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Fitness stretching: the complex of stretching exercises

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Fitness stretching: the complex of stretching exercises
The contents

  • Rules for the conduct of fitness training stretching
  • The complex of exercises for stretching of the shoulder girdle and the entire body
  • Fitness training for stretching the core muscles and lower body

People who regularly do Pilates regardless of its direction, must additionally comply with the stretching exercises. They not only help to develop flexibility, but also give the opportunity to make training more safe and effective. Stretching the fibers of muscles and ligaments after exercise, to relax muscles and to intensify the process of regeneration of muscle tissue.

Rules for the conduct of fitness training stretching

To achieve maximum benefit from fitness classes to improve flexibility and not to harm the health, if only in organising and conducting to observe the following simple rules:

  • before performing the stretching exercises, be sure to perform warm-up and to thoroughly warm up the muscles, stretch ligaments and joints develop;
  • during fitness training it is extremely important to observe the rhythm of breathing. The exhalation must be done at the peak of stretching. In the period stretching should not hold the breathing cycle, and we need to continue to breathe deeply and evenly;
  • reaching the maximum point of stretching, you should wait longer than 5-10 seconds. The uncomfortable feelings that arise at this point, should not go into a sharp pain. The emergence of severe pain not talking about the quality of stretching, and about pretraumatic condition;
  • all movement during fitness workouts stretching should be smooth. Sharp jerks are almost always not lead to increased elasticity of ligaments and muscle fibers, and for sprains and other injuries;
  • to increase the range of motion during exercise should gradually. To navigate in this process is necessary for the feeling of relaxation that occurs after another repetition;
  • the duration of each object stretching at the initial stage can take up to 5-10 seconds. For each subsequent fitness workout this time period should increase;
  • should not be struggling to achieve the fastest possible result. Improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, as well as the overall flexibility of the body can be achieved providing regular and systematic fitness training.

The complex of exercises for stretching of the shoulder girdle and the entire body

In private fitness training or part of the hitch, which is necessary to stretch the muscles and ligaments of the upper trunk may include the following complex:

  • Stand up straight, tilt your head to the left as low as possible, trying to get the ear of the shoulder. You then need to press his left hand to his head and fix the head position for 10-60 seconds depending on the starting level of stretching of the lateral muscles of the neck. Repeat training the movement with his head bowed in a similar way to the right. During the exercise, do not put pressure on the head hand. Muscles should be stretched only by the weight of the palm.
  • Standing straight, put the palms on your head and tilt your head forward to stretch the muscles located on the back of the neck. The head should be tilted at least 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.
  • Without changing the starting position, bend one upper limb in the shoulder joint and place it along his chest. Free hand to put on the shoulder of the bent arm. Smoothly and gently pressing on the elbow, it is necessary to stretch the deltoid muscle for 5-60 seconds. Repeat the exercise, replacing “working” and “supporting” the upper limb, stretching so the other side of the Delta.
  • Stand up straight, put your hands behind your back and hook the brush into the lock, turning the palms outwards. Later in this element of the fitness training stretching you need to inhale and raise the joined hands up and back while slightly tilting the body forward. Proper execution of the item ensures full disclosure of the thorax and the maximum mixing blades together.
  • Continuing to stand still, you need to raise one arm up and bend elbow, lowering the brush for a spin. The shoulder should be as close as possible to the ear. Free palm need slight pressure on the bent arm to achieve a good stretch of the triceps. This hand position should be fixed for 10-60 seconds. Repeat the exercise, bending back the other upper limb.
  • Stand near the corner of the wall, pushing his forearm bent arms at chest level. To direct the body forward until you feel stretching of the muscles in the chest. To stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this movement training fitness classes stretching, fixed in the corner of the wall with the other hand.
  • Fitness training for stretching the core muscles and lower body

    In fitness training, aimed at stretching muscles and muscles of the lower extremities, may include a complex exercise movements:

  • Stand up straight, to place the lower extremity at a convenient distance and slightly bend the knees. Further, the exercise should bend to his brush with the back of the legs and stretch the body forward, the maximum rounding the back and stretching her muscles.
  • Lie down on your stomach, lean on the forearms, inhale and reject a torso backward, trying to bend as far as possible. To stay in this position for 5-60 seconds, providing a static load and thus stretching of the abdominal muscles.
  • Standing straight, lift and bend back one lower limb. Take the stop of this leg and press heel to buttock. Fix this position for 10-30 seconds, lower the leg and repeat all the same steps with the other lower limb. This exercise is good for stretching muscles on the front of the thighs.
  • Stand up straight, put one foot forward at a distance is a smart move. Lower the pelvis by bending both knees. In the down position grasp the foot newporno foot and bring heel to buttock at 20-30 cm to Stay in this position for 10-60 seconds to rise from the squat and repeat, this element of the fitness classes, replacing the supporting lower limb.
  • Standing straight, pull one foot forward, leaning on the heel. Next, you should bend over and try to get the hands to the toes of the foot exposed forward. To do repeat exercises, pushing forward the other leg.
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