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Fitness-the TABATA Protocol: a simple set of exercises for beginners

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Fitness-the TABATA Protocol: a simple set of exercises for beginners
The contents

  • Losing weight at home: the pros and cons of techniques
  • Exercises, recommended for young athletes
  • Effective weight loss: the secrets of Japanese skaters

The Olympics is not only a litmus test to check the level of training of professional athletes, but also a generator of many scientific developments in the field of health and implementing the correct lifestyle. A striking example of such know-how is considered the TABATA Protocol — a set of exercises, originally used for training Japanese speed skaters. Today, such training is widely used not only by experienced trainers in the fitness centers, but also Housewives who are more interested in losing weight at home. And those and others note the high efficiency of the method, the lack of overly complex exercises along with a convenient able to adjust the load.

Losing weight at home: the pros and cons of techniques

Training TABATA is known that affects the body intense physical activity, the duration of which does not exceed 4 minutes. The correct set of exercises is selected so as to work all muscle groups. Clinical research in several medical universities have confirmed that this method is equivalent to the standard, almost hour session in the gym and what it does guarantee effective weight loss.

The technique is simple: the athlete does 8 approaches (cycles), trying to stay within a specified time period. One cycle consists of 2 blocks:

  • sprint (lasts 20 seconds): the length of time the exercise is performed at maximum speed;
  • relaxation (10 seconds): it is necessary to relax the body after exercise.

The benefits of the TABATA Protocol is undeniable:

  • The performance: the volume of problem areas is noticeably reduced after only 2-3 exercises.
  • Accessibility: doable exercise in the gym or in your own apartment. And given the minimal time required for training, it’s safe to say that this method is really essential for losing weight at home.
  • A guide to action, not a dogma: this method will allow you to choose the most suitable type of training. You can swim in the pool, working with weights or a barbell, push-UPS.
  • Minimal time expenditure: to the extra pounds melted by leaps and bounds, it is enough to train 3 times a week, doing each activity for only 4 minutes.
  • Anti-cellulite effect: the active mode of the classes stimulates all types of metabolism, normalizes blood circulation in the organs and systems that literally dissolves fat cells, while significantly improving the skin condition.
  • However, high intensity physical activity, which is the main essence of the technique will be useful not for everyone: such lose weight at home has a number of contraindications. Do not use exercises TABATA, if you are diagnosed with the following pathology:

    • cardiovascular failure;
    • atherosclerotic disease of the heart and blood vessels;
    • dysfunction of the vestibular apparatus;
    • the tendency to hypertension;
    • all types of spinal diseases.

    Pregnancy is also considered a contraindication to intensive training.

    Exercises, recommended for young athletes

    Effective weight loss method TABATA is impossible without a preliminary warming-up. It will prepare the body to substantial loads and minimizes the chance of traumatic situations. Duration of training — 5 to 10 minutes. As a warm-up exercise is recommended:

  • Lunges: one leg is used as a prop and pushed forward, it performs a few springy movements, followed by a change of the limb.
  • Squats: during the lowering of the body of the foot firmly against the floor, hands stretched forward, then the body takes its original position.
  • Slopes: the body tilted forward-backward, right-left.
  • Each exercise repeat 20-30 times.

    The main unit loads the TABATA Protocol is selected on an individual basis. The correctness of the set of exercises determined in this way: if an athlete had over a third of a minute to do 8 repetitions of the same movement — he’s on the right track. Over time, it is recommended to increase the number of approaches or performance elements.

    Protocol for beginners can look like the following:

  • Push-UPS: at the beginning allowed the emphasis on the knee to ease the burden, in the future, the exercise is performed in the classical way.
  • Squats: feet slightly wider than shoulders, thigh and lower leg during the movement form a right angle, hands stretched forward.
  • Abdominal exercises: leg lifts, keeping them straight or slightly bending at the knees. In the upper part of the body from the surface of the floor is raised only area of the blades.
  • Attacks: the angle of flexion at the knee of the working limb is 90 degrees, the support leg is changed alternately.
  • Training triceps: shell used a chair, a curbstone, or any other low stable surface. Turn to her and lean your hands, then simultaneously bend the limbs in the elbow joints when performing squats.
  • Working with the gluteal muscles: worked with famous sports element called “gluteal bridge”, when from a prone position lifts the pelvic area.
  • Study of the back: from the prone position (face down) simultaneously lift upper and lower limbs to pressed to the floor was just the abdominals.
  • Remember: regular and correct execution of the elements is extremely important for effective weight loss. But it must not lose a sense of proportion: if the body does not accept such a burden, look for another way of dealing with excess weight.

    Effective weight loss: the secrets of Japanese skaters

    Studying the phenomenon of intense and short workouts, scientists have made some additional rules to the existing one:

  • The last meal should be no later than 60-80 minutes before the start of classes.
  • You need to choose only those exercises which are real for execution at the current level of physical development.
  • An exercise regime — 3 times a week.
  • You need to breathe correctly: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
  • The recommended use of timer: it will allow to correctly calculate the time for the sprint and rest.
  • Should monitor the caloric content of food: daily intake should not exceed 2000 kcal.
  • Not too harshly to stop a workout: after you’re done with the main unit, it is desirable to walk around the room for another 2-4 minutes. This will help to restore the normal rhythm of breathing and myocardial work.
  • And one more recommendation: the right rhythm helps to follow the music. Take a few minutes to create an energetic play list: the tempo makes losing weight at home is much more comfortable.

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