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Fitness the TABATA system: features and advantages of the workouts

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Fitness the TABATA system: features and advantages of the workouts

The contents

  • The fitness system TABATA: what is it?
  • The benefits of the fitness system TABATA
  • Principles of exercise
  • Recommended exercises for weight loss system TABATA
  • General tips on running activities

Today, the fitness industry offers athletes of all categories huge selection of different directions. This power classes of different difficulty levels, and various cardio, and it’s low impact exercise options. Any beginner will be able to find the direction of taste and fitness level.

Recently, one of the most popular training systems becomes TABATA. This sport mode was invented by a Japanese Izumi Tabatas, who has long sought a suitable method to increase the endurance of the body and get rid of excess fat deposits. TABATA is a special system, with which even the most basic exercises for weight loss to make a very powerful and effective.

The fitness system TABATA: what is it?

This fitness technique is a special execution mode of intensive exercise all groups of muscles with alternating intervals for the rest. The activity itself may take a very short period of time.

The Creator of this system States that this approach will be ideal for those for people who want to keep themselves in great shape, but can’t spare much time for physical exercises in the gym.

Today is TABATA training mode has a lot of fans around the globe. Many athletes successfully use it for quick weight loss before important events when you want to get into a particular weight group. Also, the TABATA system is included in the mandatory set of loadings for the officers and soldiers of the majority of us army units.

These classes are unique in that the training will not require a significant amount of time. Basic training takes only 4 minutes. To do the exercises even at home without any extra equipment and complicated exercise equipment.

Experts recommend exercise in the fresh air to improve the overall oxygen exchange in the body. Selecting a specific exercise program, it is recommended to focus on the state of your own body, physical abilities and personal preferences.

TABATA fitness gives excellent results in the fight against weight loss. We can say that this is a special type of interval training with the utmost intensity.

The benefits of the fitness system TABATA

The main advantages of TABATA as a system of exercise for weight loss in that it:

  • allows you to actively break down fat deposits in within 24 hours after class;
  • it improves blood circulation.
  • normalizes gas exchange in all cells of the body;
  • improves aerobic endurance;
  • trains the heart muscle and respiratory system;
  • enhances muscle tone;
  • strengthens overall immunity;
  • stimulates lymphatic drainage;
  • adjusts metabolic processes;
  • working different muscle groups at the same time;
  • eliminates cellulite and stretch marks.

Principles of exercise

TABATA training is based on the concept of “TABATA Protocol”. This is a special sequence of actions that cannot be broken. Physical exercises should be done strictly according to the Protocol:

  • performing physical activity for 20 seconds with the involvement of all major groups of muscles;
  • rest for 10 seconds;
  • the repetition of the cycle.

According to this principle, you must perform physical activity for 4 minutes. Special fans and admirers of the system claim that if in this short time to give our best, the result will be as powerful as usual after cardio for 60 minutes.

Recommended exercises for weight loss system TABATA

How to select the correct exercise for weight loss system TABATA. Experts recommend not to include in the training isolation exercise. Amazing results will help achieve the basic exercises, because most of them belongs to the type mnogokomponentnyh. They are all in their different versions are included in the basic training program for weight loss, since they involve almost all the muscles of our body and complex for the study area.

Fitness TABATA regime include the following loads:

  • deep squats (both with weights and without);
  • push UPS from a wall;
  • pushups with wide or narrow formulation of the hands;
  • reverse push-UPS;
  • jumping rope;
  • running on the spot;
  • walking in the strap;
  • leg swings forward and back;
  • lunges forward or backward;
  • rifts in the half squat from side to side;
  • jumping claps and raising the legs;
  • base twisting to the press;
  • reverse twisting;
  • lifting legs in vis on the bar;
  • “scissors”;
  • a “fold”;
  • “Bicycle”;
  • hyperextension on the fitball.

It is only a short list of the best exercise for weight loss system TABATA. Do not have to do all the exercises at the same time, it is enough to choose a comfortable 4-6 loads that you can combine and alternate between them for each session, with 3-4 workouts per week.

General tips on running activities

To training TABATA regime was effective and safe for health, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • Shouldn’t exercise immediately after a heavy meal. Should take at least 1.5-2 hours after Breakfast or lunch.
  • At first choose a simple physical exercise that the body can stand 8 times.
  • To start training you should warm-up in order to warm up all the muscles. The duration of the warm up at least 10-15 minutes.
  • After fiznagruzki system TABATA is recommended to do stretching exercises.
  • Intensive training stimulates sweating and moisture loss, so at the end of the workout you should drink at least 300-500 ml of water to make up the deficit of fluid in the body. After class, eat something protein-diet: cheese, egg, boiled breast (poultry meat).
  • The effectiveness of fitness training will increase if you have a balanced diet. For effective weight loss need to limit the daily calorie used dishes and products.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of training can be for a number of indicators. Some of them – the feeling of heat in the muscle fibers, nice drawing sensations in the muscles and ligaments as well as active perspiration. Objective standards can be calculated in terms of heart rate after exercise. After a thorough training heart rate should be approximately 75% of the maximum permissible value. Permissible heart rate is calculated strictly according to the formula “220 minus age”.

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