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Fitness on the ellipsoid or the exercise bike: the pros and cons of simulators

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Fitness on the ellipsoid or the exercise bike: the pros and cons of simulators

The contents

  • The exercise bike to reduce excess weight
  • The benefits of fitness training on the bike before class on the ellipsoid
  • Ellipsoid for effective weight loss
  • The advantages of physical activity on the ellipsoid

The cardio equipment is very useful for effective weight loss. They are able to provide the necessary for the breakdown of fat cells load, and it is much easier to lose weight. Such shells are many, but the most popular velotrenazhery and ellipsoid. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which you need to know to properly plan your fitness training and benefit from the lessons maximum benefit.

The exercise bike to reduce excess weight

When working on the bike the basic physical load on the lower limbs. Muscles legs, buttocks and lower abdomen comes to tone and strengthened and the fat deposits in these body parts are split. Regular exercise on a stationary bike is also beneficial effect on your posture because it involves the muscles of the lower back. In addition, fitness classes on a stationary bike have on the body such positive effects:

  • increasing the concentration of oxygen in the blood, which leads to the strengthening of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues and organs;
  • accelerating the metabolism, in turn, helps reduce excess weight;
  • efficiently worked out several major muscle groups;
  • the skin becomes firmer and visible reduction in cellulite;
  • happens effective weight loss whole body, because during the training takes up to 600 calories per hour;
  • normal hormonal background, and therefore, improves mood.

So good for the body and a number of other advantages of the exercise bike make it very popular fitness equipment. The advantages of this trainer will include:

  • low cost;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to adjust the physical load in most models;
  • no negative influence on the joints and spine during exercise.

The disadvantages of the bike can be attributed to the following factors:

  • muscles of the upper body are not involved and remain unexamined;
  • to form the perfect proportions of the body and pump the muscles of the body and upper extremities required additional physical load on other machines;
  • training on the bike devoid of diversity and for that reason may quickly get bored;
  • fitness classes on a stationary bike is not recommended for people who have problems with knee joints.

The benefits of fitness training on the bike before class on the ellipsoid

Comparing exercise bikes and ellipsoid, many experienced fitness enthusiasts remain loyal to the Cycling and explain it with the following reasons:

  • An exercise bike takes up less space than elliptical. The dimensions of the shells are of great importance for those who practice fitness at home.
  • The cost of the machine that simulates riding a bike, usually below the ellipsoid.
  • When training on a stationary bike you can apply the interval system of physical loads, and when working on the ellipsoid, this is not possible.
  • Training on the stationary bike can be combined with other activities, such as reading or watching a movie. The ellipsoid also requires more concentration on the job.
  • An exercise bike is safer than an elliptical.
  • Ellipsoid for effective weight loss

    When on the elliptical trainer, the weight loss is quickly and evenly thanks to the simultaneous inclusion of the upper and lower extremities. The principle of the ellipsoid based on the imitation of walking on skis, therefore, unlike the stationary bike, the elliptical machine is still pumping and the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle. Thus, the physical load is evenly distributed over the whole body, also trains the endurance and reducing weight.

    Because an elliptical trainer is the leader in the burning of calories — about 800 Calories per hour, effective weight loss when you work on it guaranteed. As with all cardio equipment, ellipsoid stimulates metabolism and supports needed for the breakdown of fat cells heart rate. Against this background, higher intensity workouts on it, in turn, is more effective reduction of excess weight, than any other cardio.

    Other advantages of the elliptical shell can be the following:

    • the intensity of the load can be adjusted, so it is great for beginners and for experienced athletes;
    • the ellipsoid is suitable for training people with obesity, the weight loss happens fast enough when you adhere to the principles of good nutrition;
    • fitness session on the elliptical trainer is also suitable for people undergoing the rehabilitation process after injuries, as working on the ellipsoid allows you to effectively stretch your muscles and ligaments.
    • However, with all the positive qualities Ellipticals have their disadvantages, which are as follows:
    • the relatively high cost of the simulator;
    • when doing ellipsoid to reduce the excess weight precluded the ability to perform any of the other cases. For people who have had a catastrophic shortage of time due to high employment in connection with studies or work, this factor can be decisive when selecting cardio equipment for fitness;
    • elliptical shells in need of care more than other cardio machines: they need to be lubricated often to items of equipment worked easily and did not creak.

    The advantages of physical activity on the ellipsoid

    In comparison with the gym for other cardio workouts on the ellipsoid surpass them on such important parameters:

  • The body is evenly training all muscle groups get an equal load, so in a result effective weight loss figure even more proportional shape.
  • Work on the ellipsoid is smooth and virtually silent, but it is very intense for your muscles and heart.
  • Negative impact on the joints, spine and bones, as if Cycling training or running for fitness on the ellipsoid, so to train you almost all people without any restrictions.
  • It is believed that training on the elliptical trainer more intensely train cardiovascular system and muscles.
  • Many Ellipticals for effective weight loss can be compactly folded, ideal for storage at home.
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