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Fitness in pairs: the benefits and the right training program

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Today, more and more people prefer to do fitness in pairs – with a loved one, friend (girlfriend), relative, etc. Joint sports have many advantages: a variety of training, additional incentive, support and insurance, spending time together, restoring harmony in relationships, etc. Pair training helps to achieve results much faster and get a strong athletic body. What kind of physical activity is suitable for training for two?

Benefits of Collaborative Fitness

Any fitness has a number of advantages, and pair sport has a double set of positive qualities. In addition to training and improving the relief of the body, joint exercises bring the following benefits to partners:


Pair training is not boring, they are much more interesting, more fun and more effective than regular classes.


The partner will always support and motivate if there is laziness or exhausted strength. In addition, the spirit of competition is always inherent in joint sports – whoever does more repetitions, exercises longer or withstands more physical exertion. This helps to achieve good results.


If necessary, the partner can always hedge, which is important when performing many strength exercises.


Fitness partner can act as a burden or provide additional load during training. This is especially true for those who are engaged at home and do not have the right arsenal of sports equipment.

Couple sport and emotions

Couple sport and emotions

All of the above advantages of pair sport are quite generalized. They are suitable for many categories of people – friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc. For couples and lovers, such training brings even more practical benefits. They are much more effective than many psychological practices.

One of the main advantages of joint training is special feelings. Physical activity contributes to the production of hormones of happiness, increased heart rate and respiration. The same thing happens with the body and during falling in love. If similar emotions overwhelm both partners at the same time, their relationship begins to play with new colors.

Benefits of Collaborative Body Fitness

Any fitness allows you to make the body more beautiful, slim, embossed, hardy. This helps to increase self-esteem, to become more confident in themselves for both men and women. When a husband and wife or people in a long-term relationship go in for pair sport, they both improve their physical fitness and become more attractive to each other.

Both have a natural desire to show their body to a partner, while shyness and complexes go away, libido rises, intimate relationships often go into a new, more perfect phase, and emotional attachments become stronger.

How does pairing affect relationships?

How does pairing affect relationships?

Joint sports clearly contribute to strengthening relationships within the couple. First, they help partners get to know each other better. Even women who are in a long marriage, most often do not know whether their husbands are flexible or not, what weight they can lift or how many times they can be wrung out. Men, in turn, have no idea how hardy their wives are, what dances they like, whether they prefer yoga or step aerobics.

Pair sports also help to find common hobbies and common ground. For example, it can be proper nutrition. Moreover, fitness classes (especially if you want to lose weight) often require a fundamental change in diet. The search for new recipes for healthy food, joint cooking, caring for each other's health will unite both partners.

Sport helps not only to form a beautiful body and improve health, but also to get rid of negative emotions, stress, and throw out all the negativity from oneself. Freed from this “burden”, both partners will come home calm, peaceful, in a good mood, they will no longer want to quarrel or sort things out.

In addition, with the modern accelerated rhythm of life, most people have extremely little free time that can be spent with their loved one. Pair fitness is an excellent option for spending time together, which at the same time unites, brings a lot of positive emotions and benefits for the body.

Exercises and physical exercises suitable for pairing

When paired, you can perform many different exercises. Moreover, the place of training is not important: you can do it at home, on the street or in the gym. The simplest and most effective of the elements relate to basic physical activity.


Partners stand facing each other, hold hands and make classic squats.

Reverse lunges with swings

In this element, partners are staggered, holding only with his right hands. On exhalation, they reverse lunges with their left legs, and then they stand up and swing the working limb. Next – change the legs.

Push ups

One partner crouches to an angle of 90 ° between the hips and legs, the second rests with his hands on his knees and performs classic push-ups. The first such physical activity helps to work out the muscles of the legs, buttocks, the second – triceps.

Torso raising

Partners lie on their backs, connecting the soles of their feet, and perform raising and lowering of the body to clap their hands.

"Team bar"

Companions stand on the bar on straight arms, facing each other. At the same time, they first fall on one forearm, then on the second. Next, reverse movements are performed, returning to the starting position. At the top, they make a clap with the palms of the right, and next time with the left hand.

In each of these exercises, you need to do 15-20 repetitions. If both partners expressed a desire to attend the sports section, you need to analyze the desires of each of them, and choose the most suitable direction. What can I advise:

lovers of calm types of fitness, slow, measured movements – yoga, callanetics, Pilates;
Those who wish to increase muscle volume, make the body sculpted, increase endurance – bodybuilding;
having contraindications to power sports, problems with joints, spine – aquafitness;
for those who want to add a touch of romance and passion to the relationship – pair dance classes.

Whatever type of physical activity is preferred, the main thing to remember is that training should be carried out regularly – 2-3 times a week. You should also adhere to a healthy lifestyle and engage in pleasure.

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