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Fitness program for women: exercise at home and in the audience

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There are many programs on fitness for women: on any part of the body, with any duration and performance. We want to introduce you to options for physical activity has proven effective – those that you already know something about and those which will be read for the first time.

Do at home

Not everyone has the time, money or opportunity to go to a fitness club, so we want to introduce you to the options of training at home. Global results to achieve will not leave here, but to tone muscle please.

Any training, in the hall, and the house should begin with warm-up. It can include the slopes of the body to the side, lift your legs up to waist level, the rotation of the head, hands, feet.

After 10-15 minutes of training his body to physical activity, you can go directly to it.
For beginners

To prepare the abdominal muscles, you can perform the exercise on the twist, for the first time will need two approaches. Train also the muscles of the legs – this can be done through the classic squats. Importantly here, as in most exercises to keep your back straight. To prepare the calf muscles will help lift on the toes in the standing position. 30 times enough to start. Warm hands will help push UPS from the knees is easier than a classic push-UPS, therefore suitable for beginners. At least it is recommended to do 15 push-UPS, you need to seek the three approaches 15.

Advanced level

If you all of the above is too easy, you can move on to more intense exercises. They can take the goods are also good dumbbells, for example. If no dumbbells, take bottles, volume 0.5 liters, filled with sand. With this equipment you can perform lunges, squats, bench press while standing or lying down etc At the end of any set of exercises remember to perform a so-called wrinkle – relax body and relieve stress.

Other purposes

If your goal is not a simple strengthening of the body and keeping it in its form, as, for example burning fat, it is better to perform the same basic exercises that were listed above, but in a more active format. Also, you can add these fitness exercises for women like the classic plank, plank with pulling legs to the chest, jumping, etc. it is Worth noting that fat burning is possible only in case if training will be held regularly and supplemented with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Strength training: program of exercises for women

Strength training, unlike exercises to strengthen muscles may be more dangerous, so it is recommended to perform them under the supervision of a coach. To start here is again with a warm-up or cardio, is able to replace it. You can, for example, to run or ride stationary bike.

Among the most effective strength exercises are squats with weighting material. Here work well the thigh and gluteal muscles. With these dumbbells you can perform lunges, then start to work the muscles of the legs.

For elaboration of the press, you can perform leg lifts in a vise. Hands it is best to cultivate by pull-UPS.

With active weight training also you need to follow a special diet: there you need a lot and often. But remember that once you decide to commit with this kind of exercises, diet will need to adjust, because without proper physical activity food will turn into fat, not muscle mass.

When I want something new: program functional fitness workout

If the usual style of training that got boring, and get pleasure from classic exercise equipment no longer works, it’s time to try functional training. This is not a classic exercise, and therefore your muscles will initially experience stress from the unusual types of loads, but then you get used to it. Functional training is often practiced working with ropes and rings, cross-running, climbing the rope, rowing, etc.

Experts usually recommend these exercises as a Supplement to basic, but for beginners, they are quite suitable as a base.

Circular fitness workout for women: features and exercises

Circuit training – is considered the most intensive type, as this complex involves several sets one after the other – without the possibility of recreation in the process of completing one set, only after that, and no more than 2 minutes. Effective this type of training, because it involves all muscle groups. First, the exercises here are aimed at burning fat, but they will also suit those women who want to get relief of the body. Called training circular because it involves the execution of several rounds (usually 6) to each other.

The hall is fully equipped for such exercises, moreover, you work with the coach in the process of implementation, so circuit training at home will not be as effective, in the same room it usually consists of:

  • squats with weighting material;
  • approaches to the press;
  • push-UPS;
  • exercises on the simulator “Butterfly”, etc.

Bodybuilding: a fitness program for women

Of course, bodybuilding as a direction in sport is still more popular with men but also some women want to be bodybuilders and spend a lot of time with the equipment in the gym. If you are interested in this style, here’s some tips before starting:

  • remember that the female body is significantly different from the male, so with the same weight as men, women just dangerous work, but to perform the same types of exercises it is possible;
  • to pay special attention to have the buttocks and the belly – their women to work are usually the most difficult;
  • the female body is more flexible and elastic, so that the program can enter the exercise with a large amplitude;
  • the man quickly reach heights in bodybuilding, than a woman, and this is due to the testosterone level, and less volume of muscle in the female body. So get ready to work a lot if want to achieve visible results;
  • it is important to note that the program strength training woman is tailored to her menstrual cycle, as equally effective to do during the month will not work, no matter how desirable. It is believed that the most effective lessons within two weeks after the end of menstruation.

Thus, as you see, you can also engage in the fitness room and at home – it’s not so important if you have at hand intelligently-designed exercise program and need motivation. But still, beginners should start with hall, due to the fact that there is a coach can you advise or fix. Once confidence in the correctness of execution will be enough – you can go to check and do yourself. But remember, and that the result is a set of prolonged exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Differently just does not happen.

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