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Fitness rope: basic exercises and the selection criteria

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Fitness rope: basic exercises and the selection criteria
The contents

  • Use exercise with a rope
  • A set of exercises
  • Training regime
  • Exercises for weight loss. Contraindications and common mistakes beginners

Jumping rope is one of the simplest and most effective exercises, allowing you to quickly make your figure toned and beautiful. Fitness jump rope widely used as an to warm up, and for the basic compound exercises.

Such training even popped up in a separate workout, where he received the title skipping (from eng.skip — jump). This article reveals the use of jumping rope for weight loss, and provides basic guidelines for the organization of classes.

Use exercise with a rope

Currently, sports physiologists and nutritionists have developed many ways of losing weight. This:

  • active physical training and sports;
  • all kinds of diets;
  • fasting;
  • drug therapy;
  • psychological training etc.

Each method has its pros and cons and is not for everyone. One can be a contraindicated exercise, others may not allocate to the gym with enough time, others don’t want to exhaust yourself diets.

Jump rope is available to everyone and, as a sport, has almost no contraindications. Exercises with this sports equipment is feasible at any age and at any fitness level.

Regular jumping give the body a good workout, sufficient to start the fat burning process. While you can train anywhere: at home, in the yard, on the Playground and even at work.

A set of exercises with a skipping rope is very simple to learn and use in their daily workouts. Per one hour session can burn around 700 calories. Jumping rope give the total healing effect and in addition will:

  • improve posture;
  • to strengthen the muscles;
  • to increase the volume of the lungs;
  • to normalize the blood circulation;
  • to develop flexibility and coordination.

Thus, with the help of simple sports equipment can solve several problems at once: weight loss, health improvement, strengthening of the body.

A set of exercises

The procedure of losing weight with jump ropes requires a comprehensive approach. The training process must include planning for physical activity and their implementation, and proper nutrition. It will be necessary to restore the energy expended during training, and should exclude deposits of fat in tissues and organs. Therefore, starting to lose weight, try to follow the exercise regime simultaneously with the rules of a healthy diet.

Before performing the exercise, familiarize yourself with the basic technique of jumping:

  • Do not slouch or lean forward. Keep your back straight. The stomach should be tense.
  • Land on socks feet, slightly bending your knees.
  • The rope rotate the brushes, not the forearms.
  • To begin to master low jumping at a leisurely pace.
  • Before you perform the exercises for weight loss rope, make a little workout consisting of dips, swings, twists, lunges, light Jogging. You should train in comfortable sports clothes and footwear that don’t hinder movement. Girls are encouraged to purchase a special bra for sports.

    Such a systematic approach to training will allow you to quickly achieve success. But we must understand that even such simple exercises as jumping rope, will not give light result. To lose weight, will have to work on them.

    A set of exercises for weight loss should consist of two main types of jumping: on two legs, and alternating legs. In the first case, the feet should keep together. Single bounce — one turn of the rope. Number of repetitions: 15-20 times.

    Jumps alternating legs resemble running in place, when the feet are raised from the floor at 5-10 cm to Count the jumps on one foot, multiplying the resulting number by 2. The number of repetitions is the same as in the first case. The number of repeats within twenty optimal for beginners as training a number of exercises can be increased to 150 times.

    Training regime

    To do rope need daily. The first training usually takes 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase this time and adjusted to 60 minutes. If time does not permit to give from 1 hour to complete this set of exercises, the training can be divided into equal parts. For example, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Another option: a 15 minutes morning, 30 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes in the evening.

    Before training is not recommended to eat less than 1 hour before the start of classes. This time can be reduced only if the training takes 10-15 minutes.

    How to choose a jump rope

    Buy a jump rope not working. But that the inventory was comfortable to choose it should be based on its growth. The easiest way to do so: take the rope in hand, stand with your feet on the middle of the cord and pull the handles to the armpits. Ideally, the cord should be slightly stretched and not SAG.

    With growth up to 150 cm jump rope usually has a length of 180 cm. If the height of the athlete 150-167 cm, cord length should be about 2.5 m. In any case, while jumping rope should not be confused in the legs or, conversely, to stretch too much.

    The rope can be made of different material: nylon, rubber, cotton, leather, PVC. Importantly, the cord was flexible and easy. To control jumping as exercise for weight loss you can buy a special fitness tracker with a counter the number of made jumps and calories burned.

    Exercises for weight loss. Contraindications and common mistakes beginners

    Jumping — simple exercises, but they are rather stressing the muscles, heart and lungs. So shouldn’t be skipping those people who have:

    • hypertension;
    • problems with the heart and blood vessels;
    • weak joints.

    Also must be very careful to jump when the weight of the body far exceeds the growth rate. That workout was productive and did not bear in itself the danger of injury, it is necessary to exclude:

    • a long workout on a solid surface;
    • landing on the full foot and straight leg.

    After injuries, sprains and strains, you should skip a few workouts, so as not to aggravate the situation. If you have any health problems, before incorporating exercise for weight loss in your workout, consult your doctor.

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