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Fitness of the past – how was it before?

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We all know that the love of sports came to us from ancient Greece. The ancient Greek inhabitants watched their body, it was important for them not only to be smart, but also strong, athletic. This is evident even from the holding of the Olympic Games, for which the war stopped. In Greece, not only boys but also girls were involved in sports. There were special rooms in which training and preparations for the Olympic Games were held. The hall was equipped with simple shells. Even great philosophers attended such halls and did not miss training. In this article we will tell you how it all began and how you practiced fitness in the past.

The first simulators

The founder of the first simulators is Gustav Zander. This is a physiotherapist doctor from Sweden. All gyms until the twentieth century were equipped with Gustav Zander simulators. These were primitive simulators, thanks to which people could bring their body into sports form.

Halls at that time were divided into male and female. Interestingly, women had to do casual wear. It was extremely inconvenient to train in a long heavy dress, but this did not stop women and for the sake of a beautiful sports uniform they made such sacrifices. One of the first appeared vibratory simulators, which often advertise in our time. Exercise bikes began to appear a little later, which were very popular. In 1920-1930, the first treadmills appeared, which were made of wood, and a little later they built an equestrian simulator. He did not learn to stay on the saddle correctly, he swung in different directions, using important joints.

equestrian simulator

Gymnastics lessons

By the end of the nineteenth century, at the time of the beginning of feminist movements, women began to get more involved in sports. In schools for girls, a new compulsory subject is introduced – gymnastics. From childhood, they instill a love of sports. At this time, the first professional athletes appear. These were women with well-developed muscles, who often became champions among athletes and wrestlers.

The first advertisement appears in which girls with a sports figure demonstrate home fitness equipment. It was then that the birth of the cult of the female body began.

In those days, not everyone could afford to attend the gym. That is why such an expression as “elite fitness” appeared. Among wealthy people, it became fashionable to attend gyms. Everyone, a self-respecting person from high society, went in for sports. It has become a useful and interesting pastime. Even on the legendary Titanic, a gym was equipped in which wealthy passengers spent time with pleasure and benefit.

Slender body

By the middle of the twentieth century, the sports industry was developing rapidly and a slim and fit body came into fashion. If before magnificent forms spoke that the person is rather wealthy, then at this time women tried to hide fullness. It became increasingly difficult to do this because corsets and dresses on the floor are a thing of the past. Girls and women begin to fight with extra pounds. Special centers are opening to help you lose weight. In America, such centers developed much faster, because by that time, about 30% were already obese.

In the Soviet Union, fitness was also present. He wore a wellness character. The Soviet citizen was supposed to be a healthy, athletic and strong defender and hard worker of his country. That is why many enterprises held physical minutes, organized sporting events, games and much more. Women took part in all of the above with pleasure. This helped keep fit not only athletes, but also ordinary citizens.

fitness in the ussr

Hollywood as a motivation

In the heyday of Hollywood, fitness has become even more popular. Women actively tried to imitate famous actresses, this was associated not only with hairstyle, clothes and jewelry, but also with a beautiful fit body. Hollywood beauties promoted sports and often showed how they are engaged in gyms. Practice has shown that this has become an excellent motivation for many women.

Fashion does not stand still, skirts that once reached the ankles become shorter, and the shorter the skirts become, the more girls and women become fitness and gym lovers. Over time, and simulators have undergone changes, they have become more convenient and diverse. In fitness, there are many directions from dancing to bodybuilding. Every year more and more people join the sport, who strive to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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