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Fitness tour: how to choose the right thing?

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Fitness tour: how to choose the right thing?
The contents

  • The choice of fitness program
  • Criteria of a choice of places to stay
  • What is the job of the coach responsible for your health?
  • Medical examination of parties
  • Other details and features

The fitness tours are a new trend in the domestic Wellness tourism, which is gaining popularity among Russians. According to statistics, in leisure to enhance health, weight loss and rejuvenation goes less than 5% of the countrymen per year, but recent interest in this direction increased considerably. And this is not surprising, because almost for the same money, anyone can enjoy a rest on system “all inclusive”, to get acquainted with the local beauty and attractions, and most importantly — to heal the body and spirit. How to choose a fitness tour and get the maximum pleasure and benefit?

The choice of fitness program

From this you should dance, because depending on the purpose of your visit and expectations from it and will depend on the country selection, locations, instructors and other features. The uninitiated it may seem that to design a fitness program is easier, but in fact it may take months — years. A lot of time in planning and study of route movements, because in every region and country has its own geographical and climatic features. In addition, you need to make contact with a hotel, a monastery, conductors and all this taking into account local traditions, legends and beliefs.

The deeper and the more thorough the program, the harder it is to organize. Dieters should pay attention to the support of nutritionists and psychologists because it is often just training to get rid of excess weight is not enough, and after getting in shape important to know how to fix the result. This point requires special attention, because without knowing the exact routine and program you will buy a “pig in a poke”, and surprises in a case that has a direct impact on your health, you to anything. Avoid “unique”, “magical”, “bioenergy”, “space” and other pretentious and dubious in terms of a clear medical justification programs.

Criteria of a choice of places to stay

Any clear geography at fitness tours there, because Wellness trainings can be conducted at many resorts, but its specificity is still there. So, it would be illogical to go searching for the truth and knowledge of himself in the Dominican Republic, famous for its surfing. Only in India you can feel the unity with nature, visiting places of power, advance in the practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation to recharge and get rid of the effects of stress using the ancient practices of Ayurvedic massage, oiling of the body and head of shirobhyanga etc.

Local hot and humid climatic conditions could not be better suited for performing asanas and is contraindicated for high intensity training that should also be considered. It may happen that instead of the promised employment in the lap of nature under the canopy of trees and singing birds of Paradise, you will be offered training to improve their own health in usual sports club, which is complete and within the hometown.

What is the job of the coach responsible for your health?

Since the holiday is aimed not only to get acquainted with the local sights and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday work, but also to improve their health, that is the qualification and the education of a coach. It was from him will depend largely on your health during the entire trip, satisfaction with training, comfort, and convenience. The coach not only needs to be in constant contact with the tourists, commenting on and explaining their actions and answering questions, just talking, and most importantly — monitoring the whole process, taking responsibility for the health of each member of the group.

Remember that in a physical fitness program can be standard or customized. First include a certain direction, for example, yoga and dance and massage. Individual are selected based on personal characteristics, goals and objectives and are accompanied by preliminary testing that is conducted before the beginning of the trip. In light of these events the coach must be a true professional with high qualifications and experience. Well, if he has already participated in such a tour, has a representation about it, and most importantly — managed to earn the corresponding reputation.

Medical examination of parties

Not all sports centres and tour operators, working in conjunction, adhere to this postulate. But if you value your health, don’t skimp on it and buy a ticket at the non-serious people who refuse to take any responsibility for the services provided. This kind of tourism is very specific, because you are not the impressions, although one does not exclude the other, and the benefits for your body and spirit. Calculating the forces, going Hiking on rocks or carried away with jumping on the trampoline, you can finish your holiday in a hospital bed, and no one will suffer punishment for it.

Therefore, if the fitness program does not include pre-testing, it makes sense to pay close attention to the training schedule, to assess the severity of stress, comparing it to their own and to consider whether it is suitable for you? And even better to consult with your doctor.

Other details and features

In fact, in the case of fitness classes in another country or region in a group of like-minded people under the guidance of coach, there are many pitfalls. One of them is support back home. This service is useful to those who are going on holiday with a specific purpose, for example, to lose weight and wants to maintain and consolidate the results and after when I get back in the rhythm of life. The price for this pleasure can vary and be significantly different among firms.

Of course, the man needs to be prepared for the fact that the fitness round will cost more than the usual tourist destinations. And the longer it lasts, the less it will cost the day, that is “wholesale” to take cheaper and more profitable. Well, the best Wellness tour is one that includes testing, individual nutrition plan and trainings, lectures and master-classes, psychological trainings, excursions and sightseeing, SPA treatments and private classes. It makes sense to spend time and money on such a vacation to come back refreshed, rejuvenated, thinner with excellent health and excellent mood!

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