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Fitness on the bar: types and techniques of exercise

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Fitness on the bar: types and techniques of exercise
The contents

  • The efficiency factors of fitness
  • Classical technique and variations of exercises
  • Tips for fitness training

Pull UPS are basic exercises that are available for both men and women who want to increase the level of physical fitness. In addition, using different types of grips in pull-UPS, you can greatly develop the muscles of the back and entire shoulder girdle. Technically, this exercise is not too difficult, but for many people it can cause some difficulties in implementation, because in most cases, beginners in fitness training the muscles are very poorly developed and not allow you to lift your own body weight.

The efficiency factors of fitness

Reasons why the newcomers cannot catch up with the first gym, may be many, but the most common factors significantly affecting the performance of the work are the following:

  • underdeveloped muscles.

To eliminate this cause hindering the full to catch up, fairly quickly, if to hold regular fitness training, thus increasing the level of physical training;

  • obesity.

Large body mass creates an additional burden, therefore, fitness experts recommend beginners to first get rid of extra pounds, and then start practicing the skill pull-UPS;

  • improper technique of the exercise.

Any technical violations are making it difficult. That is why beginners need to be very careful when mastering proper technique pull-UPS and not to miss even the slightest nuances and seemingly minor details.

Classical technique and variations of exercises

Exercise “Pulling up” to be performed in any technique involves strict adherence to the following rules:

  • the horizontal bar need to stick to the maximum firmly, placing his palm on the bar in accordance with the selected view of the grip;
  • the elevation of the trunk and all other movements in the exercise should be carried out solely at the expense of the body to run smoothly. All the jerks and jolts to be deleted;
  • to catch up to the level at which the base of the neck is at the level of the crossbar, and the chin is above the bar. Only in this case we can say that the exercise is done technically correct;
  • it is necessary to strictly follow the correct rhythm of breathing, which involves the implementation of exhale in the upper position, and the next breath when lowering the body down;
  • the torso when pulling to be secured vertically, not allowing for deviations of the case forward or zavalivanija ago.

During the fitness training to perform the classic version of pull-UPS using the medium straight grip, it is necessary to consistently carry out such a procedure:

  • To take the bar medium grip, in which the distance between the brushes should be slightly greater than the width of the shoulder joints. In this position of the hands in the process of pulling up to work uniformly involves all the target muscles, namely the muscles of the back, chest, shoulders, forearms and even the press.
  • The force of the muscles to bring the chin to the bar, pulling the whole body to the bar. Reaching the desired level, exhale.
  • Go in the negative phase of the exercise, which is the gradual lowering of the torso in the bottom position by the slow extension of the upper extremities.
  • Having mastered the traditional version, newcomers can turn to fitness classes and these types of pull-UPS:

    • The reverse grip.

    This is considered to be one of the most simple, so it’s easy to master even girls with a minimum level of physical training. Width setting of the palms when using the reverse grip can be arbitrary. In this exercise, you need to watch over their shoulders: they must be retracted and lowered.

    • With a narrow grip.

    In this case, the brushes on the bar are as close to each other that allows you to shift the emphasis of the load on the lower part of the broadest muscle, and serrated muscles and biceps. Using a narrow grip during fitness workouts with pull-UPS, you can make the back wider and more prominent, and applying the reverse — to increase the biceps. However, when working with a narrow grip you need to control the position of the elbows — it should not change during the entire period of execution of the item. In addition, doing exercise is necessary to completely straighten the elbow joints while in the lower position.

    • Wide grip.

    This type of pull-UPS is characterized in that the brushes on the bar are placed on the largest possible distance from each other. In such circumstances, begin to work actively in the broadest muscle, and especially its upper segment. In this exercise, it is extremely important to learn to work the muscles of the back, and not shoulders.

    • Head.

    Technique data of pull-UPS is quite complicated, so suitable for people who already feel pretty confident working on the bar. In this exercise, you should hold the bar wide grip, and have his head under the crossbar, trying to touch her head.

    Tips for fitness training

    To learn how to quickly and properly pull newcomers in the organization of fitness can use the following useful recommendations:

    • before you pull-UPS, as any other physical activity, it is necessary to warm up. Warm-up, which should be light cardio and joint exercises for the shoulder girdle, greatly facilitates the work on the bar, making it more effective and safe;
    • people who did not know how to catch up, you can start by just hanging on the bar, thus strengthening the muscles and training grip strength. Gradually, in fitness classes, you can include the most simple 1-2 full pull-UPS;
    • when working on the bar it is not the number of repetitions and the proper equipment, so one exercise, performed correctly, is much more effective than a dozen pull-UPS wrong;
    • as you strengthen the muscles should increase the load. This can be done not only by using more complex variations of this training, but using additional weights.

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