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Fitness success: how to increase motivation

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Fitness success: how to increase motivation
The contents

  • Motivation and reward
  • Evening cooking for the benefit of morning exercise
  • The increase in motivation and positive thinking
  • Formation of motivation in good company
  • The importance of keeping a fitness diary
  • Realistic goals — the right way to achieve them
  • Looking to the future
  • Music for positive mood
  • A clear goal for fitness

Often that motivation affects the rate of achieving their goals. When a person is motivated, it is harder to overcome obstacles on the way to the dream, not falling down, it’s more work.

Sport and fitness classes require hard work. But to stay motivated in the current rhythm of life, is, frankly, uneasy. Busy schedule or Vice versa excess facilities and limited daily activity, gradually doing their job, blunting the desire to grow and improve.

Motivation is crucial for anything that requires effort. It helps to get out of bed in the morning to go to work or exercise. “Get on track” a healthy lifestyle is not so simple. Therefore we offer top of the existing tips to increase motivation.

Motivation and reward

One to regularly do fitness enough main motivation is to be healthy and beautiful. Other fills determination that the achievement of an ideal image of the figure five years ago. The third is a need for more solid arguments.

For the formation of motivation can respond to something tangible, like a new dress or, in the case of invincible love of sweets — pack of delicious ice cream after each reset of the second kilogram. It is important to create a clear system of rewards which ensure the alignment of positive and productive. Supposed to be a cycle that helps you manage your practice routine, diluting them with something nice, to give strength to advance to the next stage. Such small rewards will help to understand the example, the intermediate rewards that hard work worth it.

Evening cooking for the benefit of morning exercise

Getting up early in the morning and so difficult to force myself to go to the gym or for a jog. Not wanting to Wake up the brain invents a lot of reasons to sleep longer. One of them may be a reluctance to gather, search, shape, bag, or tidy sneakers. If you prepare everything the night before, in the morning, remain much less chances for excuses, and things folded on a chair will be a kind of reminder.

The increase in motivation and positive thinking

Motivation is a delicate thing. The main thing — not to lose heart, therefore, positive thinking is bearing fruit. It is often stress, which is the restructuring of the new regime, prevents to concentrate. So why not begin to notice positive sides of the lesson instead of negative? For example, if you do not want to get up early in the morning, it is possible to imagine a nice Sunny sunrise outside the window, the freshness of the morning air. After all, up early can provide sufficient time for pancakes with hot coffee and a good book. And you should not deny yourself this.

It is important to leave enough time for Breakfast, because it is the most important meal of the day. It saturates the body with energy for a productive start to the day. Hearty, easy and healthy meal that includes protein foods will help you to stay active, giving forces for the successful training and further daily routine.

Formation of motivation in good company

One of the reasons why people throw the execution of sport exercises on the back burner — the need to be accountable to myself. With them easier to agree to find the necessary excuses for laziness, himself man is not confounded and not derision. However, if you undertake business with a partner, there is a mutual accountability to each other and motivation is harder. This increases the probability to miss classes is just a shame, and there will be a competitive factor, helping to strengthen and build motivation.

The importance of keeping a fitness diary

Should as often as possible to record their feelings after a workout. State after productive activities can be compared with a slight feeling of euphoria. A pleasant warmth spreads through the body, on the background of pride in himself. Yes, a sense of a clear conscience, documented on paper will help to refresh your memory, emotions, and motivate to further trips to the room and new records.

Realistic goals — the right way to achieve them

When making the decision to go to the gym, enlists a purpose, which starts the formation of motivation. Some goals are realistic, others border on the realm of fantasy.

It would be nice, of course, to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks, but, unfortunately, it’s almost unreal. If you set the bar too high, will soon come to an understanding about the impossibility to achieve and the motivation subsides.

It is better to set some small, short-term goals to achieve the possible. Don’t push yourself too hard or blame for the deviation. We are all humans with weaknesses, more importantly, making small concessions, to take himself in hand for further follow healthy sport route.

Looking to the future

Before you miss a workout, you should try as realistic as possible to imagine their feelings after the lesson will be skipped. I think most will regret his passing weakness.

Music for positive mood

When the mood is at zero and the motivation fades rapidly, often want to do on the couch, eat junk food and watch TV. Disappears somewhere and the excitement of training. Possible to regain the enthusiasm will help the collection of favorite energetic music, because melody can create a mood. Hot rhythms will not ulagati on the couch, positive words pushed aside the flimsy problem. Create a list of motivational songs, or put on your old forgotten clips in order to “shake up” the fallen spirits.

A clear goal for fitness

Not to move away from the intended target, it is possible to contemplate at any time of the day or night. Most often it is their own reflection in the mirror. Also I think that every person is, to put it mildly, bad photos, which we dream that we are not friends said in social networks. Now, some of them can serve as a reminder of why all this is done the grueling work. For example, one photo can be placed on the desktop, and the other to print out for the fridge door that it served as a kind of stop sign.

Do not despair and go half way. In any case, even the most sophisticated training — it’s just 1-2 hours of life, which will be held. And depending on how to accomplish the step or a sense of satisfaction and pride for yourself, or disappointment from the missed chance to be a little better today.

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