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Fitness in the gym: the complex of exercises for development of muscles of the back

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Fitness in the gym: the complex of exercises for development of muscles of the back
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts for the back
  • Exercises with a barbell
  • Pull-UPS with wide hand positioning
  • Pull in the lower block
  • Pull the upper block
  • Physical exercise with dumbbells

In the course of our daily lives involved a lot of back muscles. Most of them work regularly, and some of them very rarely used. Some people no need to work through all 5 major and dozens of small spinal muscles, but for athletes and those who want to have a clear visible muscles, it’s necessary. For this reason, it is important to find effective exercises that will improve your back, strengthen a muscular corset to correct posture and to make the appearance of the back aesthetic. The most effective for such a small study will become a physical exercise in the gym: it is there for development target areas there are many specialized devices.

Features fitness workouts for the back

Mainly exercises for the spinal division represent variations of rowing movements and pull-UPS with either its own weight or with additional weights (static exercise machines, dumbbells, barbells, vultures of various configurations).

For the full development of the small muscles of the back you want to include in your fitness training all the mentioned actions. Each of the activities will benefit if they regularly perform in combination with other complexes loads.

Exercise for the spine should be increased gradually. Beginners should first learn the smallest weight to avoid injury and pain after fitness training.

Athletes with experience it is best to start with medium weight. Before training for people of all levels of training mandatory long warm up — for warming up soft tissues, ligaments and tendons.

Exercises with a barbell

Physical exercise using a barbell is one of the basic when working with the back. In the course of performing exercises addresses a huge number of small muscles, strengthening posture and develop strength.

Most popular exercises using heavy projectile — deadlifts and lifting of a weight in different variations.

  • Deadlifts.

In addition to the study of the dorsal division, the exercise develops the hamstring and gluteal muscles.

Lower the shell on the floor, stand in front of the rod. Place feet hip distance apart. Head neck medium grip on the inhale bend forward until, until the rod reaches the level of the tibia. Keep your knees slightly bent, chin down. Don’t forget about natural curve in the lumbar. Then go back with a shell in the starting position, pushing off the floor heels. Complete the item as many times as necessary in accordance with your personal training program.

  • Thrust rod to the belt.

This form of exercise efficiently utilizes large groups of upper and lower spinal muscles. Exercise is allowed to perform in the Smith machine. The exerciser secures the load, helping the uniform distribution of load on the target muscles.

Stand at the shell, take the neck backwards (point the palm up). Slightly bend your knees, give body forward, keep your posture straight. Keeping the torso in a static, with the exhale, lift your neck, elbow joints hold next to the body. At the peak of the tension, squeeze the muscles of the back and softservices in the position for 2-3 seconds. Along with the exhale, gently and slowly lower the shell. Repeat exercise the desired number of sets.

Pull-UPS with wide hand positioning

Fitness instructors recommend a similar kind of pull-UPS for the qualitative development of the wide dorsal muscle. A narrow grip shifts the physical load on the biceps. Wide hand positioning is focused on the dorsal area and the rear of the Delta.

If fitness training with pull-UPS are too simple and the athlete already knows how to work with your weight, then it is allowed to use additional training weights to increase intensity.

Exercise is most effective at the beginning of the training. In this case physical activity will ensure the correct position of the shoulder joint, which has a positive impact on future activity. To build muscle in the back is recommended to do the exercises with pull-UPS at least 8-10 times 2-3 sets.

Grab the wide grip of the bar, arms out, bend your legs or place them in a free visa, if the height of the crossbar. Pull your torso to the bar, at the same time straining the shoulder muscles. Do not make sharp jerks, hold the back in horizontal position without sagging. At the peak voltage softservices static for 2-3 seconds, then fall to it’s original location. Repeat the exercise with a pause between sets to 30-40 seconds.

Pull in the lower block

Simulators for traction exercises can be found in any gym. Such physical activity effectively working rhomboid and trapezius muscles, forming a perfect silhouette of the back. Exercises in the lower unit it is recommended to do at the end of the workout.

Sit in machine, place feet on a support, bend your knees. Slightly bend over, grasp the handle. Arms out, give a back case and pull the handle to the body until it stops.

One approach should include at least 12 repetitions and number of sets varies depending on the personal programs and level of training of the athlete.

Pull the upper block

Software is the perfect exercise to strengthen the widest muscle. This kind of physical activity helps to increase muscle volume, make the back broader and the muscles more noticeable. Through the use of a wide grip the entire load will be directed to the target muscles, not the biceps and forearms. For building muscle trainers recommend to perform at least 12 reps for 1 set.

Take a seat in the simulator, adjust the cushion in accordance with its growth. Grab the handle with two hands a comfortable grip. Reject the case back, but not more than 30 degrees so that the lumbar was formed deflection. Exhaling, pull the handle until the holder reaches the sternum. The shoulders pull back, tighten your spinal muscles. At the peak softservices for 1-2 seconds, then return slowly to original position.

Physical exercise with dumbbells

Training with this simple equipment develops deltas, muscles of the bark, the broadest muscles. To achieve the result element is recommended to perform at least 10-12 times for 1 run. Among the most effective movements with dumbbells include:

  • breeding dumbbells in different directions with his hands outstretched through the deltoid muscle and scapular area;
  • pull the dumbbell from behind — exercise activates the trapezius muscle and infraspinatus muscles;
  • the rise and bringing the dumbbells back in the tilt — captures a wide, diamond-shaped and small round muscles.

For the effective development of the dorsal muscles, you must combine exercise and regularly change the intensity of the movements. Systematic training of the back with the correct technique allows you in a short period of time to see the result: a beautiful silhouette, a gain in muscle mass and a correct posture.

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