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Fitness on a treadmill: the benefits and advantages of physical activity

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Fitness on a treadmill: the benefits and advantages of physical activity
The contents

  • Use and contraindications to the gym
  • The benefits of exercise on the trainer for running
  • Important recommendations for fitness workouts

Running and training on a treadmill is a high intensity physical activity of aerobic character. Such motor activity is one of the most natural and accessible to humans. The only obstacle for Jogging can be adverse weather conditions: when the weather is hot, cold, snow or rain and running becomes impossible. A great way out of this situation — it’s fitness classes on the treadmill, stationary sports car with a moving canvas on which you want to run.

Use and contraindications to the gym

Running, as one of the most common types of physical activity, has such obviously favorable effects on the body:

  • exercise the heart muscles because there is a need to pump more blood. This process leads to the fact that the whole circulatory system starts to work more productively and harmoniously;
  • develops breathing apparatus. During the breathing, like the pulse, quickens, and stimulates the lungs to increase the alveolar volume;
  • accelerate metabolic processes by increasing the concentration of oxygen in the body;
  • is quality physical load on the muscles throughout the body. Of course, most of it falls on the muscles of the legs and buttocks, but the core and musculature of the upper body are also involved in the process;
  • increases the calorie consumption that leads to reduction of volume of fatty tissue in the body. The figure becomes more slender and toned;
  • improves mood and normalizes psychoemotional state. This is due to the fact that after the fitness training in the body decreases, the concentration of the stress hormone — cortisol and increases levels of hormones that give a feeling of joy and happiness.

Since the work on the treadmill has a strong influence on the heart and joints, this type of physical activity has a number of contraindications that must be considered in order not to harm your health. Not recommended for Jogging in the street or on the simulator when you have the following problems:

  • dysfunction of articular-ligamentous apparatus.
  • heart disease and disorders in the circulatory system;
  • asthma, lung failure and other problems breathing apparatus;
  • temporary ailments are caused by infectious or viral infection of the body and accompanied by fever and body aches;
  • the presence of acute inflammatory processes;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The benefits of exercise on the trainer for running

Fitness classes, during which active work is conducted on-shell, have undeniable advantages in comparison with outdoor trainings:

  • you can engage in any weather. But if a fitness ball is at his disposal, and at any appropriate time, not adjusting to the opening hours of the sports centre or the duration of daylight;
  • fitness training on high-quality projectile, which is equipped with a running blade with good damping characteristics, reduce the intensity fiznagruzki compression exerted on the spinal column and reduce the negative impact of physical load on the foot;
  • modern models Sportmaster designed to simulate running activity on the street and are equipped with sensors that record speed, distance, heart rate and the number of calories burned. All these data are extremely important and help to maximize the benefits from fitness training.

Important recommendations for fitness workouts

To achieve maximum efficiency from the gym on the treadmill, you need to actively put into practice the following recommendations, drawn up by trainers and runners with years of experience:

  • to start work on the path you must walk. Its duration is 5-7 minutes, during which you should gradually increase the speed. Such motor activity performs the function of warm-up exercise and helps all systems of the body to smoothly enter the operation mode in conditions of a fast pulse;
  • to complete a run on the simulator should be by gradual reduction of speed during the last 3-5 minutes. Getting off the treadmill, you can perform a few simple stretching exercises to relax the body after providing him a quite intense physical exercise.
  • get off the path after a complete stop of the moving blade. In an extreme case, if the athlete you want to interrupt a run for a short time, you can stand on the frame, located at the sides of the track;
  • to bring the muscles in tone, you can run in a comfortable pace. But if physical exertion be with the purpose of stimulating the fat loss process, then you need to run so fast that the heart rate was maintained in the range of 75-90% of maximum for at least 20 minutes. The maximum possible number of beats per minute can be calculated by the formula: 220 minus the number of complete years of training;
  • to achieve the most rapid positive results of strengthening muscle or reduce excess weight regular exercise on a treadmill must be combined with proper nutrition;
  • running on the simulator, you need to perform hands natural running movement forward and back, not to hold the handrails. The position of the body should be straight, except for those cases when you have to run with maximum speed or up the hill, increasing the angle of incline. In such circumstances, the body may naturally lean forward slightly;
  • making a step forward to try to step on a toe;
  • to speed up the process of weight loss and adjusting the volumes need 1-2 times a week to practice fitness training in interval technique. This method involves alternating short periods, during which the need to escape as quickly as possible, with the work intervals at a comfortable pace;
  • during aerobic physical activity is recommended to inhale through the nose and exhale either through your mouth or both mouth and nose.

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