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Fitness slimming legs: home exercises

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Fitness slimming legs: home exercises
The contents

  • The nuances of the organization fitness workouts for the lower extremities
  • Effective exercises for legs
  • Tips on enhancing fitness

Women from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and failure to comply with the principles of proper nutrition begins to suffer, first and foremost, the lower part of the body. This is due to anatomical features of the hormonal background of female organism. It is therefore very important to regularly exercise for the lower limbs, below, first, to prevent sagging muscles and increasing fat, and second, to strengthen the muscles of the legs and to get rid of subcutaneous fat, if the problems with the figure already exist. It is noteworthy that there is no need to go to the gym, and it is possible with equal success to carry out fitness training at home.

The nuances of the organization fitness workouts for the lower extremities

Before fitness training, you need to decide what purpose they will be held. Depends on quality content of the fitness program. For example, if you want to resolve sagging muscles and increase your muscle mass, when drawing up a fitness program should focus on strength training and work with weights. And if you want to achieve effective weight loss of the thighs and shins, the bulk of training should be performing aerobic exercise.

The duration of training also depends on what purpose they serve. The optimal duration of strength training — 30-45 minute fat burning fitness classes should last at least 45 minutes so the body has time to activate the breakdown of fat cells.

One more thing that you need to consider when organizing home fitness workouts for the lower extremities, is mandatory regular and systematic work. Only through constant provision of physical stress on the body, you can expect a positive, steadily progressive results.

Effective exercises for legs

To achieve the slimness of the legs at home, you need at least 3-4 times a week to conduct fitness classes, which includes the following training dynamics:

  • Side lifts the lower extremities.

Lie on your side, pre-bed floor Mat for sport. To stretch the forearm to the floor so that the elbow was on the same vertical line with the shoulder joint. The hand that was on top of, or pressed against the trunk, or rest it in the floor in front of the chest. Then exercise, to inhale and to tear off from a floor both lower limbs, raising them as high as possible. Exhale, put your feet on the floor and to repeat this element of the fitness training that promotes weight loss not only hips, but the waist, 10 or 12 times in each of the 3 approaches. You should then turn from side to side and perform the same number of climbs.

  • Lifts of the lower limbs, lying on his back.

Lie on the Mat sports, upper extremity pulling along the body or put a hand under the sacrum. Then the exercise should raise your straight lower limbs up to the formation between them and the housing of a right angle. At the end of the leg lifts to stay for a second and lower lower limbs. When between the heels and the floor will be a distance of 10-15 cm, to understand feet. The application of this method in this training movement fitness classes allows you to enhance the load on the muscles of the abdomen and thighs. The recommended number of lifts — 10-15 times in each set and the number of approaches 3-4.

  • Squat “Plie”.

Stand up straight, feet set wide, deploying socks in hand. Inhale, stretch the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, and then lower the pelvis to the level at which the inner surface of both thighs forms a straight line parallel to the floor surface. The knees while performing this exercise should be directed to the side, and the back — to constantly be in a straight position. To stay in the squat for a second and focusing on the heels to straighten up without straightening the knee fully. Repeat the exercise up to 12 times in each of the 3 approaches.

  • Attacks.

Standing straight, put the hands on your waist and put one lower limb forward for a distance equal to a wide step. To transfer the body weight on this leg and bend the knee of this lower limb and the one that was left behind, at a right angle. Lowering the pelvis, you need to perform them a few springy movements. After that, the focus should be on the heel of the supporting leg and straighten up. Repeat the exercise, putting forward the other lower limb. All should be done 15 to 20 lunges for each lower limb in each of the 3 approaches. To increase the load in this element of fitness training, use weights, or combine attacks with jumps, changing the supporting leg sharp Bouncing movement. The first option is more suitable in case if you need to strengthen the muscles, and the second is if you use fitness to get rid of subcutaneous fat on the thighs and other parts of the lower extremities.

Tips on enhancing fitness

To do the exercises at home extremely productive, it is necessary to learn and actively practice the following recommendations:

  • when practicing at home you should not neglect warm-up, because this part of the lesson is just as important as the main exercise. The function of the warm-up part is preparing the body for subsequent intense stress, which increases the effectiveness of the training and minimizes the risk of injury;
  • after performing the basic exercises should conduct a hitch, including the stretching of muscle fibers and ligaments that are subjected to loads. Stretching the muscles can achieve their relaxation and activation processes of regeneration. In addition, the hitch several times reduces the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness;
  • don’t have to complete the whole training complex for the feet. You can take 2-3 of the element, working on the most problematic areas, and to add some new exercises for other muscle groups, for example, press or back.

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