combined, successfully complementing each other.

    • Power endurance.

    This quality means the ability to withstand physical loads that require extreme voltage and the application of considerable strength. Any exercises with weights to form strength endurance. The more weight used, the more force is needed to the athlete. Squeezing dumbbells, squats with barbell, and other similar components of a fitness program requires considerable energy. The number of repetitions indicates the level of power endurance of the athlete. The level of power endurance is determined by the energy reserve in the muscles. With regular strength training, the body tends to recover wasted energy, renewing resources of phosphocreatine and glycogen in muscle tissue. The development of power endurance occurs through a gradual increase in the number of approaches made in the correct technique.

    The development of speed endurance through fitness training

    Speed endurance refers to the ability of the body to move at a fast pace within a certain time. This resistance to loads is formed in the process of training for dynamic sports: running, swimming, skiing or skating.

    The speed of movement of the athlete depends on the distance that he will have to overcome. Therefore, the characteristics of speed endurance, the so-called zones of power. Each such area corresponds to a certain intensity of movement. Depending on the movement speed and size to overcome the distance covers the different stages of fatigue of the body. Fitness training aimed at the formation speed endurance must satisfy the principle of increasing load. Criteria of improving endurance is the improvement of the result of overcoming a given distance. If you reach the maximum result, you can increase the load by increasing the traversed distance.

    Some sports, such as hockey, soccer, various types of martial arts require the athlete a highly developed speed and endurance. This kind of endurance means the ability of a person to carry out high speed operation, requiring significant consumption of energy for a relatively long period of time. The body must be prepared to recover quickly when interval the load. Speed-strength endurance is developed when conducting fitness exercises in which highly explosive energy movement followed by periods of moderate physical activity.

    Endurance can produce both independently and under the guidance of a coach. The main thing — the desire, the right motivation and positive mental attitude.

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