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Fitness on the fitball: a set of exercises for weight loss

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Fitness on the fitball: a set of exercises for weight loss
The contents

  • Use exercises with fitball
  • Requirements fitball
  • Indications for exercise with gymnastic ball
  • Approximate set of exercises
  • Exercises on press
  • Exercises for the back
  • Fitness butt exercises
  • Exercises for the legs

The fitball is a large exercise ball, which is used for training in various types of fitness. This simple and affordable sports equipment allows to diversify the training in an effective and entertaining exercises, with which not only to get in good physical shape, but also to lose weight. This article describes the advantages of training with a fitball, selection rules ball and an approximate set of exercises for weight loss.

Use exercises with fitball

Today fitball is used in the majority of fitness clubs. The popularity of this sports equipment provide a small price and the ability to perform exercises for different muscle groups. Thus, the fitball is a kind of mini-machine that takes little space, has low weight and helps to solve many problems of fitness. Comfortable a sports projectile and for self-training. With his help, strengthen muscles, train the ligaments, do exercises for weight loss.

Exercise ball is a ball with a diameter of 75 mm. It is made of elastic and very durable material. So do not be afraid, sitting or leaning on an exercise ball, it will burst. This will not happen if your weight is not according to the manufacturer exceeds the allowable 180 kg.

The benefits of use in their training exercise ball is as follows:

  • increases flexibility of the body;
  • improves posture;
  • efficiently worked out all the muscles;
  • removed an extra burden from the spine and musculoskeletal system;
  • trains the vestibular system;
  • accelerating the metabolism, triggers the burning of extra calories.

To do with exercise ball can all, regardless of age and gender.

Contraindications for physical exercises with fitball no. It can be used even pregnant to prepare for childbirth. You need to choose the right set of exercises and to measure the load.

Requirements fitball

Rules for the choice of ball for fitness and aerobics is quite simple. The greater your height, the larger diameter should have a fitball. For example, if your height is 145 cm, the ball should have a diameter of 45 cm Full size chart looks like this:

  • 165 cm (height) — 55-60 cm (diameter of ball);
  • 170 cm — 65 cm;
  • 185 cm and above — 75 cm.

Before buying an exercise ball, you must test it. If you sit on the correct ball, the legs will be bent at the knees 90 degrees and the feet fully falls to the floor.

Indications for exercise with gymnastic ball

Exercise using an exercise ball will be helpful to anyone who wants to have a slim and slender figure, flexible ligaments, mobile joints, strong muscles. It is recommended to train with a stability ball for people with overweight, poor posture, rheumatism, arthritis and some other diseases. Fitball will be useful for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or working in an office behind a computer. Using the ball, you can organize effective exercises for the buttocks, back, legs, arms, abs. The main thing — to achieve a good result, you need to train constantly. Pay attention to her physical condition at least 15 minutes a day, and the positive effect will be noticeable after a month.

Approximate set of exercises

If you do fitness for weight loss at home, better and easier an exercise ball to achieve a good result. The ball will help to burn extra calories and strengthen your muscles, increase overall body tone, improve emotional background.

Exercises with a fitball must only be done after a short warm-up. Enough for 5-10 minutes to make a series of swings, tilts, lunges and crunches to warm up the body and prepare it for the upcoming workout.

Exercises on press

  • Attacks.

Place the ball in front of him. Rest in his hands. Make attack back first one foot, then the other. Return to the starting position. Straighten up. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

  • The rifts.

The emphasis of the elbows on the exercise ball, place your feet as far away from the ball and spread your feet out to the sides. The trunk is straight. Start doing rifts the ball with his elbows. The legs can bend at the knees. The number of repetitions is 20.

  • Strap.

The emphasis elbows into the ball completely straighten your whole body and observe the position of the bar (head, shoulders, buttocks and legs in one line). Wait 15-30 seconds. The growth of the training time of the exercise should be increased.

Exercises for the back

The complex of exercises for weight loss have to be gymnastic elements that strengthen the back muscles. Weak back will not allow you to effectively perform complex exercises, which means you will not be able to fully use their potential to burn excess calories.

  • Tilts.

Stand up straight. Take in one hand and an exercise ball pressed against the body. Make slopes to the right, left, forward, backward. Repeat 20 times.

  • Attacks.

Take the ball in his hands. Torso straight, feet together. Bend over, take hands with fitball forward and upward. Do the lunge leg to the right side, then left. For full load will be enough 10-15 repetitions.

  • Squats.

Place the ball in front of him. Right foot on top of the fitball. Sit on the left foot 10 times. Then change the leg. If you find it difficult to do a full squat, you first do polupricepy.

Fitness butt exercises

The following elements of fitness will work the muscles of the lower body and abs. These butt exercises will help to tighten the muscles of the hips and pelvis and to get rid of cellulite.

  • Squats.

Grasp the exercise ball with two hands and press it onto his chest. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Perform 10-15 squats.

  • Twisting.

Holding the ball in his hands in front of him, do a Crouch and turn to the right and to the left. Straighten up. Repeat the exercise for the buttocks 10 times.

  • The lifts the torso.

Sitting back on the gymnastics Mat, place feet on fitball. Bending your knees, lift the torso and foot rolled up the ball under him. Then return to your starting position.

Exercises for the legs

In this set of exercises will work not only the legs but also the back and press. Slimming is the best option training.

  • Attacks.

Clasping the ball with his hands and holding it to the body, make the lunge leg back. Return to original position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Make the item 10 times.

  • The rise of the ball.

Fitball keep in front of you in lowered arms. At the same time lift the ball up and move your right leg back. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise with the left leg. Such movements make 10-15.

  • Lying on the gymnastics Mat, grasp the ball with your feet and do 10-15 lifts-subsidence of the limbs.

At first glance, all the exercises may seem simple. But actually to implement them will need to spend a lot of energy that you need for effective weight loss.

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