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Fitness on wheels: tips and cycling program

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In modern fitness, more and more new alternative directions appear. And one of these was cycling. This type of sports training is perfect for those who love group classes and are keen to spend as much energy as possible during workouts. Therefore, fans of this physical activity are usually dynamic, active and positive people. What is cycl in sports understanding, and how does it affect the human body?

Fitness on wheels

The name of this direction of fitness comes from the English word “cycle”, meaning “bicycle”, since the entire training program is based on a load simulating a bicycle ride. Unlike a standard exercise bike, cycling bike pedals are able to maintain the intensity of the load at a constant level and deliver it with high accuracy. Also, the special design of the simulator allows you to choose different modes – for example, driving on a flat road, viscous sand, gravel, uphill, etc.

In the training hall, large screens are usually hung to create the illusion of being in the natural environment and broadcasting images of mountains, plains or the sea coast. A dynamic music further supports the positive mood that occurs during a fitness workout. A great incentive to improve their performance is comparing them with the achievements of the rest of the group. This creates a working motivation for active work and improved athletic performance.

To train in a comfortable atmosphere, a group is formed from participants with approximately the same level of physical fitness. Then there will be no one in it who will be badly beaten out and experience discomfort from his own imperfection.

Usually, a fitness program is developed by a qualified instructor, setting a certain pace of training and organizing moments of transition between different training modes. One of the main features of the saikla is that the classes are held non-stop. In addition to driving at different speeds and in different modes, the participants periodically imitate movement, with an emphasis on straight legs. Exercise ends with a stretch that allows you to restore the normal frequency of breathing and pulse.

Features cycling exercises

Features cycling exercises

The high intensity of the cycle makes it one of the most effective cardioregations. Sports instructors note the beneficial effects of exercise on endurance, body toning and flexibility, as well as on the work of the heart and respiratory organs. During classes, almost all muscle groups of the body are involved and receive a high-intensity load. All this allows you to improve your figure in a fairly short time.

Especially useful this fitness will be for those who seek to remove excess weight and quickly tighten problem areas. After all, a full lesson can burn up to about 600 kcal. Moreover, in the process of regular workouts, not only unnecessary fat reserves are left, but also the most difficult areas of the body – hips and buttocks – are corrected, which allows you to lose weight and acquire an attractive, harmonious figure.

Among other things, cardio load intensively saturates the body with oxygen, helps to improve blood circulation and brain function. Cycle also perfectly restores sleep and creates a great mood.

However, since this exercise is characterized by high intensity, this training is not for everyone. Doctors usually do not recommend Cycle for people who have the following problems:

injuries and diseases of the joints and ligaments;
diseases of the cardiovascular system;
thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;
respiratory diseases.

Also, it is not necessary to overburden your body with pregnant women and people during the period of rehabilitation after serious diseases.

It is worth mentioning about cyclical, rather monotonous schemes of exercise. Some say that, despite the change in pace and vigorous music, cycling is a monotonous exercise, devoid of diversity in the training schedule. Therefore, some people over time, such fitness options can be tiring. Also, newcomers to this sport sometimes complain that the result of the first workouts was unpleasant pain in the buttock area due to the rigid construction of the simulator saddle.

Exercise recommendations

Exercise recommendations

In order for cycling workouts to bring exclusively positive effect, it is necessary to follow the recommendations developed by qualified trainers. This is especially true of those who have just started their studies.

Pass the first training under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Initial classes are devoted to mastering breathing techniques, learning basic exercises, the correct position of the body and limbs.
Start with minimal physical exertion.
Engage in 50-60 minutes no more than three times a week.
Start training with cardio for 7-10 minutes – light running, jumping with a rope, etc.

Observing these simple recommendations, and gradually increasing the intensity of the load, after only 6-8 weeks, you can already notice dramatic changes in their appearance. Excess fat deposits will go away, and the body will acquire a sporty, fit and attractive silhouette.

An important condition for the effectiveness of the exercise is the correct technique for its implementation. For effective work on the simulator, it is necessary to imagine that there is a certain weight on the shoulders, then transfer part of the body weight to the arms and work only with the legs. During the load, regardless of the mode chosen, the limbs should move in a coordinated manner, and the breathing should remain deep and measured. In order not to reduce the load on the core muscles, you need not to bounce in the saddle, keep your back straight and your chin tight.

During the exercise on the simulator, the feet should be positioned so that the heels are raised above the toes. This will allow you to perform movements more confidently and as intensively as possible to load the back of the thighs, which is especially important when losing weight and fighting cellulite.

Cycling workouts are a great way to improve the work of the whole body and fashion a beautiful, slim body. Since this type of fitness refers to heavy physical exertion, it is necessary to begin with a search for an equipped gym and a good, qualified trainer.

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