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Fitness on the fitball: use and a set of exercises for beginners

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Fitness on the fitball: use and a set of exercises for beginners
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts on the fitball
  • The complex of exercises for beginners
  • Complicated exercises on the fitball

The fitball is a large ball made of durable rubber. Exercise it popular among girls, but for men it can serve as good exercise equipment, providing deep elaboration of the stabilizing muscles of the body. To train on it for both beginners and experienced athletes, we just need to get used to the need to constantly keep the balance.

Features fitness workouts on the fitball

The human body consists of many large and small muscles, each of which needs study and constant physical load. In programming exercises, the athlete first drew attention to the large muscle groups responsible for those or other movement, completely forgetting about the numerous small bundles, responsible for the stabilization of the body. And if you are working with free weights such as a barbell, these muscles will receive the necessary load, then the training on simulators, they remain virtually untapped. If training at home, then work with a barbell is particularly difficult and sometimes not available to all, for health reasons. In this case, will exercise on the fitball — they do not require great physical strength, but quite difficult because of the need to constantly retain the correct position on an unstable surface.

Fitball appeared relatively recently, around the second half of the 20th century, and was developed for the rehabilitation of people suffering from cerebral palsy. The growth of the popularity of it has spread into other areas: first, in rehabilitation after injuries of locomotor apparatus, physical therapy, classes for pregnant women, and then in the world of fitness. According to this exercise program can be divided into the following groups:

  • Sports items for rehabilitation. Such activities need to be performed only under the guidance of the instructor LFK or after consultation with him. To engage in self-correction of any defects or injuries is not recommended.
  • Highly active physical activity: dancing, games, massage. This files most often applied in the classroom with children, especially in competitive events. There are such games as jumping to the target on the exercise ball, rolling a ball or passing it from child to child.
  • Exercises aimed at increasing strength, flexibility and balance. They will require a fitball with a diameter of from 45 to 85 cm, which is adjusted individually for growth. A set of exercises can be made with only one ball or additional sports equipment for example dumbbells.

The first thing that man must learn to do is to keep balance sitting on the ball. To do this, sit on the ball of the foot firmly rests on the floor, one hand can stick to the pole. Remove the legs from the floor, and straining the muscles of the body, try as much as possible to stay upright. In the fall back it is recommended to set the hands to soften the blow; rolling sideways also softens hands, while falling forward, and you can adjust the feet.

The complex of exercises for beginners

Exercises on the fitball for beginners do not require special warm-up, but if you need to slightly warm up the body, it is recommended to perform a series of rolls and jumps on the ball, with a duration of 3 to 5 minutes. To aspiring athletes, we recommend the following exercises:

  • Rotation of the hips. Sit on the ball, straighten the spine, fingers interlock at the nape. Tightly abut the foot to the floor, placing them next to each other, and begin rotating the hips clockwise 20 times and then still the same — against. Movement is done exclusively by the pelvis, the body remains stationary.
  • Sitting on the ball, hold the balance, alternately pulling your knees to your chest. If you raise a foot high does not work, then the first time it is possible to represent marsh, raising his knees high.
  • Sit on the ball, palms rested in its surface behind the back. Take a few steps forward, slipping the ball under the back, pelvis canopy. Then carefully steps back in the starting position of the exercise.
  • Stand with your back to the wall, the ball is placed between the housing and the surface, cradling him. Squat, rolling the fitball after.
  • Lie on the ball with your shoulder blades, the foot rests on the floor. Lower the pelvis to the floor, then return to starting position. You can later use weights, positioning it in the hips.
  • The number of repetitions and approaches to decide, depending on their own capabilities; in the middle of the exercise perform 3 – 4 sets 15 – 20 reps.

    Complicated exercises on the fitball

    Having mastered the fitness elements for beginners, complicate the training program seeks to improve power performance. In training it is recommended to use dumbbells in order to work the muscles.

  • Hyperextension. Lie down with stomach on the ball so that the case remained on the weight. Hands crossed at the back, lowered the body down. Straining his muscles, straightened to a straight line with the legs. Movements should be performed slowly and with caution.
  • Twisting. Rested feet to the floor, and lower back in the ball. His hands clasped on his head. Twist the spine, sending the shoulders and head forward, then return to starting position.
  • Press. Grab a pair of dumbbells, lie back on the ball, elbows pulled back, dumbbells at your chest. Squeeze up, then return to the original position.
  • Breeding dumbbells. Staying in a lying position on the ball, straighten the hands with dumbbells on my chest. Breed them in hand, then connect back. When you run this fitness element, you must ensure that your elbows remain slightly bent: this will remove the burden from the joints.
  • Palms resting on the floor, feet put on the ball, hitting on the fitball hands on, while simultaneously lifting the hips up and bending your body in half.
  • Rest hands on floor, feet placed on the ball. Push-UPS, trying to keep his balance.
  • Some elements of this set of exercises require concentration and careful execution, so it is recommended to learn them with a partner who will support me if necessary.

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