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Fitness outdoors: the types and benefits of training

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Fitness outdoors: the types and benefits of training

The contents

  • Than beneficial physical activity in the fresh air?
  • How to choose the right gym?
  • Fitness classes outdoors
  • Jogging in the fresh air
  • Nordic walking
  • Yoga exercises
  • Water physical activity

In the hottest time of the year fitness classes at home and the gym many people bring discomfort. The room is stuffy, work becomes difficult, and air conditioning, you can catch a cold. However, to give up physical activity is not necessary. You just need to change the location and start exercising in the fresh air. Exercises performed outdoors not only benefit health, but also give a lot of positive emotions and cheerfulness.

Than beneficial physical activity in the fresh air?

Fitness practiced in the summer in the nature, useful qualities different from sports in the gym. We are talking about the following:

  • Summer on the street a lot of sunlight, and the sun is a source of vitamin D. in Addition, it is beneficial for the bones of the skeleton, it is also considered an antidepressant. Therefore, a good mood and cheerful mood, you will be provided.
  • Doing all sorts of exercises on the nature, you will be enriched with oxygen, which is vital to people and very important for his health. In addition, the oxygen molecules are directly involved in the process of weight loss, because outdoors you’ll be harder to lose weight.
  • Physical activity during cool weather promotes hardening of the body, strengthen the immune system.
  • Fitness classes in the nature contribute to the saturation of the body with phytoncides, which kill disease-causing microbes and organisms. The gym with stale air and the smell of sweat, on the contrary, are considered breeding grounds for various bacteria.
  • Physical activity in the fresh air help the brain who is used to the same type of training on simulators, to reboot. As a result, you will be able to train better, harder and longer, and almost unconsciously. As the ever-changing scenery will distract attention from the efforts and fatigue.
  • In gyms all equipped for the training in nature — no. For example, while Jogging outdoors, you can often change the route on your way will meet different kinds of coatings and relief. It helps to vary the load, to open new opportunities.
  • How to choose the right gym?

    For sports outdoors, it is recommended to choose parks, beaches, stadiums, or other specially equipped places. Fitness, practice near the road, factory or plant will not be healthy. During physical activity your lungs are working in emergency mode, heart rate, and oxygen intensively distributed in the bloodstream. If at this time not to breathe the clean air and exhaust and harmful gases, will occur no improvement, and the poisoning of the body.

    Fitness classes outdoors

    If near your home there is an equipped Playground, you are lucky. This is the perfect place to perform all the fitness exercises:

    • squats — the classic, Romanian, sumo, plie, with the lunges, the jumps out etc.;
    • jumping rope;
    • push UPS from the bench;
    • pull on the bar;
    • rowing etc.

    Before class you should think about the purchase of clothing for sport. It should fit (but not contracted) and be breathable. It is best if the clothing is made of high-quality “smart” synthetic materials with natural fibers. It is desirable that it had protection from ultraviolet radiation and, accordingly, marked as UV. Prolonged exposure to the sun should also wear a hat, sunglasses, and skin apply a cream with UV filter.

    Jogging in the fresh air

    Most people in the fresh air do Jogging. This physical exercise allows you to work almost all muscle groups and burn a lot more calories than on a treadmill. Provided that is complied with proper running technique and breathing. This sport is suitable for both novice and experienced athletes.

    For him the main thing to choose the right shoes — running shoes with grooved soles and high heel that will provide good shock absorption, support the foot and reduce the risk of injury. Before Jogging is also important to consider contraindications — diseases of the heart, blood vessels, joints and musculoskeletal system.

    Nordic walking

    Those who are contraindicated running, it is recommended to do this kind of fitness, Nordic (Northern) walking. It is suitable even for people who have problems with joints, cardiovascular disease, large weight, suffered a heart attack or stroke. The main thing — correctly to pick up the load.

    In addition to the right shoes for this physical activity will need a special stick. It is better to choose a telescopic that can be adjusted to your height. For summer and walk along the asphalt coating on the ends are wearing rubber tips. This kind of fitness maximum benefit, you must supply the correct technique — with the help of a coach or training video lessons.

    Yoga exercises

    If you are not interested in active sports, take yoga classes, or rather one of its objectives is to qigong. This physical exercise includes breathing techniques, stretching, static postures and meditation allows you to relax, feel every part of his body and merge into one with the surrounding world, be it energy, and get rid of the negativity.

    To perform the yoga exercises in the fresh air will have to choose loose, breathable clothing, a yoga Mat, and a secluded place where nobody can disturb you.

    Water physical activity

    In the summer most of us go swimming in lakes, rivers, go to rest at sea. So why not spend this time with advantage for health? After all, swimming is a great fitness! It helps to strengthen muscles, lose weight, improve blood circulation and elasticity of the skin, form a beautiful relief of the body and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

    Apart from swimming you can play beach volleyball, which is also working all the muscle groups. Just before the game, you need to apply body sunscreen to not get burnt.

    In addition to the above activities during the summer alfresco dining is more and more frequently to ride a bike. This exercise will not only help to heal the body and lose weight, but will be a great joint activity for all family members.

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