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Fitness room: basic exercises and tips for beginners

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Fitness room: basic exercises and tips for beginners
The contents

  • The basic classification exercises
  • Principal fitness
  • New directions fitness workouts

People who have never played sports, but decided to join the healthy way of life, often have no idea about how to organize the training process. So, the first time hitting the gym, beginners are not able to use the services of a fitness trainer, start randomly to perform the exercises, familiar with the school physical education lessons, and work on all the machines in the queue. Naturally, the result of this work it is impossible to obtain a positive effect, but can be easily injured. To avoid such a situation, novice fans HLS should before to go to the gym, to understand the species diversity of fitness classes and the problems that can be solved using a particular type of training.

The basic classification exercises

All physical exercises are divided on the nature of the load that they have on the body. According to this criterion, the training motion, and, consequently, the activity in which they are performed, are:

  • Power.
  • Cardio.
  • Power fitness training pursue the goal of strengthening muscles, the stimulation of intensive growth and giving the muscle a distinct relief, as well as the development of the power of physical performance. The training program depends on what kind of goal you want to implement.

    Fitness classes with cardio does not cause muscle growth, but a positive effect on health, causing the following positive changes in the body:

    • strengthens the cardiovascular apparatus and the entire circulatory system;
    • lungs are developing, and their useful volume is increased;
    • accelerated metabolic processes;
    • consumed a large amount of calories;
    • going on effective and safe slimming;
    • boosts stamina.

    In cardio, in addition to high-intensity vigorous exercise is often a part of work on such machines:

    • treadmill;
    • the bike;
    • stepper;
    • elliptical;
    • rowing machine.

    Principal fitness

    Fitness training depending on the goal that you can achieve, there are several types:

    • for the growth of muscle mass. Such training often resort men, to form a three-dimensional musculature of the body;
    • to give muscle relief.

    This type of fitness training is used when muscle mass has increased sufficiently and you need to give the muscles a distinct relief;

    • to increase power performance without intense muscle building;
    • to reduce excess weight.

    To conduct such courses can both women and men who want to lose weight. In training of this type can not do without the aerobic exercise and cardio equipment;

    • for the stretch.

    The purpose of this training is to increase the elasticity of muscle and connective tissues, as well as improve the overall flexibility of the body. Training of this type include yoga, Pilates, bodyflex and stretching;

    • for the recovery.

    Such training most often consist of a mix of elements therapeutic physical training and exercises drawn from different areas of aerobics.

    New directions fitness workouts

    Fitness classes as a culture for the provision of physical loadings on an organism, constantly evolving and improving, and in place of the classic techniques come new methods that meet the needs of modern man and satisfying his needs in physical activity. Beginners in fitness, who have decided to work out in the gym, it is recommended not to focus exclusively on standard techniques, and you should pay attention to the latest trends in the provision of physical exertion.

    To new directions fitness activities include the following:

    • The Kalari-payattu.

    This technique, as the art of yoga originated in Ancient India. But at the moment it is gaining huge popularity among modern people, since it is based on elements of ancient Indian martial arts and relaxing exercises. In addition, when you exercise, practiced proper breathing. Thus, the body is a complex load, allowing simultaneously to strengthen the body and relieve the tension in it.

    • Bailoterapia.

    The provision of physical activity of aerobic type, incorporating elements of classic aerobics and Latin dance. Exercise takes place under the energetic music, and the main burden falls on the muscles of the lower limbs and the press.

    • Core First.

    In these fitness training uses a special wooden stick or foam tubes and a number of other specific sports equipment, regularly working with which you can adjust your posture.

    • Aquadynamic.

    This modern fitness trend is similar to training in the pool, during which a special complex of exercises in water. These classes allow you to get rid of excess weight due to their large energy consumption. In addition, using aquadynamic you can have a high intensity load on the muscles of the whole body, without experiencing difficulties in performing heavy exercises and feeling extreme fatigue.

    • Budokan.

    Technique, successfully combining elements of yoga, martial arts and meditation practices. Budokon allows to provide a complex effect on the body and spirit.

    • Bosu.

    When you exercise this kind of fitness use a special apparatus with the same name, which is a balancing platform in the form of a hemisphere. Such exercises give the opportunity to work out the muscles throughout the body.

    • Cardiostep.

    This fitness trend is designed primarily for women who want to learn how to control your body, improve your body shape and become more plastic. The training program involves alternating strenuous exercise with dance movements and elements of stretching.

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