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Fitness rope: basic techniques and training for weight loss

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Fitness rope: basic techniques and training for weight loss
The contents

  • The benefits of skipping workouts for weight loss
  • Rules of selection of sports equipment
  • The basics of exercise technique
  • Varieties of jumping rope
  • An effective scheme for fitness workouts

Few people know that familiar childhood pastime — jumping — helps to cope with the problem of excess weight in adult life. Just 10 minutes of continuous jumping equivalents calories burned half hour of intense running training session. Per hour of active hopping of fitness can burn up to 600 calories.

The benefits of skipping workouts for weight loss

Jumping rope is not only effective for weight loss, but also beneficial to the overall health of the performer. The use of the hopping elements in regular training improves coordination, increases endurance, stimulates blood circulation, active the cells with oxygen, gives tone to the muscles.

The key benefits of such classes:

  • a complex effect on the entire body: during the hopping elements rope involves all the major muscle groups of the body;
  • the normalization of the vestibular apparatus;
  • stable weight loss: exercise start the fat loss process and allow you to work out a large number of calories in a short period of time;
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthening the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • prevention of stagnation and problems of the venous character;
  • accessibility: to practice requires only a jump rope and free space;
  • safety: the risk of injury is minimal;
  • no restrictions on age and sex;
  • cheerful mood due to the production of endorphins during active hopping movements;
  • the variability of the exercises gives the opportunity to study various techniques and development of advanced skills;
  • light weight and compact size allow you to take inventory in any travel and to conduct training anywhere.

Rules of selection of sports equipment

When choosing a rope it is important to pay attention to the material of manufacture. Plastic rope is much lighter and more durable than, for example, made of rope. The low weight of the rubber or plastic rope is able to support high speed jumps.

Speed jump rope is usually made of a thin metal wire with a second can make 7-8 spins. The shape of the handles should be ergonomic, so they conveniently fit in the palm of your hand and not slip out.

On the efficiency of training affects the length of the rope. She matched the rise and individual building contractor. To determine its optimal length in the following way:

  • to deploy the rope, folded in half and one foot stepping on the middle;
  • arm shell should be level with the armpits: if they are lower, you should choose the longer model.

It is advisable to train on shock-absorbing surface, softening the load on the joints. For this approach grounds with a special covering, a wooden floor or a fitness Mat. To eliminate the risk of injury, it is recommended to perform jumps in special shoes with a springy sole.

The basics of exercise technique

Before you begin to train seriously, you need to thoroughly work out the technique of movements. Inexperienced fitness enthusiasts you can first practice the correct movements of the arms and legs separately:

  • to make some slow jumping jacks;
  • rotate the rope, tightly holding arms in his hands: it is directing it forward, throwing back;
  • you can combine the two movements together: the moment when the rope is under her feet gently jump.

Rotate the rope should the wrists, not through the shoulders. The elbows should be as close to the torso. The height of the jump does not affect the effectiveness of the training, but rather takes extra power, so off the ground should not higher than 15-20 cm.

While jumping back should remain straight. It is also important to control the process of lowering the legs: you need to land on your toes.

The first time you can perform 10-20 repetitions of a lower intensity and gradually move to continuous jumps within a certain interval (10-30 seconds). When the level of fitness will increase, and jumping skills will be brought to perfection, it will be possible to increase working intervals to 2-3 minutes. And in between, take a 40 second break.

Varieties of jumping rope

The modern fitness industry offers a wide array of hopping techniques, which can complement any workout. Below are the main ones:

  • classic jumping jacks;
  • reverse jumping: the technique of the hopping part of the traditional, but to twist the rope it is necessary in the opposite direction (back);
  • jumping a straddle;
  • jumping with high knees up to waist level;
  • jumping with alternate leg back zahlest (the heel should touch buttocks);
  • the technique of “bell”: jumping back and forward with the United feet;
  • the technique of “skier”: jumps from side to side with the United feet;
  • jumps with 90 degree turn: in the process of implementation actively involved oblique abdominal muscles;
  • jumping with a 180-degree turn: the complicated modification of the previous element, requiring good physical fitness;
  • the technique of “boxer”: jumping with alternate leg lifts forward, the tip-this should pull the involved muscle fibers of the hips;
  • jumps with alternate release the legs back;
  • jumping crossing the legs;
  • double jump: one turn of the rope around the body you must perform 2 quick jump;
  • jumps on one leg: contribute to the development of coordination and balance;
  • jumping sweep: performed on one foot around the perimeter of an imaginary figure (square, circle, triangle);
  • jumping squats: technique implies the alternation of jumps and deep squats, thus it includes the work not only the muscles of the legs, but the buttocks;
  • jumping from heel to toe.

Application of various techniques in one fitness training enables you to enhance weight loss, improve flexibility and body coordination, improve physical endurance.

An effective scheme for fitness workouts

Each performer can choose the program that best meets their requirements, goals and personal fitness level. Classes should spend at least 2 times a week. Any exercise be sure to start with a warm-up warm-up — for smooth preparation of the body for the upcoming exertion.

Interval training with alternating intensity includes:

  • classic jumping;
  • reverse jumping;
  • jumping on one leg;
  • jumping in the technique of “bell”;
  • jumps with crossed legs.

Each program element is performed for 30 seconds. The following technique is necessary to go after 10-15 seconds of rest. Combinations of elements can be changed at the discretion of the contractor.

High intensity interval fitness training implies continuous execution of the hopping elements for 1-2 minutes, then let a 30-second timeout and transition to the new technology.

Combined training includes not only the jumping part, but also the power unit. And it can be formed from exercises of any complexity.

An exemplary diagram of a mixed workout:

  • 100 classic or reverse jumps;
  • 10 burpee;
  • 15 squats;
  • 25 crunches;
  • 100 jumps with crossed legs.

Training can take place with short stops to rest, and can occur in a continuous mode and a fast pace.

Add a jumping rope will not only add variety to your workout, but will significantly increase their effectiveness. Short hopping unit could be a quality warm-up or aminocell part of any fitness program.

Exercises with a rope effectively pump the calf muscles and buttocks, strengthen thighs and abs. Regular skipping helps to reduce excess weight, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, eliminate sagging skin and strengthening of muscle fibers.

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