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Fitness room: exercises for the muscles of the back

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Fitness room: exercises for the muscles of the back
The contents

  • Basic fitness training at the gym
  • Additional elements for conducting fitness workouts
  • A set of exercises with dumbbells

Strengthening the muscles of the back exercise is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. How advanced spine and spinal muscles depends largely on the overall health and the risk of various diseases. Strong muscles that surround the spine, fix it in the correct position and thereby ensure the prevention of symptomatic pains in different parts of the back and prevent the development of dysfunctions of the locomotor apparatus. In addition, since the spine is the main axis of the human body, from the condition of the spine and muscles that surround it (the so-called muscular corset), depends on the functionality of all body systems and the health of other organs. For these reasons it is so important to regularly do special exercises to strengthen the spine and back muscles.

Basic fitness training at the gym

Before proceeding to the elaboration of muscles of the back physical exercise, you need to know exactly which muscles are included in its composition. It is necessary to understand muscle function during each specific training movement. Such a sound approach to training gives the possibility to adjust the intensity of the load on a particular muscle of the back and allows you to work lagging in the development of muscles, thereby achieving a uniform development of the shape during fitness workouts.

In the muscles that surround the spine are:

  • The trapezius muscle.
  • The widest group of muscles, the development of which depends on the width of the back.
  • The group of muscles of the rectifiers.

In addition to these large core muscles, the back muscles are small muscles – rhomboid, toothed and circular, which are functionally assisted by a large muscular groups and participate in the work if all the basic movements of the body during fitness classes or daily physical activity of man.

For a comprehensive uniform development of the entire musculature of the back, you must perform the following basic exercises:

  • The pull-UPS.

To provide accented stress on the back muscles to hold the crossbar of the horizontal bar need wide grip and pull yourself up to chest level. Regularly performing during fitness workouts the pull-UPS, it is possible to significantly develop the broadest muscle and seek their relief, as well as to shape a beautiful athletic figure.

  • Deadlifts.

This basic strength exercise is working the trapezius muscle, muscles, straighteners, as well as a number of other muscles of the body. However, to achieve a positive effect of this training movement, it is very important to learn how to do it properly and every time to adhere strictly to proper technique, which involves the following sequence of actions: stand near the rod lying on the floor, head wear under the neck of the projectile. To take up the fingerboard medium straight grip, slightly bent and pushing your pelvis back but keeping your back flat and not fully straightening the knee. Straighten up, hold the stamp at arm’s length next to your hips, and repeat this element of fitness training as many times as necessary, working with the appropriate mass of the projectile.

  • Pull rod in an inclined position of the housing.

Standing exactly on bent lower limbs and holding a straight bar medium grip, tilt the torso forward and exhale to pull the neck to the chest. In this exercise, you need to press the elbows to the body.

Additional elements for conducting fitness workouts

If during fitness activities in the sports hall it is necessary to increase the width of the back, should be further developed wide muscles by means of thrust vertical block to be performed in the following way:

  • To sit on the bench block of the simulator, fixing foot under his special rollers.
  • To take the handle straight grip. Distance between the palms should exceed the distance between shoulder joints.
  • To perform the in-breath and during the exhale, pull the handle of the machine to his chest. Performing the exercise at this stage, it is necessary to bring together the shoulder blades.
  • Holding the fretboard, gradually return the lever to its original position.
  • To repeat the item fitness workout 2 sets / 8-12 times each.

To pump muscles located in the region of the lumbar spine, you need to add in the basic complex exercise movements hyperextension performed thus:

  • Take the starting position on a flat bench that allows you to lock legs under special rollers. The edge of the bench should be placed at the level of the hip joints.
  • Head the brush head, need to “hang” the upper part of the body, and then during the exhalation, straighten the body before the formation of the body a straight diagonal line and stay in this position for 2 seconds.
  • Gradually lower the body.
  • Repeat this element of fitness classes for back 12 times in each of the 2-3 approaches.

A set of exercises with dumbbells

To during fitness classes not only to study the spine and muscles, fixing it, but also to stimulate the increase of muscle mass, it is necessary to use additional weights, e.g., dumbbells. With this equipment you can perform the following training movements to increase the volume of muscles of the back:

  • Pull the dumbbells to your stomach.

Stand up straight, slightly bend knees and tilt torso forward, fixing the spine in a straight position. Holding in both hands a dumbbell, pull the weight to the abdomen, bringing the blades together and pointing the elbows to the sides and up. Repeat the exercise 3-4 sets / 12 reps.

  • Pull the dumbbells in position on the bench.

To stand sideways in the sporting bench, put on her one knee, lean and stretch with a straight arm in the seat. Hold in the free upper extremity dumbbell, pull up a shell to the stomach, pointing the elbow up. Repeat the exercise on each side in 2 sets / 12 reps.

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