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Fitness model Michelle Lewin. Exercise and nutrition

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Michelle Lewin is a famous fitness model. Training program for muscle gain and relief of the body. How to become a fitness model? The answers to these questions, read this article.

Michelle Lewin is among the most famous fitness models in the world. She is regularly invited to work Spanish, Italian and American modeling agencies. Photos Michelle Lewin in high demand – the number of subscribers to the official account of fitness models in Instagram more than 13 million people. But it was not always so. In his youth, the girl suffers from complexes and worked hard to earn a living.

On the way to success

Michelle Levin was born into a poor family in Venezuela. The girl grew up without a father, and at 14 years old she had to get a job. Michelle didn’t have enough money for food, why she’s lost a lot of weight. She had to hide her body from others by dressing chastely. Growing up, Michelle tried to get to work as a model, but was refused. The reason is the presence of a congenital defect of the skin and low growth.In 17 years, the latina began to engage in the gym. Michelle lacked sports experience, resulting in a disproportionately drugged girl legs, and she had new complexes.

Despite this, Michelle continued to work, crossing difficulties and errors. Many long years passed before the girl acquired athletic figure. Over time, the modeling agencies have started to invite a latina to work. Gradually she became known worldwide, but the sport continues to play for girls important role in life.

Fitness model: early career

Before seriously pursue bodybuilding, Michelle Levin 5 years in the modeling business. The contract model included the requirement to regularly attend the gym. Michelle gradually accustomed to the sport, and began to devote more time to training. Latina has gained muscle mass and relief, which is why it has noticed the advertising Agency in the field of fitness.

The first business proposal involves the promotion of sports goods and food. Soon she took first place in the competition of the athletes of the NPC and decided to pursue bodybuilding. At the age of 26 years, Michelle has received the status of a professional athlete. Athlete actively supported until 2014, and then officially retired. Despite this, Michelle continued to devote much time to training, and to take part in promotional photo shoots as a sport model.

About goals and motivation

Michelle Levin – prize winner of numerous competitions. Today, fitness girl has no problems with work and finances. Athlete regularly receives offers from agencies worldwide, but the main purpose for it is not the case.

Michelle never imagined that I will be able to achieve such results. Fitness model has become a symbol and idol of many girls. For the latina main goal is to own progress. According to the girl, she regularly watches in the mirror how her body is changing for the better. It’s rewarding and serves as the primary motivation.


Michelle Levine conducts training 2 times a day. Morning classes include cardio, and takes 45 minutes. In the evening the girl is focusing on strength exercises. The goal of athletes is to work out all muscles within weeks.

Fitness model focuses on pumping abs and buttocks.

One day a week of training is allocated to rest, and excludes any exercise.

Day 1. Training back and biceps:

  • pullups wide and regular grip;
  • pumping biceps with dumbbells and barbells;
  • pull the lower block and T-neck.

Day 2. Training the gluteal muscles and calves:

  • flexion and extension of the legs on the trainer in the sitting position;
  • deadlifts;
  • pumping the calves with trainer Smith and downs of the tibia in the standing position.

Day 3. Training the shoulder muscles and the triceps:

  • French press;
  • bench press bar (supine) dumbbell and (in sitting position);
  • breeding dumbbell in hand in the supine position;
  • lifting a dumbbell from behind the head in the sitting position.

Day 4. Cardio without strength training.

Day 5. Leg workout:

  • bending with a barbell;
  • alternate leg press in lying position;
  • standard squats;
  • lunges with weights.

Day 6. AB workout:

  • twisting on the bench, the trainer and the ball;
  • lift knees to your chest in a vise on the bar.

Day 7. A complete rest from the morning and evening classes.

Each exercise includes at least 4 approaches for 10-12 reps. Last workout Michelle was more intense. Now the athlete is focusing on proper nutrition.

To quickly get in shape, fitness model advises to focus training on:

  • speed running on a short distance;
  • attacks legs;
  • breeding dumbbells in hand.

These exercises work the main muscle groups. Classes provide load on the legs, buttocks and shoulders to help them quickly eliminate body fat.


Michelle Lewin has a strict diet consisting of 7 meals a day small portions. The diet of athletes consists of:

  • oatmeal;
  • ham;
  • Swedish crackers;
  • chicken breast;
  • brown rice;
  • pork chops;
  • salad;
  • beef;
  • salmon;
  • broccoli;
  • sports cocktails Betancourt Nutrition.

The girl adheres to the separation of power. Carbohydrates are taken as food in the first half of the day. After lunch the diet consists of low fat foods and vegetables. Before bedtime, the athlete drinks a casein shake.

On the day of rest, Michelle does not follow the diet, eating any food. A balanced diet does not include fat burners. Athlete support increased fat deposits at a minimum level thanks to intense cardio. With the growth of 162 centimeters Michelle saves weight in the range of 52-54 pounds.

A major part of free-time fitness model paying subscribers. Michelle regularly removes commercials about the correct training, and helping people to train problem areas of the body.

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