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Fitness tracker: what are the benefits and is it necessary?

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Fitness tracker: what are the benefits and is it necessary?
The contents

  • For whom and for what was created the fitness tracker?
  • Why fans of the HLC to measure the pressure?
  • About health tell sleep
  • What else are they capable of?
  • Who is needed?

About this gadget heard, even those who are far from the sport and is not going to join the ranks of fans of an active lifestyle. But the fitness tracker is not just a device for monitoring athletic achievements. This device, which can be a personal assistant and a means of tracking their health. What it is and who can be useful?

For whom and for what was created the fitness tracker?

Far from the world of sport people believe that the function of the smart watch limited to only tracking physical activity. That is, the device counts the number of steps and total mileage and the best able to do is determine the number of calories burned, and track the changes of pulse and pressure to prevent unpleasant consequences from possible overloads. However, the gadget is much wider. This device is useful not only for those seeking to improve their physical activity, but also to individuals who want to join HLS.

Our health affects not only physical activity, but also sleep quality, eating habits and other factors. When a person receives daily more calories than you lose, it creates the preconditions for the development of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. Lack of sleep is one of the causes of high blood pressure, depression, decrease in libido and skin problems. Fitness tracker keeps a finger on the pulse, but rather acts with this hand, controlling all of these parameters. Furthermore, it makes life much easier by taking over some of the functions of a smartphone.

Why fans of the HLC to measure the pressure?

All these indicators of the cardiovascular system can “tell” about the condition. Pulse is one of the oldest biomarkers that can be used to monitor heart function and physical fitness in General. In normal human adult at rest the heart beats at 60 — 100 beats per minute. Smart watches for fitness will help you to identify existing deviations and to take all necessary security measures. Increased heart rate may indicate tachycardia, iron deficiency or hyperthyroidism.

But the reverse situation — bradycardia is when the heart beats too rare can be a result of hypothyroidism or sleep apnea — stop breathing during sleep. For blood pressure also need to constantly observe, because any fluctuation can lead to various negative consequences. The greatest danger is a significant increase in blood pressure, because it is the main provocateur of stroke and heart attack. At risk are elderly people, so they are the same as athletes, you can consider buying a fitness tracker.

About health tell sleep

Sleep — its quality, speed of falling asleep, the total duration, the duration of phases are the most important health indicators. It so happens that a person is sleeping the required 7 to 8 hours, and still not getting enough sleep, gets tired and overwhelmed. To understand what not so it is not always possible, because in the night time the person can’t control, and to notice something was wrong can only close, which is not at all. For example, the apnea events at all when the person is not breathing for a few seconds, fraught daytime sleepiness, loss of memory and intelligence, General health. Smart watches are able to notice these negative deviations and “tell” about them to the owner.

As practice shows, any discomfort the gadget during sleep fans of a healthy lifestyle brings. The dial holds a soft silicone strap, perfectly insensible on the arm. In addition, the device can be used as an alarm clock. As you know, doctors do not recommend waking up to loud music, and smart watches for fitness, you can configure only one vibration.

What else are they capable of?

The fitness tracker is a gadget for those who really care about their health and provides prevention of various diseases. Its possibilities are dazzling, he is able to follow the bearing, to control the quality and quantity of food, the amount spent and the calories, hydration level, blood oxygen saturation and more. Women will appreciate the control of the menstrual cycle. The device will remind you about the approach of menstruation, predict the most dangerous and favorable days for conception.

The gadget works in conjunction with a smartphone, so it can take on many functions. About the alarm function has been said, but that’s not all. Smart watches for fitness able to control smartphone camera and take pictures, remind you of important events, as well as messages and incoming calls. Moreover, the owner can only configure those alerts that he needs to stay still for nothing because of who came to the phone ads or messages in social networks. With tracker you will not miss the most important, but will be able to give up the habit always and everywhere to carry your phone with you.

Who is needed?

As already mentioned, the device is useful not only to fans of a healthy lifestyle, although they are able to acquiring great benefits. If you can not join sports, to begin to eat properly or to go on a diet, the gadget will help to break the deadlock. Yes, he will lift you up off the couch and give hands when they reach for another muffin, but will tell you what is wrong with your lifestyle that you need to do to change the current situation and will motivate for success. After all, when they see real results of their actions, this leads to even greater achievements.

The world health organization recommends that physical activity at least 150 minutes a week. It does not necessarily have to be training in the gym, especially because some of them are strictly contraindicated. The usual Hiking, Biking, and even housework can be the first step towards your goal. The fitness tracker won’t let you stay too long in one place. If you have a sedentary job, it will remind you that it’s time to break away from the monitor and some exercise.

Registering in the memory of their personal data — age, gender, weight and height, you can get all the necessary information displayed on the screen. For each indicator it is possible to obtain more detailed statistics, broken by time. As you can see, it is a great helper for everyone who wants to be aware of what is happening with your own body.

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