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Fitness on the treadmill: tips for beginners fans HLS

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Fitness on the treadmill: tips for beginners fans HLS

The contents

  • Use and benefits of running
  • Running for weight loss
  • Recommendations for training for weight loss on a treadmill
  • Fitness program for beginners

Weight reduction is quite time consuming and lengthy process to accelerate which can take a comprehensive approach to the issue. This means quick and long lasting slimming effect can be achieved by combining regular fitness training, proper rest and proper nutrition. To get rid of excess pounds the best are aerobic exercise, in particular Jogging, exercises which strengthen the body and improve health.

Use and benefits of running

Jogging has on the body and a powerful cardio not only helps fight obesity but also to strengthen the overall health of the person:

  • In the course of Jogging there is a strengthening exercise cardiovascular and respiratory systems, this improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle.
  • Intense fitness training help to relieve emotional stress, reduce fatigue, give energy and reduce stress levels.
  • In the course of classes in varying degrees through all the muscles of the body, although the most effective train legs, abs and buttocks.
  • The positive effect of cross-country exercises is also getting rid of cellulite, even lose weight and form a beautiful toned figure.
  • To carry out such training is best in the fresh air, running around the nearest Park or stadium. If this is not possible you can use a treadmill. This weight loss has a number of advantages:

    • the possibility of training at any time, despite the bad weather and the cold season;
    • when working on a qualitative simulator, there is the possibility of reducing the compression load on the spine and joints of the feet, which is impossible when running on asphalt or concrete path;
    • the ability to control the heart rate, to see and to record distance covered, speed and calories burned.

    Running for weight loss

    Running is a type of exercise that affects the body in the most natural way and at the same time is very effective in reducing weight. To achieve maximum results without harm for health to carry out the training follows these rules:

    • classes should be regular, the optimal frequency of training is 3 times a week;
    • best time for Jogging in the morning, just before Breakfast, because then the fat is burned routinely.
    • good effect for weight loss also brings the cardio, performed immediately after strength training;
    • the minimum duration should be about half an hour, which will provide an effective weight loss;
    • permanently increase physical activity one or more ways: increasing the duration of sessions, the pace or level of incline;
    • along with regular Jogging eat right and give your body proper rest;
    • to accelerate the fat burning process doing an interval workout;
    • engage in a fitness program that takes into account your features and goals.

    Recommendations for training for weight loss on a treadmill

    During training on a treadmill you should follow certain rules in order to ensure maximum safety of the training. Main recommendations to ensure a comfortable Jogging are:

    • before you start Jogging, be sure to do a good workout, especially for the joints of the feet;
    • to start the recommended training with quick step, gradually accustom your body to such physical stress;
    • to pick up the pace and level of difficulty should be gradually, relying on your health and degree of training;
    • during exercise watch for increased heart rate, which should be stable and should not be more than 70% of your limit heart rate;
    • select running comfortable lightweight shoes with a cushioned sole;
    • during the movement don’t lean on the handrails, which shifts the center of gravity and can result in back problems;
    • the importance of proper breathing while running — if it is uneven, the supply of oxygen to tissues is reduced, deteriorating blood circulation, quickly comes the fatigue and decrease the effectiveness of the training;
    • should not exercise if you feel unwell, any inflammatory diseases.

    Fitness program for beginners

    The compilation of fitness programs for Jogging and it helps to discipline yourself, to train with the greatest impact, constantly increase the load and monitor your progress, which also gives extra motivation. It is especially important to follow this program for beginners and best of all, if it is prepared by an experienced fitness instructor to suit your level of fitness and set goals.

    Initially you should determine at what point the heart rate are higher during walking or running. In the first case you can choose for training such a program:

    • 10-minute workout involving slow walk;
    • walking at speeds below 6 km/h with a slight slope for 5 minutes;
    • running at speeds up to 9 km/h under the same gradient for 2 minutes;
    • running at the maximum possible speed for you for 1 minute.

    This scheme describes one round of interval training, all of them should make 3-4.

    If your HR is higher when running, then you should train for such a program:

    • walking at a slow pace — 10 minutes;
    • running on a level surface at a speed of 9 km/h within 7 minutes;
    • brisk walking at a slight incline (2 degrees) for 2 minutes;
    • 2 minutes fast walk under increased slope (4 degrees);
    • walking under a large bias for 10 minutes.

    This pattern should be repeated 2 to 4 times per workout. Interval training is not recommended for most times a week, and all the rest of the time to jog at a moderate pace of at least half an hour.

    In this mode of training an untrained body will need sufficient rest and nutrition, so you should sleep at least 7 hours a day and be sure to eat complex carbohydrates.

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