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Fitness in the elderly: benefits and rules of training

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Fitness in the elderly: benefits and rules of training
The contents

  • Use HLS for the elderly
  • The rules of exercise
  • Types of fitness for those over 60
  • Myths and prejudices about sports in the elderly

To feel young and energetic even at older age, it is necessary to monitor their health. It is especially important to eat properly and regularly engage in appropriate fitness. Physical activity helps to maintain joint flexibility, to keep the body in good shape, be full of energy and even get rid of the pains that come with age.

Physical activity is also important for mental health and mental equilibrium. From systematic training increase intellectual ability, improves memory, boosts mood and intensifies the reaction.

Even if you have a chronic illness or you are limited in your movement there are alternative types of fitness, which will replace the classic exercise. To find out what type of load is right for you, you should consult with a doctor.

In old age, indeed, somewhat more complicated exercise. And there are a number of reasons:

  • the condition can not afford to hold regular training, which reduces their effectiveness;
  • there is an inner uncertainty that you can handle the exercises and the fear of injury;
  • ignorance of the basics of fitness and why you need to start sport.
  • complexes about their age, a lack of faith in their own strength and capabilities.

If you can overcome these fears, that soon will be proud of the sporting successes and achievements in training.

Use HLS for the elderly

Medical research on the impact of HLS on the old body showed the following results:

  • regular exercise relieves pain in joints, back, legs;
  • strengthens health and increases immunity;
  • improves mobility and reaction;
  • there is an opportunity to overcome long distances and steep inclines without much strain;
  • reduced the fatigue, strength and energy for household chores and Hobbies;
  • go of anxiety and fears;
  • increases flexibility of the body, movements become more free;
  • there is a decrease in body fat percentage in the body: for example, the elimination of visceral fat, which carries the greatest danger to health;
  • there comes normalization of blood pressure and acceleration of metabolism;
  • strengthens the bone tissue;
  • improves sleep quality and functionality of the brain.

The rules of exercise

Many older people don’t know where to begin to do fitness. So plans about healthy lifestyles often remain unfulfilled. First and foremost, you need to contact your therapist, who, based on the stories of your disease, advise on the best exercise and any kind of fitness.

If you have never played sports, don’t start with heavy exercises. First 1-2 weeks will be enough for 20 minutes of charging or warm-up with squats, tilts and swings. Next, based on your health and overall condition, you can add more complex exercises and even weights.

With regular training level loads — no more than once per month, so the body time to fully get used to them. Otherwise you can get injured or worse. To avoid this, set yourself realistic goals for each month. For example, to learn how to do 5 pushups or get your palms to the floor in the slope. Don’t require yourself to do the splits or lose weight at 10 kg.

If you suddenly feel bad, especially at home, and not in the gym, get medical attention immediately. You should be troubled by symptoms such as sudden shortness of breath, dizziness, blackouts, feeling of loss of consciousness, sudden cold sweat, pressure jump, a sharp pain in the chest, swelling or redness in the joints.

Types of fitness for those over 60

The most suitable sports for seniors are:

  • Walking.

This fitness does not require additional tools and a good physical training. You can at any time to go outside and walk, reducing and increasing the tempo. While walking your lungs and tissues are saturated with oxygen, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism and, in particular, on the cardiovascular system.

  • Yoga or Pilates in the fitness Studio.

This is a great opportunity to not only exercise, but also to find friends who, like you, adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Besides, you will always be on the mind of a coach who, if you need help in case of sudden deterioration of health.

  • Pool.

Classes in the water are good that significantly reduce the load on the joints. You can go in the pool even if you have limitation of movement. The water calms the nervous system, relieves stress, helps to relax.

  • Tai Chi and qigong.

This is a relatively new fitness trend in our country. The basics of exercise rooted in the martial arts. Therefore, tai Chi and qigong are suitable for those who already have good physical fitness and enjoy an active workout.

Myths and prejudices about sports in the elderly

Older age and playing sports together give rise to many prejudices. They often become cause of rejection of all classes:

  • Myth: I old, sports will not help.

The reality: no matter what age you start it, you will definitely see positive results. Sport serves not only the prevention and auxiliary treatment for many diseases. In medicine there is a special direction — LFK.

  • Myth: old age require frequent rest.

Reality: it’s exactly the opposite. Lack of physical activity leads to muscular and mental deterioration. Sedentary lifestyle after 50 years provokes intellectual impairment and early dementia.

  • Myth: I will fall and break something.

Reality: sports strengthen bone tissue and increase the rate of reaction. They will protect you from accidental injury.

  • Myth: it’s hard for me to move, I can’t do any physical exercise.

Reality: the benefit of fitness training is that you yourself choose for yourself the level of loads and types of exercises. There are many programs for sedentary people that help to develop the muscles and joints to improve not only health but also quality of life.

Feeling invigorated and refreshed after the workouts, you will not be able to refuse them. You will feel the taste of life and will be able to enjoy it without pain and chronic disease.

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