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Fitness in the open air: types and benefits of training

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In the hot season, fitness at home and the gym bring discomfort to many people. It is stuffy in the room, it becomes difficult to work, and you can get a cold from the air conditioner. However, to give up physical activity is not worth it. You just need to change the location and begin to train in the fresh air. Exercises performed in nature, not only benefit the health, but also give a lot of positive emotions, as well as a charge of vivacity.

What is useful physical activity in the fresh air?

What is useful physical activity in the fresh air?

Fitness practiced in summer in nature differs in useful qualities from sports in the gym. It is about the following:

In the summer, there is a lot of sunshine outside, and the sun is known to be a source of vitamin D. In addition to being good for the bone skeleton, it is also considered an anti-depressant. Therefore, a good mood and cheerful mood will be provided to you.
Doing all sorts of exercises in nature, you will be enriched with oxygen, which is vital to man and very important for his health. In addition, oxygen molecules are direct participants in the process of fat loss, because in the fresh air you will lose weight more intensively.
Physical activity during cool weather helps to harden the body, strengthens the immune system.
Fitness classes in nature contribute to the saturation of the body with phytoncides that kill disease-causing microbes and organisms. Gyms with stale air and the smell of sweat, by contrast, are considered breeding grounds for various bacteria.
Exercise in the fresh air helps the brain, which is accustomed to the same type of exercises at the gym, to reboot. As a result, you will be able to train better, longer and longer, and almost imperceptibly. As ever-changing landscapes will divert attention from effort and fatigue.
In the gym, everything is equipped for training, in nature – no. For example, while jogging in the fresh air, you can often change the route, on your way you will meet different types of coatings and reliefs. It helps to vary the load, open up new possibilities in oneself.

How to choose a place to train?

For sports in the fresh air, it is recommended to choose parks, squares, beaches, stadiums or other specially equipped for this place. Fitness practiced near the roadway, a factory or a plant will not be good for health. During physical activity, the lungs of the person work in an intensive mode, the heartbeat quickens, and oxygen is rapidly distributed through the bloodstream. If at this time inhale not pure air, but exhaust and harmful gases, there will be no recovery, but poisoning of the body.

Fitness classes in nature

Fitness classes in nature

If there is an equipped sports ground near your house, you are lucky. This place is ideal for performing all sorts of fitness exercises:

squats – classic, Romanian, sumo, plie, with lunges, jumps, etc .;
jumping rope;
push-ups from the bench;
pull-ups on the crossbar;
rowing, etc.

Before class, you should consider purchasing sports clothing. It should be tight around the body (but not tight) and breathable. It is better if the clothes are made of high-quality "smart" synthetics with the addition of natural fibers. It is desirable that she had UV protection and, accordingly, a UV mark. With prolonged exposure to the sun you should also wear a cap, dark glasses, and apply a cream with a UV filter on your skin.

Jogging in the fresh air

Most people in the open air do jogging. This exercise allows you to work out almost all muscle groups, and also burn a lot more calories than on a treadmill. Provided that the correct technique of running and breathing will be observed. This sport is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

For him, the main thing is to choose the right shoes – sneakers with a grooved sole and high back, which will provide good cushioning, support the foot and eliminate the risk of injury. Before jogging is also important to take into account contraindications – diseases of the heart, blood vessels, joints and musculoskeletal system.

Nordic walking

Those who can not run, it is recommended to engage in this type of fitness, as the Scandinavian (northern, Nordic) walking. It is suitable even for people who have joint problems, diseases of the cardiovascular system, a lot of excess weight, have suffered a heart attack or stroke. The main thing in this business is to choose the right load.

In addition to suitable shoes for this type of physical activity, you will need special sticks. It is better to choose telescopic, which can be adjusted to fit your height. For classes in the summer and walking on the asphalt surface, rubber tips are put on their ends. In order for this type of fitness to bring maximum benefit, it is necessary to put the right technique – with the help of a trainer or training video lessons.

Yoga exercises

If active sports are not suitable for you, do yoga, or rather one of its areas – qigong. This exercise includes breathing techniques, stretching, static postures and meditation, allows you to relax, feel every part of your body and merge into one with the outside world, recharge your batteries with energy and get rid of the negative.

To perform yoga exercises in the fresh air, you will have to pick up loose, breathable clothes, a practice mat, and a secluded place where no one can disturb you.

Water Exercise

In the summer, most of us go swimming in the lakes, rivers, go to rest on the sea. So why not spend this time with health benefits? After all, swimming is a great fitness! It helps strengthen muscles, lose weight, improve blood circulation and skin elasticity, form a beautiful body relief and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to swimming, you can play volleyball on the beach, which also works out all muscle groups. Just before the game it is necessary to put a sunscreen on the body so as not to burn.

In addition to the above sports in the summer in the fresh air is recommended more and more often ride a bike. This lesson will help not only to improve the body and lose weight, but also will be an excellent joint pastime for all family members.

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