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Fitness on a treadmill: the benefits and tips on training

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Fitness on a treadmill: the benefits and tips on training
The contents

  • Use walk on the treadmill
  • The muscles work during walking
  • Indications for carrying
  • Rules effective walk
  • Fitness walking for weight loss
  • Program fitness training

The fitness sessions on a treadmill are considered some of the most effective. Use walk not be questioned: exercise not only activates metabolic processes, blood flow and lymphatic flow, but also effectively helps to get rid of extra pounds. Active walking as cardio affects the body as effective as interval running or step aerobics.

Use walk on the treadmill

The benefit walk is traced on all levels of healthy stress: from muscle to strength. Walking helps blood circulation, overall muscle tone, shape a strong immune system and develops resistance to stress.

It was the walk include in their software fitness training for overweight people — exercise promotes the active weight loss. About an hour of continuous work on the machine at a comfortable moderate pace helps to burn approximately 300 calories.

Introduction to your plan of fitness classes like cardio enables us to speed up the metabolism. Weight goes thanks to jet down fat cells and increase while you walk muscles.

The real benefit of a walk can be attributed to the development of General endurance. The outcome of such trainings will be useful in crossfit, Cycling, various martial arts and swimming.

The muscles work during walking

Walking on a treadmill tape helps to harmoniously develop the whole body. During the work involved the following groups of muscles:

  • Calf, thigh and gluteal muscles.
  • Muscles of the shoulder girdle, muscles of the bark and abdominals.
  • Heart muscle (develops at the expense of aerobic exercise on fiber vessels).
  • Indications for carrying

    Walking on a treadmill is an effective cardiorespiratory training for those who want to say goodbye to unwanted pounds. However, it is shown she’s not only overweight people but also those who aspire to follow a healthy lifestyle. Fitness walking cross-country shell recommended:

    • Anyone who has a chronic disease of the joints or the knees.

    Steps in the moderate or average pace only strengthen the joints will cause the body to tone.

    • Beginners in the sport.

    Those who are just beginning to learn fitness classes typically begin with a light walk. It fits perfectly into the training program for the inexperienced person will develop endurance and will help to prepare the body to the next level loads.

    • Patients suffering from hypertension.

    Walking with intervals of rest helps to control heart rate in the desired range.

    • Ex-smokers.

    Walking will help to get rid of shortness of breath. The respiratory system is purified by a sufficient oxygen supply to the lungs.

    Rules effective walk

    Positive results from walking on the running belt can be achieved if you perform this fitness exercise checked the rules:

    • The warm-up.

    To avoid injuries and stretch marks.

    • Drink plenty of liquids.

    Drinking regime will increase the use of walk through the maintenance of water-salt metabolism. The main thing — to drink it in small portions in between your approaches to the treadmill.

    • Preserving stride length.

    Stable along the length of the steps allow you to maintain the correct pace throughout the run.

    • The final workout.

    Required for correct completion of the exercise and increase its effectiveness. As the final warm-up fit slow walking for 5-10 minutes.

    • The time mode.

    The optimal time fitness workouts with walking on the running machine — 50-60 minutes. Too long exercise (1.5 h and longer) on the contrary can intensify the negative process of disintegration of muscle fibers.

    Fitness walking for weight loss

    The use of intense walking on a treadmill belt for weight loss is not a myth but a fact. The most effective training with a walk becomes in the following cases:

    • When the proper diet required for fitness.

    Perfect time of day for the digestion of body fat — exercise in the morning and on an empty stomach. During this period, the glycogen content in the liver and muscles is minimal. For this reason, the main power source is a subcutaneous (visceral) fat. In the morning before eating he actively burned by the body.

    • After strength training.

    When exercises with weights, blends in cardio, burning of fat cells continues at an intense level.

    • By means of systematic implementation.

    Even short but regular fitness training with walking will benefit than long but rare. Optimal number of classes walking 3-4 days a week.

    • With the regime of the constant change of loads.

    A workout at the same pace will benefit from rapid adaptation of the muscles which no longer respond to the static load. To the effectiveness of fitness has increased, regularly alternate the intensity of exercise, use interval walking, weights, change the speed and angle of incline.

    Program fitness training

    She always made individually, depending on free time, fitness level and desired results.

    Program for beginners:

    • 5 minute to 6 km/h;
    • 5 mins — 8 km/h;
    • 5 minutes — 10 km/h.

    Program for more experienced athletes:

    • 10 minutes — 5-6 km/h;
    • 4 min., 8 to 9 km/h;
    • 2 min — 10-11 km/h;
    • 5 min 3-4 km/h;
    • 5 min — 6 km/h.

    In addition to alternating walking and active walking pace, increase the effectiveness of training will allow changing the angle of the ribbon cross-country trainer. Walking “uphill” can be alternated with walking on a flat tape.

    Advanced level fitness training uses weights. Their application helps to increase the load and increase energy consumption. The benefits of walking with weights will be obvious to those who want to quickly burn calories and strengthen muscles. However, the fitness classes it is recommended not more than 3 times in a week to let the muscles have time to recover after serious stress.

    Walking cross trainer is an effective fitness exercise that will allow you to achieve an attractive physical form. The greatest benefit of walking will bring, combined with a competent training plan and a balanced diet.

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