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Fitness in hot weather: guidelines for performing exercises

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Fitness in hot weather: guidelines for performing exercises

The contents

  • Fitness training in the heat
  • Equipment for fitness
  • Especially exercise in the heat
  • Drinking regime during fitness training

Fitness in the fresh air is not only pleasant but also very useful. Exercises on the street improve oxygen metabolism in the body, thereby aktiviziruyutsya all important metabolic processes, and the lungs fill with clean air. At stadiums and nearby venues, you can find a lot of great yard of machines for working various areas.

Despite the advantages of warmer weather, many people in particularly hot periods, interrupt the fitness training, but is it necessary really?

Fitness training in the heat

Hot summer dictates its own rules of fitness and brings about changes in schedules sports.

Experts are not recommended to interrupt training, even during very hot weather. Any set of exercises (for fat burning, pumping muscles, increase endurance or stretching) requires to run regularly. Abrupt cessation of exercise may cause or the effect of a training plateau (stagnation), or a decrease in the efficiency of all subsequent classes.

The muscle fibers has already been adapted to a large load, can negatively react to the decline in physical activity. This means that even in hot days it is necessary to practice, though on the adjusted mode.

Don’t have to do fitness training in the afternoon, when a peak in solar activity. You can engage in the morning (until 10 hours) and in the evening (after 18), when the heat is subsiding.

Of course, the perfect place to perform physical activity should be placed in the shade. However, if this is not around, to practice can and near any body of water (lake, pond, river) – the water heat is easier.

Equipment for fitness

Special attention during exercise in the heat should be given to equipping. Choosing the right clothes and shoes will protect the body from overheating and will not cause discomfort.

  • The main rule: exercising in the heat should be carried out in a headdress.
  • Securely protect it from overheating, shoulders and neck. Pick clothes with a high neck and covered shoulders.
  • Practice in the clothes from natural fabrics, it is especially necessary to look to the knit. This breathable fabric not only prevents overheating of the skin, but not delays the natural perspiration, absorb excess moisture, which has a positive effect on the health and outcome of lessons.
  • Instead of a powerful sneaker made of rubberized fabric use shoes with fabric or mesh inserts. Such models are perfectly ventilated.
  • Men for exercises it is recommended to use extra-long shorts (to the knee or lower), and women – leggings or knit Capri ankle or slightly above.
  • Especially exercise in the heat

    Despite the heat, performing the warm-up is necessary. A warm-up exercise should be done in the same mode as in the normal days, but for a good General warm-up property can be only 4-5 of the most effective loads.

    On hot days, the best option to warm up is a simple movement of the charge from the General course of school physical education. Complex multicomponent exercise can raise body temperature, lead to a feeling of nausea and dizziness.

    To conduct fitness training, use the base maximum safe load:

    • rotation of the neck;
    • head tilts;
    • lifts shoulder joints;
    • rotation of the shoulders;
    • swings arms at the shoulders with a full range of motion;
    • rotation of elbows and wrists;
    • the slopes of the body to the right and to the left;
    • tilts the torso forward and backward;
    • rolls from foot to foot;
    • rotation of the pelvis;
    • the deflections in the lower back back;
    • rotation of the knees;
    • attacks;
    • squats;
    • upgrades to toes;
    • shoals foot from heel to toe and back.

    Do not warm-up using cardio. Aerobic mode contributes to the acceleration of the pulse, which may feel worse: hot weather, such surges in heart rhythm are transferred particularly difficult. Express cardio activity to the end of the lesson or modify an aerobic set in the home to avoid health hazards.

    To the summer training was not only productive, but safe, in the heat you should change your regime and the General scheme of the fitness workouts. If you’ve worked in a circular pattern, then go to a more gentle combination of visits and reps. If you have practiced on a “set and retry”, then simply decrease the number of repetitions. It is also recommended to increase the pause between sets for rest. Use the time between sets to relax and replenish drinking water supply.

    Drinking regime during fitness training

    In the heat it is very important not only to monitor the intensity of fitness training, but also for drinking water treatment. Without sufficient fluid intake will not work fruitfully to perform physical activities. The more often during the class you will fill the water, the faster you will get excellent results, especially in weight loss. All because water improves the metabolism and promotes the excretion of waste products. Always carry a bottle of clean cool water to avoid dehydration.

    Drink pick correct: any store-bought juices, sodas and cocktails are not suitable for the replenishment of fluid in the body. The best option is ordinary filtered water or mineral water without gas. In order to refresh and to replenish vitamin C in the water you can throw a slice of lemon or orange.

    Despite the heat, to drink icy drinks is not worth it. First, thus increases the risk of colds. Second, cold water several times stronger than the loads the cardiovascular system: the body needs more energy to heat the fluid to the optimal condition suitable for the proper functioning of internal organs.

    Many people mistakenly believe that on warmer days playing sports can be skipped. But, in order to achieve excellent results, training must be constant. Contrary to the view that heat and exercise are not compatible, to do in the hot days just as useful as in any other weather. The main thing – to follow the recommendations on training, to maintain water balance, to correct exercises, and to choose the right sports equipment.

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