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Fitness on the trampoline from the children’s fun effective exercise

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Fitness on the trampoline from the children’s fun effective exercise

The contents

  • The secret of success
  • Working projectile
  • Beneficial effects on the body
  • The advantages of jumping-fitness
  • Contraindications to physical exercise
  • Effective training exercises

Jumping as a new sport discipline started in 2000. And since then enjoys great popularity around the world. Fitness on the trampoline is a complex of strength and aerobic exercises performed on a special design with a fragile, springy bottom and the supporting arms on the sides.

The secret of success

Regular fitness trampoline help strengthen the muscles to get rid of excess weight, normalize psycho-emotional state, increase endurance, and coordination movements.

Jumping several times more efficient for weight loss than strength training with free weights, Hiking and exercising together. Only 8 minutes jumping exercises are the equivalent of intensive three-kilometer jog.

The secret of success lies in its simplicity, high impact and entertaining way of training. In order to find a figure of dreams, long hours hard work out at the gym: a few jump workouts per week that take place in an easy and relaxed atmosphere.

These classes have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person: help to relieve stress and fatigue, help to vent negative emotions.

Working projectile

For exercise there is a special trampoline round or octagonal shape for steady legs. Its diameter is 120-130 cm, and Weight of this shell is rather small: about 10 kg.

The design is made of high-strength, wear-resistant material able to withstand high loads (up to 120 kg). The shell is securely attached to the floor surface due to the rubber tips, warning its possible displacement during the execution of the hopping elements.

Beneficial effects on the body

Fitness on a trampoline — active cardio training, which normalizes the heart and blood vessels, improves blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the oxygen exchange between tissues and organs, helps to increase lung capacity.

These physical exercises activate metabolic and metabolic processes, helps to cleanse the body from decay products, improves elasticity of the skin, promotes the production of collagen, elastin and a whole group of hormones, thus preventing the aging process.

With jumping fitness can cause muscle fibers to tone and get rid of problem areas and sagging of the skin, to reduce weight. For the hour of jumping on a trampoline burn more than 600 calories.

The advantages of jumping-fitness

The main advantages of training on a trampoline include:

  • visible result in a short time: changes are visible after a few workouts;
  • the successful combination of aerobic and anaerobic loads;
  • improvement in health, both physical and psychological (jumping improves mood, helps to combat negative emotions and stress, facilitates the attainment of inner harmony);
  • healing, restorative effect on the body: training normalizes the condition of the spine and relieves pain, promotes adjustment of posture, prevents the development of flatfoot, strengthen a muscular corset;
  • safety: the risk of injury is minimal, since the stress on the joints and spine is reduced by damping the surface of the trampoline;
  • qualitative training of the vestibular apparatus;
  • versatility: suitable for adults and children of any fitness level;
  • to prevent the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal and joint and ligamentous apparatus.

Contraindications to physical exercise

Jumping-fitness has a number of limitations. They should not do pregnant women, people with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, with pathology of the respiratory and ophthalmic problems. Refrain from fitness training costs in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases during the occurrence of respiratory viral infections.

Effective training exercises

Classical training on the trampoline lasts about 50-60 minutes. The set of performed exercises aimed at the elaboration of all major muscle groups.

An exemplary diagram of the training process looks like this:

  • easy warm-up a warm-up for 7-10 minutes for a smooth preparation of the organism to stress;
  • 20 minutes block strength exercises;
  • 20 minutes aerobic exercise;
  • hitch consisting of the elements of stretching to relieve tension from the muscles and joints.

For beginners with minimal experience sports training duration can be shortened to 10-20 minutes. The growth of physical strength and endurance active sessions you can gradually increase.

The recommended frequency of training — 3 times a week with obligatory days of rest.

Basic exercises for beginners fitness enthusiasts on a trampoline can consist of the following elements:

  • rhythmic Bouncing on the spot without lifting your feet from the trampoline surface: train the ability to find and keep the balance;
  • alternate leg lifts or marching: for training coordination of movements;
  • little jumps with a separation of feet from the surface, the hands it should be straightened in elbow joints, to breed in hand and try to describe a brush circles counterclockwise;
  • variable hopping exercise with change of foot;
  • jumping in the technique of “Jumping Jack”;
  • running in place with high knees;
  • exercise Twist: intense jumps on two legs with alternate rotations of the pelvis in different directions — the element effectively acts on the muscles of the abdomen and lower extremities;
  • exercise “Gray”: jumping from a sitting position, drawing on hands — this element helps to strengthen the abdominals, exploring the shoulder girdle, and hands;
  • intense squats with jumping — for slimming the legs;
  • jumping with raising the legs to the sides, aimed at stretching muscle fibers of the hips.

During the execution of program elements follow the position of the body, try to keep the balance. The abdominal muscles must always be in tension.

Fitness training on the trampoline — active, dynamic classes, allowing you to correct shape, to strengthen a muscular corset, to strengthen the joints, greatly improve health and maintain optimal physical form. In addition, sky-jumping gives a tangible energy boost, strength and uplifting.

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