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Fitness on a step-platform: use and benefits of exercise

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Fitness on a step-platform: use and benefits of exercise
The contents

  • Positive properties of fitness workouts on the stepper
  • Types of classes on a step-platform
  • A selection of effective exercises using a stepper
  • Exercises of medium difficulty level to work out the hips, calf and gluteal muscles
  • Selection rules step platform
  • Restrictions for fitness training on a step-platform

Exercise on a step platform — effective way to bring the body in order without excessive load. Classes are held according to the principle from simple to complex: start with the basic movements progressively harder and increase the intensity of the load. Exercise combined effect on all muscle groups, including the press, back, hips, legs and buttocks. The basis of all exercises — dynamic ascents and descents at low altitude.

Positive properties of fitness workouts on the stepper

List the benefits of fitness training using the Stairmaster is long enough. Regular workouts on a step-platform:

  • improve coordination and overall health;
  • increase the flexibility of the body and endurance;
  • stabilize the cardiovascular and digestive systems of the body due to moderate loads and proper breathing;
  • help to bring the body in perfect shape and strengthen the muscle corset without undue physical exertion;
  • a positive effect on psycho-emotional state of the person — reduce stress levels, elevate mood, normalize sleep;
  • are the prevention of diseases of bones and joints (arthritis, osteoporosis, varieties of Kondratov).

Types of classes on a step-platform

Modern fitness programs offer different types of aerobic dynamic training with the use of a stepper. Among them:

  • The power of step — targeted fitness training for the study of the muscular system and strengthen the heart and blood vessels.
  • The dance step involves a set of basic moves, special ligaments and choreographic movements to strengthen muscles and improve coordination under an easy, relaxed music.
  • Step interval combines weight training, weights and cardio. Classes are held alternating between the relaxing pace of the movements with explosive intervals.
  • Combo step classes increased complexity, pass with high tempo and execution of combined, complicated chords. For their development requires experience and a certain level of skill.
  • Double (dual) tap — classes with two platforms.
  • Fitness training are distributed by level of difficulty and degree of physical fitness. The higher the level, the higher the pace, more complicated chords, more difficult elements.

    A selection of effective exercises using a stepper

    Basic movements to tone muscle fibers:

    • standard and swivel steps to the platform: sasakianime happening right leg, then inserted the left, return to the floor is carried out in the same sequence;
    • jumping with both feet and alternating their change;
    • side steps;
    • selegiline lifting the thigh parallel to the floor;
    • side selegiline with turn: turn sideways to the platform, climb on it, first one foot, then to put another, to turn back and return back to the floor;
    • alternately touch the floor with feet standing on the middle platform.

    Rules of training:

    • comfortable shoes with non-slip soles;
    • sustainable location the whole foot on the middle of the platform;
    • the straightened back and shoulders relaxed lower back, belly drawn in and tense your buttocks;
    • elbows and knees slightly prosohnut;
    • the main burden should fall on the muscles of the legs, not the waist;
    • the movements are smooth, rhythmic, dynamic;
    • deep breathing: inhale through the mouth exhale through the nose;
    • not to repeat monotonous movement more than 2 minutes.

    To find the optimal rhythm and amplitude of movements, beginners should do the exercises at a moderate pace, listening carefully to your own feelings. The rhythm of the pulse for people entry-level training should be in the range from 80 to 120 beats per minute. The initial duration of employment should not exceed half an hour. With the muscle strengthening and practicing skills to increase the duration of workouts up to 60 minutes.

    Exercises of medium difficulty level to work out the hips, calf and gluteal muscles

    • Selegiline with leg lifts.

    Standing in front of the platform, feet hip-width apart. Step left foot on the stepper, and the right to bend and pull up to waist level (if it possible physical training, you can lift the leg to the chest level). Lower the limb onto the platform and go down. To perform the same movement for the left leg. The exercise can be performed, raising the straight leg.

    • Lunges forward.

    To face the climber at a distance of 50-80 cm from it. Feet placed hip distance apart. To lunge forward, putting your foot on the center of the platform. The angle in the knee joint needs to be straight. Return to the starting position and perform a lunge with the other foot.

    • Jumping.

    Stand so that the climber was located between his legs. Deep sit. Run jump to the platform, connecting the foot. Return to starting position and immediately repeat the exercise.

    • The Bulgarian squats.

    To get back to the platform. Make a lunge forward with the left foot. The right to take on the Stairmaster, leaning on the toes. The angle between the femur and tibia shall be 90 degrees. Repeat the same movement for the right leg.

    • Sasakianime with the retraction limb.

    To face the climber. One foot stepping on the center of the platform, the other swung to the side without bending. For balance at the same time with the foot taps to the side and hand. The same move for the opposite side.

    • Plank with change of the rack.

    To stand up to the classic bar. Hands to rest on the step platform. The body is elongated, forming a straight line from head to toe. Feel the hard muscle work. Gradually stretch out your arms, moving to position “high level”. After 30 seconds, return to starting position and after a short rest make repeat exercises.

    Selection rules step platform

    The choice of stepper depends directly on the effectiveness of fitness training and speed of achieving the set goals.

    The main criteria of selection of the step platform:

    • dimensions (width, height, length);
    • the possibility of additional regulation of the height;
    • functionality;
    • the quality of the coating (it is important to be non-slip and shock absorbing);
    • capacity (maximum withstand weight).

    For a comfortable and safe fitness platform width must be greater than the length of the leg for 6-8 cm Height of stepper should not be below 10 cm Every 5 cm height add 12-15% load. For beginners step aerobics 10-15 cm will be enough for athletes more advanced level will require a platform height of 20-30 cm possible to adjust the distance from the floor to the surface of the shell will allow you to vary the workload and provide benefits in the classroom: with the gradual increase in height increases the intensity of the loading of the muscles, and they are actively being worked out.

    Restrictions for fitness training on a step-platform

    Lessons on the platform intensifies the load on the joints and tendons, increasing the risk of injury. Such exercises have a number of contraindications to the implementation:

    • injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints;
    • pregnancy;
    • the acute phase of diseases of the internal organs;
    • hypertension;
    • problems venous: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

    Exercises on the stepper is available to fitness enthusiasts in the home, in specially equipped centers. With regular fitness training, the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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