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Fitness slimming abdomen and sides: principles and exercises

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Fitness slimming abdomen and sides: principles and exercises
The contents

  • Principles of exercise for effective weight loss
  • Effective exercises for belly and sides
  • Tips on enhancing the power of fitness

People with excess weight because of physiology the main part of fat cells concentrated in the abdominal area and sides. To achieve local lose weight in these body parts is almost impossible, so you must act comprehensively, trying to get rid of body fat in the entire body as well as firming abs and other muscles involved in the structure of the so-called “muscle”. You can do this by regularly doing exercises with aerobic and power load.

Principles of exercise for effective weight loss

As mentioned above, effective weight loss is a whole range of measures, including exercise, and correct diet and changing their traditional way of life. People who want to lose weight, create a beautiful waist and make the stomach flatter and fit need to understand that the periodic execution of arbitrary exercise movements will not give the expected effect. To achieve impressive results in the fight with body fat lessons must be systematic and adhere to the following principles:

  • you must train regularly, from 2 to 5 times a week. Fitness classes should be based mainly on aerobic exercise to accelerate the heart rate and breathing rhythm. Classic cardio are Jogging, walking, aerobics, dancing, swimming, Cycling, skiing;
  • pulse rate during exercise should be maintained in the range from 70 to 80% of your personal max. The maximum permissible number of strokes per minute can be determined by subtracting from a constant coefficient of 220-age training;
  • the training duration for effective weight loss should be at least an hour. Such a time frame due to the processes by which the body receives the necessary energy. The first 20 minutes of intense cardio energy generated by the glycolysis — conversion of glucose. After this period of time and the depletion of glucose aktiviziruyutsya lipolysis — the transformation of fat cells into energy. This process, under favorable conditions, can last 40-60 minutes, and then the body begins to use as an energy source muscle tissue. Therefore, to perform high-intensity exercise more than six hours is not recommended;
  • cardio should be combined with strength training to strengthen muscles and prevent sagging of the body, often accompanies the process of effective weight loss. Strong muscles make your body more athletic and toned, and, therefore, attractive.

Effective exercises for belly and sides

In fitness classes, as a result of which it is possible to reduce the amount of belly and waist, might include the following main features:

  • Squats performed with weights or without, if the level of physical fitness does not allow you to do this exercise with extra weight, without disrupting the technique.

Squat to the level of parallelism of the thighs and the floor, keeping your back straight during the entire period of work. Pelvis before lowering it should take you back. Squatting, necessary to control the position of the patellas, which must not protrude past your toes or to go outside or inside. Rise from the squat should be at the expense of work of muscles, pushing your heels into the floor, standing on the entire surface of the foot. Despite the fact that in the gym with squats the most weight gain muscles of the lower extremities, is a training movement is also effective for slimming the abdomen and back due to the involvement of the stomach and core.

  • The Exercise “Bicycle”.

The technique of execution familiar to most people since childhood: lying on your back, raise lower extremities and alternately bend your knees, feet, repeating the motion characteristic of the process of rotation of the pedals. It should be flexing throughout the period of implementation of the “Bicycle”. So, in addition to the rectus abdominis, to engage in work and oblique muscles, forming a beautiful outline of the waist, you need to put your hands on your head and reach elbow to opposite knee at the time of bringing it to the belt.

  • Strap.

This exercise, regardless of its implementation, provides high-quality isometric load on both core muscles and the press, included in its structure, but also on all other body muscles. The traditional embodiment of the strap involves the adoption of a horizontal bar with emphasis on the forearms and socks with subsequent fixation of this posture for as long a period of time. The duration of the run of the bar depends on the degree of development of musculature and physical abilities, sufficient to hold the straight body position without sagging and sagging. For variety, you can perform the plank on straight arms or side option, stimulating effective weight loss the sides.

Tips on enhancing the power of fitness

To enhance the effect exerted on the body during strength exercises, beginners should use the following list of recommendations drawn up by people with lots of experience in fitness:

  • every workout, regardless of the nature of the load which it prevails, must begin with a warm-up. Warm-up movements help to accelerate the heart rate and strengthening blood circulation, and stimulate the production of synovial fluid that protects joints from damage during fitness classes. All these processes allow the body to smoothly enter the mode of intensive work, which in turn increases productivity and safety training;
  • to conclude the session with stretching exercises that help to relax muscles and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness — the pain in the soft tissues, often occurs after intense exercise;
  • each exercise should be performed in 2-4 sets of 15-20 times;
  • gradually the load needs to be strengthened, increasing the number of sets and reps, adding in complex new moves and using such additional tools as dumbbells, weights, tape-expander.

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