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Fitness to increase strength: exercise and nutrition

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Fitness to increase strength: exercise and nutrition
The contents

  • Features fitness classes to improve strength
  • Recommendations for performing power exercises
  • Principles of diet plan

For the development of strength is necessary to properly organize the training process, incorporating the most effective exercises. It is also important to observe proper diet and rest that allows the muscles to fully harden. Only such a comprehensive approach to strength training can achieve a stable progressive positive results.

Features fitness classes to improve strength

Getting started carrying out anaerobic fitness, the purpose of which is to increase the physical indicators of the strength, consider the following features of this training:

  • the human body has its own genetic resources that cannot exceed without compromising health. In other words, you need to understand that by doing strength exercises, one can achieve the ultimate development of muscles and this increase in power performance that cannot be exceeded without the use of additional stimulants, such as steroids and anabolics;
  • strengthening the muscles during strength training fitness, we should not forget about strengthening tendons, since muscle strength increases much faster than the developing tendon. Such a disharmony in the development of muscles and tendons in turn, leads to serious sports injuries, as well as such health problems like herniated disc;
  • increased muscle mass and strength development occurs only when executing a basic exercises, which include squats with weights, deadlifts and bench the weights in the supine position. On the basis of these exercise movements to build all fitness programs to increase the physical indicators of the strength. To this base are usually added 2-3 assisting training movements aimed at the elaboration of the muscles that are lagging behind in development and need additional stress;
  • thoroughly enjoy strength training should be on reaching 18 years of age, when the skeleton, bone tissue and tendons has already been formed, and intense physical activity can not influence the process of their development. However, the older a person is, the harder it is to achieve the maximum results of increase muscle and strength, as most resources are consumed by the body not for the development of muscles, and to compensate for the deterioration of life-support systems;
  • fitness training to increase muscle mass cannot be combined with the training to study relief of muscle and separation of individual muscle groups. This is for the following reasons: first, to be able to work on the terrain, you must first gain enough muscle mass, and secondly, a diet conducive to muscle growth, radically different from the power mode with “drying”. For muscle growth needs a surplus of calories, and for relief you need to eat in accordance with a daily calorie intake, thus creating favorable conditions for the use of the body’s own subcutaneous fat as an additional energy source;
  • people who want to maintain health, strengthen muscles, to make the figure of a beautiful athletic silhouette, in most cases, to achieve these goals can go on the horizontal bar, parallel bars or the gravitron, and perform classic strength training movement with its own weight or with minimal weights. They don’t have to use the gym exclusively the basic elements of powerlifting, and performed a large work weight;
  • to expect muscle growth and increase strength only in the event of a change of habitual diet on the background of regular strength training.

Recommendations for performing power exercises

As mentioned above, to develop strength is very important, in addition to performing exercises that increase muscle mass and strength, develop the tendons. To strengthen them, following these guidelines:

  • before you perform the basic strength exercises you want to perform a workout with a focus on light cardio and some elements of joint exercises;
  • the first few weeks should be avoided mnogosloinykh basic exercise movements, doing their less intense counterparts. So, instead of squats you can do presses the lower limbs in the simulator, and deadlift to replace the hyperextension performed first without weights and then with a pancake from the rod held near the chest or upper back. Instead of a free weight bench press lying on the bench sports, the first time you can perform a set of exercises in the power block equipment. Organized thus the work creates the most favorable conditions for strengthening tendons, allowing them to prepare for more intense exercise;
  • fitness classes held at 4-8 weeks of training for strength, assuming the basic elements of triathlon with minimal weights. That means squat, perform bench press and deadlift need with a blank fretboard to master the correct technique of the basic exercises to strengthen the tendons and muscle tissue, and also to work out the coordination of movements;
  • to work on increasing your strength and muscle mass growth is possible only from the third month of systematic training. At this stage in the fitness program has to include a basic package of triathlon, performing its elements with adequate working weight.

Principles of diet plan

The diet of people who want to help anaerobic exercises to develop strength and increase muscle needs to meet the following principles:

  • drinking should be 5-6 times a day;
  • the basis of the diet should be foods rich in protein and slow carbs. Protein foods promotes the formation of muscle tissue cells, and slow carbs satiate and provide energy, needed for intense strength training;
  • in the diet must be present fish oil and vegetable fats, which participate in many vital processes in the body.
  • during the day you should drink up to 2 liters of water, whereby the volume of liquid can be increased by performing intense exercise during strength training.

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