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Fitness training and nutrition for a toned figure

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Fitness training and nutrition for a toned figure
The contents

  • Proper nutrition for weight loss
  • The main set of exercises
  • Exercises for body flexibility

Wanting to have a slender figure, girls often sit on a rigid diet, despite warnings that such measures are not safe for health and give unstable, temporary effect. Instead of subjecting your body to such stress, it is better to use a proven method that helps to lose weight, though not easily, but without harm to health and the sustainability of results. We are talking about healthy eating and regular exercise.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

The transition to healthy eating means primarily the rejection of harmful products, saturated fats, sugars, unhealthy and dangerous food additives: preservatives, flavorings, flavor enhancers, etc. From the following food products have to give completely, without any reservations: canned goods, margarine, spreads, mayonnaise, ketchup, chips, fast food, fast food, hot dogs, sausages, prepared foods, Breakfast cereals, fizzy drinks, packaged juices, industrial sweets.

The girls who want to lose weight, especially carefully it is necessary to choose carbohydrate foods. In the diet losing weight person should not be potatoes, white rice, pasta and bakery products made with white flour. You can eat brown rice, pasta from whole wheat flour, bread flour, a variety of cereals (except semolina).

The body needs daily to get the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, that is, the food must be balanced. You can’t eat monotonous food. The diet should include a lot of ingredients.

To successfully lose weight, you need to consume plenty of fluids. In conditions of dehydration, the body tries to conserve water, the metabolism slows down and it does not benefit weight loss. Adult person per day should drink 2-3 liters of water, dividing this rate evenly throughout the day.

The main set of exercises

The key to any weight loss program — aerobic exercise: running, fast walking, jumping rope, training on cardio equipment, aerobics, dancing. It is also useful to do exercises for different muscle groups. They help to create elastic trim figure. You can train in the gym and at home. The main emphasis should be on doing exercises that simultaneously engaging multiple muscle groups. They are great for stimulating muscle growth throughout the body. Examples of such exercises are squats.

Squat variation exercise: it can be done in different ways. It loads whole-body, but the majority of the load goes to the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. For performing classic sit-UPS you need to stand directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. The squat should be smooth, without rounding the back, with a maximum abduction of the pelvis back. The heel can not be separated from the floor. The deeper the squat the better considering the buttocks. Sit down deeply can prevent the lack of flexibility of the feet. In this case, you must either deploy more socks to the side, or stand with my heels on a small stand. Need to go down on inhale, up on exhale.

In squats you can keep your legs together. A narrow statement of the stop increases the load on the outer thighs. If, on the contrary, to spread her legs widely and strongly deployed socks in hand, you can enhance the effect on the inner thighs. Squats — an indispensable exercise at home workouts. It can be good to work the muscles in the lower body without the involvement of sports equipment and simulators. But if the house has weights (dumbbells, kettlebells), you can use them (over time) to increase load.

At home workouts for weight loss it is advisable to include several types of squats. For starters, you can perform 5 classic squats at a slow pace, then another 10 in a fast. Then do a few deep squats with a spring, then 10 squats with a wide production stop (plie), “Spring” and 10 sit-UPS with a narrow formulation of the feet.

Squat and spring — this is the usual squats, complemented by movements of the pelvis at the bottom. Need to place feet slightly wider than shoulder width, sit deep and make the pelvis move up and down. Only three spring movements; the amplitude is small — about 10 cm.

Trains all muscles of the body exercise “Plank”. It is performed in a static position, i.e. without movement. First you need to lie on your stomach, then lean on your elbows and go down on the floor. The body is then maximally aligned: it should be tense, like a string, from neck to toe. The press should be strained. In this rack you want to stay as long as possible. The duration of the run of the bar is gradually brought up to two minutes.

You can do the bar, turning over on his side and leaning on one elbow. The reference arm needs to bend and put the elbow under the shoulder joint. Torso and legs should be fully extended. Free hand can be pressed against the trunk or pulling up to the ceiling. So you will have to stand as long as possible. It is advisable to repeat the exercise several times.

Exercises for body flexibility

At the end of the workout for weight loss must do a little stretching to restore shortened muscles initial length and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. It is also useful to conduct a separate exercise, consisting of stretching exercises. So you can develop a good flexibility of the body, and it will give more possibilities when performing various exercises. For example, to complete the sit-UPS you need to have good flexibility in the lower back and ankle. With good flexibility you can stop, squat as deep as possible without breaking important requirement: the heels stay on the floor. And a flexible lower back helps at the time of the squat hold the body correctly, without tilting it too far forward.

Providing time to improve body flexibility, can facilitate the execution of strength exercises to prevent injuries, improve your joints, eliminate muscle clips and spasms.

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