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Fitness rules: how not to hurt?

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Fitness rules: how not to hurt?
The contents

  • Bad habits behavior beginners fitness
  • Daily training: tips fitness instructor
  • Beautiful body and energy: the use of daily fitness classes
  • Harmful than daily fitness classes?

With every passing day the popularity of fitness and nutrition is growing exponentially. Almost every glossy magazine promotes healthy eating and daily fitness classes. But if proper nutrition really is the key to health, fitness, things are different. How to train yourself to not hurt yourself and also get good and fast result, today in our article.

Bad habits behavior beginners fitness

The main mistake of the beginners in the sport is that people coming to the gym, start to study hard from the first day. Almost no idea of how to properly allocate their strength and to increase physical activity, they get tired very quickly. As a result, the interest in training after a short time disappears, and the newly-born athletes leave the gym without achieving any results. Therefore, these habits of behavior are useless, increase the load gradually.

For example, if it’s cardio, it makes sense to start with a sprint without stopping at your own pace.

Especially popular currently enjoys a brisk walk. The risk of overload and injury when doing this sport is minimal, so quick step go now, even those who have limitations in other sports.

And if you want to try strength exercises, then it is better to take individual sessions with a fitness instructor who will make proper training program.

And most importantly — we should not expect instant results. The sport is a long and hard work.

Daily training: tips fitness instructor

There are people that fitness is not the first year, and prefer daily exercise. And they give a good result, just need to organize.

  • The combination of cardio with strength training

This combination is necessary, regardless of what that workout — fitness for weight loss or muscle gain. This technique will help to increase endurance and strengthen the muscles.

If it’s fitness classes for weight loss, cardio training should take place 3-5 times a week. The number of sessions and intensity determines fitness instructor individually taking into account the characteristics of each person. The main condition for the effectiveness of cardio training is that each session should last at least one hour in the middle pulse area of 120-140 beats per minute. In fact, cardio classes is an exercise of the heart — the main muscle of the human body. The most popular types of cardio exercises are running, brisk walking, jump rope, bike.

The remaining days of the week should be devoted to strength training. To perform the exercises recommended for 8-10 approaches, sharing the days on the top and bottom, plus one training with less weight for all muscle groups.

It will not hurt to include in the training program work with their own weight, and also to add isolated exercises for smaller muscle groups. A number of approaches allowed to increase to 15-20.

  • Restful sleep

Continuous lack of sleep may be one of the reasons that a person does not have the strength to not only fitness classes but also for the execution of daily Affairs. It is known that during sleep the body recovers, while the short duration and poor quality sleep triggers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Normal sleep duration is 7-8 hours, not less. And go to sleep, preferably not later than eleven o’clock in the evening.

  • Proper nutrition

Probably, many know that to achieve good sports results in a short time it is necessary to abandon the consumption of junk food. It is recommended to exclude from your diet fatty, fried, smoked and sweet dishes as well as fast food and carbonated drinks. Better to give preference to healthy food that contain essential body vitamins and minerals. It will help him successfully cope with the physical demands and quickly bring the body in tone.

Beautiful body and energy: the use of daily fitness classes

Provided that the training program was a fitness instructor and it is written correctly, taking into account individual characteristics of the person, the class will bring only benefits, namely:

  • increase stamina with each workout, the person becomes stronger and tougher, and his body gets used to physical stress. And three kilometers, which until recently was not under force, he already runs with ease;
  • beautiful body — during each workout, the body burns extra calories. And strength training will help not only to lose muscle tone, but to acquire a beautiful and elastic shape. Isn’t that what every woman wants?
  • the energy is properly conducted exercise not only improves mood, and performance. Man becomes easier to focus on tasks, which, in turn, ensures efficiency and ease of implementation.

Harmful than daily fitness classes?

Any physical activity is better than sedentary life. However, the measure need to know everything. Daily fitness exercise can cause injury if:

  • excessive physical exertion. That is, in case your strength routine with heavy weights the body simply will not be able to recover. As a result, he will constantly be under stress, and training will not only strengthen the body, but will hurt him. In addition, regular intense exercise can provoke an increase in the level of lactic acid in the body, and this is a violation of metabolism;
  • the wrong technique of doing exercises. This applies not only to daily workouts, and all the rest. Incorrectly performing strength exercises with weight can trigger trauma to the joint;
  • incorrect assessment of health status. For example, if a person with a sore hip running every day 10 miles, the body just will not tell him thank you.

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