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Fitness in the morning: exercise for health and vitality

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Fitness in the morning: exercise for health and vitality
The contents

  • The use of a brief fitness workouts in the morning
  • Exercise charging
  • Recommendations for conducting morning fitness classes

Very often how was your morning, depends on mood and well-being throughout the next day. Proper organization of the first few hours after waking up, during which it is necessary to perform the exercises morning exercise helps to boost your vigor, increase resistance to stress and improve performance, and also to preserve the health and prolong youth.

The use of a brief fitness workouts in the morning

Of course, most people are too lazy to do exercise in the morning. To justify their inactivity, the person usually finds a lot of excuses from lack of time before the desire to sleep for a few minutes longer. In fact, the exercise of charging takes the minimum possible time, the duration of morning warm-up can be adjusted depending on individual needs. 10-30 minutes spent in the morning for exercises, the result will be immense health benefits and significantly improve the quality of human life:

  • morning fitness workout help you to Wake up.

If after waking up, lying in bed, the mode of active wakefulness in the body does not start in full. But if immediately after a dream start moving, doing simple exercises and gradually increasing the tempo, all body systems are actively included in the process. In addition, the body is production of the sleep hormone begins to produce endorphins – hormones of happiness and pleasure. As a result, people will feel cheerful and happy;

  • scientists have proved that the muscles of the body more readily respond to the exerted load on them, if fitness training is conducted in the morning.

This fact is due to the internal biorhythms of the person, so to achieve maximum effect exercise should take place in the morning;

  • morning exercise eliminates sleep problems.

The person ceases to experience difficulty falling asleep and awakening, and the dream becomes stronger. Moreover, those people who regularly practice the exercises in the morning, you need much less time to sleep.

Exercise charging

In the morning the fitness training usually consists of training movement, as a difficult job is time-consuming because of the need to comply with all technical nuances. In addition, too intensive training can cause premature fatigue and is awake throughout the subsequent day can experience fatigue.

In the standard morning exercises can include the following set of simple but effective exercises:

  • Rotation of the head.

You need to sit on the bed or stand up straight, relax the neck muscles and slowly perform the head rotation, describing its maximum possible diameter, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. To perform the exercise needed for 30-60 seconds in each direction. With these spins, you must start the warm-up to improve cerebral circulation and to study the cervical spine. In addition to rotations, it is recommended that during the morning fitness classes to perform rotations and tilts his head.

  • Squats.

During the warm-up is training the movement is not to strengthen the muscles of the feet and stimulating weight loss, and to increase blood circulation in the lower body. Therefore, during light morning fitness training sufficient to perform 20-25 repetitions, following the basic rules, including preventing the launch of his knees on the feet and the occurrence of sagging in the back.

  • Push-UPS.

Equipment pushups is quite simple: you need to stretch the upper limbs in the opposite surface, and then closer to her chest, bending your elbows. Performing this exercise in the morning can not only quickly Wake up, but to train the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle and to enhance physical abilities such as strength and endurance.

  • Jerks of the upper limbs.

Stand up straight, raise hands through the parties, so that elbows appeared on the same line as the clavicles, and then perform 2 snatch bent and hands 2 jerk straight. This element of the fitness training needs to be done in 2-3 minutes.

  • Jumping on the spot.

While charging, you can perform any kind of training this movement, jumping on his toes, jumping out of the half squat or spreading legs in the jump. Any option efficiently increases blood circulation, thus forcing the body to completely exit the sleep state.

  • Stretching.

To conclude the morning fitness training recommended training movements that effectively stretch the muscle fibers and improves body flexibility. For example, you can sit on the floor, pull the lower limb forward and tilt your body to the knees. To stay in this position for a few seconds. Then you should spread his legs and tilt the body alternately to each foot and then to the floor between them. In addition, you can perform an exercise involving the implementation of low bending from a standing position with the touch palms floor.

Recommendations for conducting morning fitness classes

Conducting fitness classes in the morning, you need to pay attention to the following useful recommendations to help enhance the productivity and safety of work:

  • morning warm-up is necessary to spend on an empty stomach. Exercise on a full stomach can be hazardous to health. An exception may be a glass of water without gas at room temperature, drunk immediately after waking up;
  • you should start with the easiest exercises and study of the joints, and gradually enhance the intensity by adding more complex options training movements that involve jerking, jumping and other action;
  • a few times a week is possible after consideration of the joints instead of performing a set of exercises to practice dancing in 10-15 minutes and finish warming up in the morning stretch.

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