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Fitness stretching: popular exercises

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Fitness stretching: popular exercises

Fitness-stretching – exercises that promote relaxation and improve flexibility of muscles, strengthening of ligaments and joints. Unfortunately, many followers of the HLS neglect the stretching exercises in sports. And in vain, because stretching is beneficial for health, improves posture, helps to release stress.

Rules of stretching

Step-by-step execution. Do not try just sit on the deep splits or to get a heel to the back. Muscles are very well stretched in gradual load. Haste can only bring harm.

Gradual increase of pace. Increase the amplitude of the training so that the maximum result of the previous classes were in the middle of the next workout. You cannot start with the exercises, which ended the fitness stretching. It is important to listen to your body, if classes are difficult, should push perfectionism to the next exercise.

Symmetry stretching. Need to pay attention to the symmetry of the stretch marks. Usually the left or right side of the body is developed more than the other. From this need to get rid of, the more training the lagging side.

A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced complex of exercises for all muscle groups. Fitness stretching is one of the main components of this complex. Observance of the basic rules when performing stretching exercises will help to calm the muscles and competently complete the exercise.

Exercises for fitness stretching

Tilts forward. You need to stand up straight, suck in your stomach, throw in the lock my hands behind my back. Performing tilts forward, slowly raise arms up and aim head down, bending as much as possible. Repeat ten to fifteen times in thirty seconds.

Exercise “Cobra” or “snake”. You need to lie on your stomach, rugi bent at the elbows, legs slightly breed. For stretching of the spine, slowly lift your head, shoulders, body. Freeze in this position for thirty seconds. Then again to get down on the floor. Repeat fifteen times.

“Butterfly.” The exercise is designed to stretch the hips and lower back. To perform the exercise should sit on the floor, bent knees and the feet. Hands should pressure to put pressure on the knees, pressing them to the floor, then slowly let go. To perform the exercise ten times for thirty seconds.

“Metronome”. To perform the exercises you need to do bends to the side, leading along the foot hand and trying to reach as low as possible. At the bottom to stand still for thirty seconds. To perform bending ten times in each direction.

“The frog”. Lying on your back, bend your knees to bring the feet together. Staying in this position, you need to tighten up as close as possible to the groin. In the moment of greatest tension it is necessary to stand still for half a minute.

Stretching for beginners. Fitness at home.

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