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Fitness program ABL: characteristics of training and exercises

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Fitness program ABL: characteristics of training and exercises
The contents

  • Features ABL-fitness
  • The advantages of ABL-exercises
  • The principles of fitness training
  • The performance of the class of the ABL

In a wide variety of training programs you can come across the abbreviation “ABL”. ABL-fitness — special system of physical exercises, which aims at the elaboration of muscles in the abdomen, gluteal and thigh muscles. In the name of the program featured three important, but problematic areas: “AbdominalButtocksLegs” — belly, buttocks, legs.

The ABL program is considered to be female direction, but to do it and men who expect to put in order the mentioned parts of the body.

Features ABL-fitness

The main feature of ABL fitness that are included in the program as aerobic exercise and weight. This means that exercise at the same time will help to get rid of extra pounds, strengthen muscle tissue, increase stamina and flexibility, tighten loose skin, and overall improve health.

Such fitness training focused on three main areas: abdominal area, legs and buttocks. Additionally, the complex of exercises includes load to relieve tension from the muscles, the normalization of breathing and stretching muscles. The system includes a physical load of different intensity, so that even a beginner can make a suitable training program.

Unlike the full power fitness workouts, ABL system is aimed at strengthening and tightening the muscles, not the muscle. For this reason, when doing so fitness is not an powerful use weight machines and shells. However, used light additional equipment for alternating loads, the diversity of fitness training and incremental weights.

It can be:

  • exercise balls;
  • step platform;
  • dumbbells and weights;
  • fitness bands with different degree of resistance;
  • bodybare (gymnastic stick);
  • cuffs-weighting.

The advantages of ABL-exercises

The main advantage of the exercise program for ABL — their availability and versatility. Fitness training in the comfort mode, when the correct load is complex on most of the muscles of the abdominals, thighs and buttocks. These exercises can engage people of any age and level of training, because the training is not great intensity, but instead brings some useful advantages:

  • prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system, including varicose veins;
  • increases athletic endurance;
  • eliminates sleep disorders, anxiety, apathy, fatigue;
  • relieves stress from the soft tissues and muscle fibers;
  • normalizes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • develops bone density;
  • cleanses the body of toxins;
  • tightens skin in problem areas;
  • normalizes metabolism.

The principles of fitness training

ABL classes-fitness consists of three main stages: warm up, main part and a hitch for the correct completion of training. Warm-up exercises you can start with light Jogging, basic morning exercises or stretching.

In aerobic fitness exercise about the ABL program standard includes:

  • active exercise on a step platform;
  • burpee;
  • running on the spot;
  • walking.

In the power set of exercises includes:

  • strap (classic side);
  • gluteal bridge;
  • squats;
  • leg swings;
  • attacks;
  • twisting of the body.

Fitness training program ABL combine different types of workloads with varying degrees of intensity. It is recommended to start with a small activity, gradually increasing the load through the use of equipment. The mass of the weights should be chosen individually, in proportion to the increase of power indicators, to avoid overloads and traumas.

For active weight-loss and quickly through the problem areas belly, legs and buttocks it is recommended to perform ABL classes in a circular mode. Cycle fitness workout include some of the same movements repeated one after another in a short time with a small space to relax. After one round of the exercises the cycle repeats again. For beginners the number of cycles to 8 exercises can be 2-3 for experienced people — 10-12 sports items in 4-5 cycles.

In the final part of ABL-fitness is a hitch. Most often the final stage used the exercises for stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments. In this phase of normal breathing, muscles of legs, abdomen and buttocks relax and the heart rate returns to normal.

The performance of the class of the ABL

To get positive results ABL-fitness is necessary to do 2-3 times a week. Other days allowed to complete the program other fitness workouts. Importantly, between days of exercise was at least one day of rest for full recovery. Why ABL-training are considered highly efficient?

  • High level of energy costs.

This means that when you exercise aktiviziruyutsya rapid breakdown of body fat: at high loads, the body nowhere to take energy for movement, and as an additional source of resources in the course is the breakdown of fat. If in the process of fitness training at the ABL advanced to follow the rules of a healthy diet, you can lose weight in the shortest possible time.

  • At the same time is power and aerobic exercise.

It strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, legs, abdominal and spinal areas. Exercise will give a beautiful silhouette without an increase in muscle tissue, but with an active waist and chest.

  • The intensity of ABL-fitness.

It helps to efficiently develop tendons, joints and ligaments, making them mobile, supple and flexible. Along with this exercises have a positive effect on blood flow to the pelvic organs.

ABL-fitness — the best form of exercise for those who want to effectively lose weight and at the same time tighten the skin. Despite the presence in the program high intensity exercise, the load is distributed in such a way as to intensify the fat-burning process and build muscle, not gain muscle mass.

After 2-3 months of regular fitness workouts, the body gets beautiful shape, becomes a tough, slender, and problem areas (abdomen, buttocks, thighs) noticeably tightened.

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