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Fitness program for workouts in the gym

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Fitness program for workouts in the gym
The contents

  • Types of fitness workouts
  • Guidelines for performing fitness exercises
  • Training exercises for men and women

Gym is the best choice for people who want a fast and efficient way to strengthen muscles and get rid of excess weight. Most large fitness centers equipped with exercise machines and shells for strength or fat-burning workouts. Experienced instructors will help to master the technique of fitness exercises to make the individual program of sports activities, give advice on nutrition.

First and foremost, beginners should choose a direction of training for weight loss, because to date, developed a lot of options and techniques. You can then choose an individual set of exercises that will help you to achieve this goal.

Types of fitness workouts

It should be understood that workouts to strengthen the muscles, increase their volume, or the active weight loss may vary considerably. Let us consider the main directions of fitness workouts:

  • Weight training.

Suitable for men and women. Men with their help strengthen and increase muscle size, increase their physical strength and endurance. Women improve muscle tone, eliminating the sagging problem areas. Classes power fitness can help women to adjust the appearance of your body. Training is conducted with the use of additional weights or special equipment.

  • Cardio workout.

Exercises are performed at a very high pace. Heart rate during training should always be supported close to the maximum value. Cardio load contributes to the rapid breakdown of adipose tissue with accelerated metabolism. In parallel, strengthening the heart, improving the overall endurance.

  • Circuit training.

This training is set of exercises performed in a circular pattern, without breaks. For example, after exercise I immediately get to work on the abs, then bleeding the legs. During training, you can exercise all the major muscle groups. You should know that circuit training is designed for well trained experienced athletes.

  • Interval training.

In this embodiment alternates the execution of dynamic and slow fitness exercises without stopping for the restoration of breathing and effort. Combined weights and cardio load. The workout is designed to get results as quickly as possible. Not recommended for beginners and poorly trained athletes.

When choosing the right coach you should take into account many factors and, above all, to understand what you expect from sports.

  • The age of the person.

For athletes of twenty and forty years, the program will include different exercise. The body years different takes physical stress, hormonal changes, need more time to recover.

  • The gender of the athlete.

Training program, weight barbells or dumbbells, the dynamics of the movements will be different for men and women. Primarily, this is due to the different purposes of the lessons. Men tend to strengthen and build muscle, women are engaged in fitness for weight loss, correction of problem areas of the body.

Guidelines for performing fitness exercises

Before you start training you need to learn some simple rules that will help you adapt to physical exercise and avoid injuries.

  • Each workout should begin with a compulsory warm-up part. 5-10 minutes is enough to prepare the body for intense exertion.
  • The first 2 weeks try to engage in a sparing mode. The body needs time to adapt to stress, and to you for mastering the correct technique of exercise program.
  • Pay attention to your diet. To eat properly, often, but small portions. In training and afterwards drink plenty of water. This will help restore the water-salt balance in the body.
  • Strictly follow the training schedule. Define schedule time for rest and recovery. You should not train every day. If you have suddenly deteriorated, it is better to miss training.
  • Every 2 weeks increase the load level. Incorporate new fitness exercises in your complex. Otherwise, the training efficiency will be greatly reduced.
  • And the most important condition for obtaining consistent results in training your motivation. As practice shows, many beginners quit playing sports in the first 2-3 weeks. You should overcome laziness and self-pity, if you want to change for the better.

    Training exercises for men and women

    As mentioned above, a training program for men and women will differ. For physiological reasons women are less inclined to muscle mass, but quickly gaining body fat. Therefore, the main focus of women’s training will be primarily on the tummy, thighs, and buttocks. For men in the first place would be to strengthen the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back.

    Women’s complex gym:

    Day 1:

    • Squats.
    • Lunges with dumbbells.
    • Thrust dumbbells to the stomach.
    • Presses the bar lying on the bench.

    Day 2:

    • Thrust rod to the stomach.
    • Thrust to the chest narrow grip on a block simulator.
    • Squats with dumbbells.
    • Polupricepy on one leg.
    • Fitness exercises.

    Day 3:

    • Wall of traction.
    • Squats with emphasis feet on the bench.
    • Thrust to the abdomen in a block training simulator in a sitting position.
    • Breeding hands with dumbbells lying on a bench.
    • Presses dumbbells lying.

    All of these fitness exercises are performed in 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Between workouts you need to take breaks (1-2 days) for rest and recovery.

    Men’s training complex:

    Day 1:

    • Presses the bar lying.
    • Dumbbell presses on incline bench.
    • Breeding hands with dumbbells while lying.
    • Pushups on the bars.
    • Exercises on press.

    Day 2:

    • Wall of traction.
    • Thrust rod with a tilting.
    • Sragi with dumbbells.
    • The lifting of the weight on the biceps.
    • Fitness exercises.

    Day 3:

    • Squats with a barbell.
    • Presses with feet.
    • Military press weight.
    • Lifts weights up to your chin.
    • AB workout.

    All the fitness exercises are performed 3-4 approach with one-minute breaks. Each approach consists of 10-15 repetitions.

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