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Fitness program, fullbody: program strength exercises

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Fitness program, fullbody: program strength exercises
The contents

  • The types of fitness programs strength training
  • Error and rules of the fitness program, fullbody
  • Recommendations for exercise in the technique of fullbody

The increase in muscle mass is a long and laborious process that requires a comprehensive and competent approach, since the efficiency in the gym depends on many nuances. Properly chosen and well-organized fitness program is one of the most important factors that affect the final result. Performing strength exercises haphazardly, it is impossible to achieve a beautiful athletic body with well-developed and muscle tone.

The types of fitness programs strength training

Power fitness classes, which aim at a significant increase in muscle mass and increase physical performance power may be carried out by one of the following programs:

  • Split.

According to this method during a single workout is performed a study of multiple muscle groups. For example, assuming that the fitness program involves the implementation of three classes per week, the first day of working on the triceps and deltas, as well as a muscular corset, the second physical exercise is to the muscles of the chest and upper extremities, and on the third day to perform the exercises for the lower extremities and the press.

  • Fullbody.

This program is strength training, providing a comprehensive physical load on the muscles of the whole body in one class period. The basis of this methodology are such basic training movements like squats, fixed on the shoulders, a standard press of a bar lying on a horizontal bench, and deadlifts.

Beginners strength training more suitable fitness program, fullbody for the following reasons:

  • it allows you to evenly work all muscle groups, stimulating their development and increasing in volume;
  • helps to form a good basis for further study accentuated individual muscle groups with a view to their separation;
  • stimulates an increase in such physical capabilities of the body, as strength and muscular endurance;
  • gives you the opportunity to raise the overall level of training and physical training.

Error and rules of the fitness program, fullbody

Choosing a fitness program, fullbody for strength training, novice visitors gym very often make the following errors, affecting the effectiveness of techniques and effectiveness of trainings:

  • include in one lesson a large number of training movements;
  • work in a mode of mnogopoliarnosti exercises;
  • carry out a heavy workout too often.

All the above mistakes often lead to overtraining, so to avoid them, you need to consider the following rules of the fitness program, fullbody:

  • should be micropolitical fitness workouts.

This means that between classes, especially if they include exercises with more weight, there must be a break, during which the muscle tissue can fully recover. Heavy training should be conducted no more than once a week;

  • each exercise should be performed no more than 12 times in each of the 5 approaches. To increase the number of approaches to gain loads is not recommended.

To increase the intensity of training should be by increasing the working weight. New weight shells should be larger than the previous not more than 10% as a sharp increase in load may cause injury and the occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness — acute post-workout muscle pain;

  • the basis of the training program, fullbody should be squats, bench press and deadlift.

You can add no more than three strength exercises for the muscles of the most problematic parts of the body needing extra loads. For example, if the muscles of the lower limbs developed disproportionate to the muscles of the upper torso, then in the classes you want to include multiple exercise movements for the legs;

  • isolation exercises in the program, fullbody should be a small amount.

All of these training movements need to be performed with light or average weight, so as not to provoke too much tension in the muscles, leading to excessive fatigue;

  • the duration of a single fitness program, fullbody should be about an hour and a half.

That’s how much time is required to consciously perform all of the training movements, strictly observing the technique and organizational rules.

Recommendations for exercise in the technique of fullbody

In addition to the above rules, new to power training, working on a fitness program, fullbody must take into account the following recommendations of experienced specialists:

  • including training, fullbody insulating block, you need to understand that it does not lead to a significant increase in muscle mass, but for its implementation the body spends extra energy.

This energy could be focused on muscle growth if performed mnogocwetnye basic training movements that promote the formation of new muscle tissue cells. So too carried away with isolation exercises, working on the program, fullbody, not recommended;

  • if you have problems with your back, the deadlift can be excluded from training programs in order to avoid the deterioration of the health of the spine.

To strengthen the muscles of the back instead of the deadlift you should perform the exercise “hyperextension” with the weights, hold two hands a pancake from the rod on the rib cage or upper back;

  • the program, fullbody can be combined with split training, alternating training sessions every few weeks.

Thus it is possible to vary load and to prevent adaptation of muscles to provide the impact. In addition, this approach makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of each technique in accordance with the individual susceptibility of muscle to physical exercise, and choose the most appropriate programme of fitness classes.

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