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Fitness is not for women: the most traumatic simulators

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Fitness is not for women: the most traumatic simulators
The contents

  • Bench press — exercise for women
  • Fitness on the SCC simulator: than it is fraught?
  • Hyperextension — physical activity for the development of straighteners back
  • The nuances and peculiarities of pumping of the legs on the crossover
  • Error when performing bench press sitting

The benefits of sport to health is difficult to overestimate. Regular fitness improves body tone and gives a good mood, helps to absorb the main Builder of muscle tissue protein and forms a beautiful relief. But in the pursuit of all these benefits women forget is that exercise need serious and competent approach and swoop then good results can not be achieved. In the absence of physical training and ignorance of the right exercise technique, it is easy to get injured and forget about the dream of a perfect figure. What equipment and technology are considered the most traumatic for women?

Bench press — exercise for women

One of the basic exercises with free weights that is present in the program of any bodybuilder, it can be fatal for the fairer sex. And it’s even not that the woman is physiologically more difficult to build muscle and achieve impressive results in building chest muscles and biceps. They just perform the bench press much harder, and therefore there is a risk not to calculate the forces and injury of the chest, if the rod, along with all of her hanging on the “pancake” falls on the chest kulturistka.

At particular risk are novices seeking to get your dream body today and immediately. Squats with large weights can lead to the fact that not calculated their strength the woman just filled up with it will tip over forward or backwards depending on which direction it will lead the loss of balance. If so great desire to try their hand at working with a barbell, it is better to give preference to the classes in the simulator Smith. He distributes the exercise load and eliminates the risk of falling barbell on the athlete, however, there are pitfalls, so it is better to do exercise under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Fitness on the SCC simulator: than it is fraught?

The so-called SAKR-trainer is actively used in fitness classes because it helps efficiently to pump the lower part of the body, after more than 200 muscles, but the main focus is on the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Here provides a large physical load, working with a remarkable scale, which in itself represents a serious danger for the unprepared female body. When working on the SCC simulator is of great importance a correct statement of the feet. If you put the feet too wide and, thus, to dissolve knees in the parties, then the main burden will fall on knee joints that can become fatal for them.

When working with large weights is very important to keep your back straight, otherwise you may suffer the lower back. As you can see, there are lots of nuances you need to know about and to remember when training on this equipment. Therefore it is better to perform normal squats. Max with a barbell. For a start it will be enough and empty of neck without complication, because squats in and of themselves able to provide good load and efficiently work the muscles in your legs and buttocks.

Hyperextension — physical activity for the development of straighteners back

In any fitness club, you can see the bench for hyperextension, or as it is sometimes called the Roman chair. It is designed for pumping of muscles, straightening the spine and gluteal muscles and hip flexors. The task of athlete is to his hips in support and securing feet are located below under the roller, begin to lift drooping down the body until the full straightening of the back. The benefit of this exercises for women can not be overestimated, because it helps to form a beautiful relief of the body, especially if you combine it with exercises on a press, but it may also be the cause of a back injury, especially failure to use proper technique execution.

There is always a risk to muscle tension and cause pain in the spine, if you anchor the feet is too low or too high. In addition, work with weights, designed to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and develop stamina, can lead to intense spasms of the muscles and compression of the spinal nerves. A particular danger of hyperextension of the spine, especially if the woman previously worked to improve its flexibility. Therefore, it is better to do without weight, and to follow the recommended amplitude, and in the presence of herniated discs and did refuse to workout on the equipment.

The nuances and peculiarities of pumping of the legs on the crossover

Such a simulator as a crossover can rightly be considered a multi-functional fitness equipment. Most often it is used to study the pectoral muscles, the flexor and extensor muscles of the hands. Performing exercises on it, resembling the swing of the wings of birds, can form a beautiful relief of the shoulders, which is important for men, but women have adapted it to pump the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, as well as sprains, and training to perform the splits. However, it is no secret that the splits are not so easy. It’s an art that requires a lot of work and time to spend which is ready not all.

As a result of such physical activity leads to the fact that the woman gets injured ligaments of the hip joints and not just. Pumping of the muscles of the thighs with large weights also fraught with various complications, so do not rush when it comes to developing your flexibility and endurance. Increase the load slowly and be sure to listen to your own body when trying to do the splits.

Error when performing bench press sitting

Block simulator the base simulator, present in every gym. Men do not pass it to their attention, especially if seeking to build muscle, but girls are afraid and, I must say, rightly so. For young athletes it is better not to include in your training work on a block simulator, since they don’t have developed muscular sense. In addition, when performing thrust of the upper block for the head broken straight back line, resulting in a deformation and stretching of cervical and dorsal muscles, and this creates prerequisites for the development of herniated vertebral discs.

But if the girl wants to work the back muscles, it is better for fitness to opt for the implementation thrust of the lower block. Important when doing this exercise keep your back straight and avoid excessive weights. Observing all these rules, you can get from training only pleasure and harmoniously develop the body of your dreams.

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