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Fitness one day: exercises for back and biceps

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Fitness one day: exercises for back and biceps
The contents

  • Exercises for the back
  • Exercises for the biceps
  • Fitness workout one day
  • General advice on fitness training

Experts in the field of fitness is recommended during training to load one large muscle group and one small. For example, back and biceps. When you do this, you first need to load large groups of muscles, and then smaller. The reason is that bigger muscles need more energy. Starting the training with a smaller group, you will lose the performance when pumping more. In simple words: if you first work out the small muscles, the larger you simply will not remain forces.

Already a classic became a variant of the combination of exercise “back-biceps”. It is often called the “iron split”. To load data muscle in one day or not — the question is completely individual. The answer lies in the goals and training level of the athlete.

For gyrosigma training, when there is no purpose in increasing the strength or volume of the muscles, a difference, to train back and biceps in one day or not, no. To create a beautiful relief of muscle should you choose a one-day training regime. If you need the muscles, then give biceps a rest and get back on different days.

Also note that both of these groups of muscles are to pull. And almost all the exercises to work the back and biceps involve muscles. So if you’re new to fitness, this split may simply be not under force. Then choose another combination of exercises: back-triceps, chest-biceps. If you are an advanced fitness enthusiast, you can safely choose one-day mode.

Consider in more detail the muscles of the back and biceps, as well as what items they worked on fitness training.

Exercises for the back

The back is a large muscle group. Caffeine, to load it needs a different kind of exercise: for upper back (the broadest muscle and trapezius), middle (the widest and longitudinal) and the bottom (lumbar).

The latissimus dorsi is often called “wings”. Their development helps to create an athletic figure. And to make them wider, you must add to your fitness training simple basic exercise, namely pulling up. To catch up as you can in the classical way, when chin reaches for the bar and wide grip, when the bar leaves the head. If this exercise for the back you really can not be, it is possible to replace a thrust of the upper block to the chest from a sitting position. It is worth considering that the wider the grip, the greater the load on the broadest muscle. But lost the range of motion, and thus reduces the load on the biceps. That is, if you want to work and decrease the grip.

The trapezius muscle of the back is a very complex set of muscles responsible for various movements of the neck. In the trapezoid distinguish top, middle and bottom. Often visitors to the hall, especially beginners, forget about the elaboration of this muscle group. But they are visually complete and harmonize the athlete in shape. A-line trains all shrug and pull the lower block triangle.

Exercises for the back, coaching her middle, that is, determining its thickness, are based on rods. For example, thrust in the slope, pull a T-neck or one-way thrust dumbbells in the slope.

It is also necessary to pump the lower back, namely the muscles-extensors, which support the body and are responsible for flexion-extension of the back. Effective exercise for study of the lumbar muscles is hyperextension. You can also tilt the housing with the rod and pull sumo.

Deadlifts typically completes a set of exercises on the back. This is a universal item that works the muscles of the back and muscles of the legs, arms and abs.

Exercises for the biceps

Developed muscles not only provide the athlete hand strength, but visually make them more powerful. The biceps flexes the arm at the elbow and Spinneret brush.

To work out biceps there are plenty of exercise movements, the essence of which is to bend the arm at the elbow. In addition, as mentioned above, many exercises for the back directly or indirectly involve in the work and biceps.

The main elements of fitness biceps are lifting the dumbbells from a standing position, the lifting rod with the upper grip, hammer curl. Training the biceps muscle, you need to constantly make adjustments to the syllabus. The fact that the biceps quickly “get used” to the same type of stress and no longer respond to them. Standard programs only work at the initial stage. Fitness experts are constantly developing new methods and super-sets, which allow to increase the volume and mass of the biceps muscles and body in General.

Fitness workout one day

Fitness workout back muscles and biceps in one day should begin with exercises for the back. For efficient development we need a lot of weight. Accounting exercise program, choose 4 exercises to work the back (one for each muscle group) and 2-3 for biceps. First, to effectively work the back, biceps in this process will participate, and then just “finish” them in isolated flexion.

The number of repetitions, sets, rest duration between approaches, as well as the weight — all the individual indicators. They depend on the current level of physical training, health condition and desired result.

General advice on fitness training

Recruitment program fitness training should be highly individual. The total remains the recommendation of gradualism. That is, you should start with small weights and small number of repetitions, gradually increasing both figures.

Fitness with large weights — traumatic occupation, if you do not comply with safety regulations. Do not neglect the warm-up. Without her to begin training is strictly prohibited. Also, by doing exercises, be sure to follow the correct technique.

To train the back and biceps in one day or in different — a purely individual matter.

If you’re new to the gym, we recommend you to choose different days. As a one-day training you can simply not master. Yes, and such a schedule will allow you not only to relax but also to increase the amount of load. But the final choice of individual optimal mode remains with the athlete.

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