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Fitness rules and healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities

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Fitness rules and healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities
The contents

  • The struggle with the physical complexes and socialization — the way out of a difficult situation
  • The variety of leisure activities for people with disabilities
  • Exercise, suitable for people with disabilities
  • Rules healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities

People with disabilities often become objects of pity and sympathy. But being disabled is not always identical to helplessness. Many people with disabilities do not give up, find the strength to lead a healthy lifestyle, achieve great heights in various fields of human activities. Including in sports.

Some of the features of these people is really limited, but the will, moral strength, endurance, and hard work know no boundaries. An example for all capable people are the participants of the Paralympic games. Despite all life’s difficulties, health problems and physical systems, which became on their way, they collect will in a fist fight and win, showing remarkable strength and high moral standing.

Paralympic athletes prove that with any physical limitations can be overcome, and for HLS there are no barriers. These people are the real symbols of fortitude, dedication and endless possibilities of overcoming yourself and difficult life circumstances.

Nobody argues that life with a disability is very serious: it is filled with daily difficulties and everyday inconveniences. And at the same time, disability is not a reason to lead a solitary life. In today’s world there are many options for physical activity for people with disabilities.

The struggle with the physical complexes and socialization — the way out of a difficult situation

For people in wheelchairs, even a simple out-of-home — real quest to overcome obstacles. Not all houses, public places and urban areas adapted for the free movement of people in wheelchairs. The lack of ramps, handrails, high kerbs — it all becomes nearly insurmountable obstacles. In such a situation is particularly difficult for those who are deprived of the support of family and friends.

How not to give up, but learn to move on and continue to enjoy every day? First and foremost, it is important to tune in a positive way and mentally prepare yourself for the new realities of life. It is important not to perceive disability as a sentence or punishment, but to rethink the experience and to adopt new life as a test of his own character strength and endurance.

Disability is not an insurmountable barrier to communication and socially active life. The people who are in wheelchairs, can and must lead a healthy lifestyle, active sports, and to resist the negative influence of physical systems.

Many people prove this every day by example. It is important not to withdraw into themselves and be open to the world and other people.

The variety of leisure activities for people with disabilities

Board games are the most secure and quite a fun class for people with disabilities. The most popular options to diversify leisure include:

  • Chess. They develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and positively affect intellectual abilities.
  • Checkers is one of the most common and accessible classes. This game draws both adults and children.
  • Dominoes — quite a gamble, requiring the participants knowledge of the basic rules of the game and winning figures. A leisure good memory.
  • Backgammon is an exciting game that is suitable to participants of all ages.
  • Intellectual Board games: they will allow to brighten up leisure in the company of friends and family, as well as give a range of positive emotions.
  • Exercise, suitable for people with disabilities

    But not only table games capable of filling the leisure time of people with disabilities. Today, there are many sections and specially designed sports programs where people with disabilities who want to live a healthy lifestyle that finds the best physical activity.

    Among the popular sports for people with disabilities include:

    • Basketball.

    The mobile game, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

    • Sledge hockey.

    One of the most popular sports, instil team spirit and the principles of reciprocity. It’s always a spectacular, exciting and fun.

    • Fencing.

    Requires the focus, consistent action and good stamina.

    • Athletics.

    Suitable for active people with an inexhaustible supply of vital energy, as it requires a lot of dedication and physical endurance.

    • Swimming.

    This physical exercise will be most useful as an effective rehabilitation after injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Regular exercise will strengthen the muscles develop the muscles, to normalize the work of respiratory system and many vital organs.

    • Archery.

    Increases concentration and improves coordination.

    • Cross-country skiing and biathlon.

    Exciting sports competitions, stimulating work of all organs and systems.

    • Table tennis.

    Sufficient mobile game that requires agility and good coordination of movements.

    All of these types of sports activities included in the program of the Paralympic games.

    For many people it is the sport that becomes the only correct way, due to which physical complexes, depression and negativity recede forever. In this case participation is more important than the victory.

    Rules healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities

    Almost 10% of the population of the globe has these or those violations of health. This is not a reason to give up and lose heart. Every such person is a full member of society, able to conduct interesting and varied life.

    Regular physical activity is an effective way to shift attention from their own problems to get out of the restricted areas of comfort, to find new friends, adapt to new living conditions.

    The basic rule of HLS in this case — each day should begin with charging. Breathing exercises and some basic exercises will lead to muscle tone, gives energy, focus on the optimistic.

    For the smooth functioning of the body it is important to spend about 2.5 hours per week aerobic exercise and exercises to strengthen the muscle corset.

    There are many fitness programs adapted to people with disabilities. They help to maintain good physical form and give a positive attitude towards life.

    One should always remember that disability is not a reason to leave the active life and to quit sports. You only need to focus on their own health and the permissible level of physical capacity, in order not to aggravate the current condition.

    Any sports activity must be approved by the attending physician and be supervised by experienced professionals.

    Physical education classes and any sport — that’s effective methods of rehabilitation that will help to extend the functionality, improve health, strengthen the body and spirit. Adaptive physical education helps to overcome not only physical but also psychological barriers.

    Sport for people with disabilities is always active, giving communication, the ability to assert themselves, and the range of variety of positive emotions. Many will work to find life on a new path.

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