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Fitness programs for rapid weight

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Fitness programs for rapid weight
The contents

  • Features fitness programs for muscle gain
  • Features exercises to build muscle
  • Sports nutrition for muscle mass

One of the biggest reasons fitness is the desire for physical perfection. Fans of the bodybuilding sport is distinguished by taut figure with a perfectly muscled and toned muscles.

As novices in the sport, and experienced athletes are making significant efforts in order to build muscle in the shortest possible time. To intensify the growth of muscle mass by using special methods of training and properly organized.

Features fitness programs for muscle gain

In the human body there are two types of muscles — red and white. The muscle fibers are white in color have the ability for rapid reduction. The presence of this type of fibre provides strength athlete. Fiber red color is reduced slowly, provide endurance, resistance to stress and ability of fast recovery.

The average person the amount of red muscles is usually 2/3 of the number of muscle fibers white. For strength training, loaded white fibers, with aerobic exercises for the muscles red.

The amount of muscle mass and the distribution of white and red fibers in the human body is determined by heredity, individual characteristics of the structure of the body. In the preparation of training programs, it is desirable to pass diagnostics and to determine the ratio of red and white muscle in my body. For this is a tested, proven techniques that allow to obtain reliable information. The information obtained will help to individualize the fitness program and to accelerate the process of muscle building.

If you desire to promptly get the impressive muscles you should focus on working out the white fibers. Such effects is provided by regular perform strength exercises for the muscles. It is recommended to spend more time on the training elements with a barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, do not neglect exercise on special equipment.

Features exercises to build muscle

Exercises for the muscles should be performed properly, given the features of white muscle fibers. Intensive work of this type of muscle is due to the consumption of specific substances contained in muscle: glycogen and creatine phosphate. Stocks of these substances in the fibers is not too great. The creatine phosphate is used completely within 2-3 minutes of weight training. But fiber have the ability to rapidly restore reserves of creatine phosphate at the end of the affecting the muscles.

Fitness training, which aim to increase muscle mass, it is recommended to organize in the following way:

  • Need to practice mnogoobraznye exercises for the muscles, supplementing them with elements of powerlifting.
  • The training program should include elements for regulating different muscle groups, not less than 4 approaches for each body region.
  • It is recommended to allocate the rest between the sets not more than 3 minutes to prevent cooling of the muscles.
  • To avoid habituation of the muscles to the same type of load it is desirable to alternate as the number of approaches and the number of repetitions in one approach. You can use a variety of fitness elements to influence a specific group of muscles.
  • The load shall be increased gradually, varying the number of approaches, increasing the weight, increasing the degree of complexity of the movements.
  • In the individual training program should include exercises for the muscles of the isolated actions and elements designed for simultaneous operation with the muscles-antagonists.
  • It is necessary to actively use a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells and other weights.
  • It is important to rationalize the workout to reserve enough strength for the full implementation of the basic elements.
  • Training should be carried out regularly, avoiding long breaks.
  • Fitness training to increase muscle, should be required to contain the basic elements of: deadlift, squeezing the barbell from a lying position, squatting with a barbell, etc. Exercises with weights activate the processes of protein synthesis in the body, increasing muscle mass.

    Sports nutrition for muscle mass

    An important role in the muscle-building process correctly plays organized sports nutrition. You must elaborate a balanced menu. The body must get enough calories to restore their resources.

    The composition and quantity of daily food consumed should be determined in such a way as to stimulate anabolic processes — the processes of creation of new substances, cells and tissues of the body. In the first half of the day, you must consume foods rich in carbohydrates, and secondly to give preference to dishes with plenty of protein.

    Avoid excessively fatty, fried foods. Fat intake should be limited. The fitness menu to include a variety of cereals, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, steamed or baked. It is necessary attentive to snack before and after exercise, using a quick recuperation nuts, honey, dried fruit, protein shakes. Food must be fractional. It is advisable to eat at the same time, from 6 to 8 times a day.

    Resistance training and sports nutrition to create favorable conditions for increasing muscles. Enhance the effect by using special supplements. In particular, building muscle and improving performance fitness contributes to the protein intake. Varieties of of its several, and each athlete can choose the most suitable efficiency and availability. If you have doubts about your choice, consult a professional instructor for more advice.

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