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Fitness in a block training simulator: the effective exercises for back muscles

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Fitness in a block training simulator: the effective exercises for back muscles
The contents

  • Features and benefit of the exercise
  • Options for hand position
  • Diagram exercise for the back
  • Recommendations for fitness for the back

Back training in a block training simulator is an effective way to strengthen and develop the muscles for the development of more complex core exercises. The vertical thrust of browsing helps to work on not only the back but also the shoulders and biceps, which allows to call this exercise conditionally basic. The action of this attraction is largely similar to pull-UPS with own weight and is used as a preparatory stage for training on the horizontal bar.

Features and benefit of the exercise

The vertical thrust of the upper block for the head is one of the key exercises included in any exercise program, both for men and for women. Its main advantages are the following:

  • perfectly develops the latissimus dorsi, forming her beautiful V-shaped;
  • makes the back wider and thereby reduces the size of the waist;
  • strengthens the muscles of the back and arms, improving the performance of power;
  • prepares for the execution of more complex basic exercises;
  • makes the back more prominent, including in the work even the smallest muscles;
  • forms a beautiful posture with proper execution.

Before performing this exercise for the back is recommended to study his technique and for the first time to train under the supervision of an experienced coach. Depending on your goals, you should choose one of the options thrust of the upper block. For example, lowering the arm unit to the level of your stomach, you will leverage the broad chest muscles, and when doing a pull over the head of most actively includes the muscles of the back, rear Delta and biceps. Best in this exercise, lower the arm unit on the upper third of the chest, while the load is approximately equally distributed between the dorsal and the pectoral muscles, developing them harmoniously.

Options for hand position

In this exercise you can use a variety of grip positions, and depending on the position of your hands shall be strengthened to work certain muscles:

  • putting his hands widely, it is possible to shift the load on the outer part of the broadest muscles of the back that allows you to make it even bigger;
  • in the narrow formulation of the hands to a greater extent work the back muscles attached closer to the spine, which is also useful to stabilize the vertebrae and prevent certain diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • the average grip involves placing the hands at a distance slightly wider than your shoulders, so considering the middle part of the broadest muscles of the back and formed her pretty relief;
  • straight grip heavily involve the triceps, while back — biceps shoulders.

Choose the width and type of grip depending on which area of the back you want to develop more. Ideally, you should perform the exercise varied, alternating the direction and the setting of the hands from workout to workout, thus the back muscles will be pumped uniformly.

Diagram exercise for the back

One of the most important recommendations for the implementation of this exercise for the back is the minimal inclusion of the work of the biceps and the maximum load on the back muscles. Also, before beginning fitness training you should have a good study technique of traction that is:

  • Set in a block training simulator required a six-and attach the right handle (for beginners best suited wide fingerboard).
  • Sit on a bench simulator and hook your feet under the special roll — this will help to make more confident movement.
  • Keep your back straight, eyes fixed forward, grasp the neck with both hands, placing them on the necessary width.
  • Making the exhale, force the muscles of the back lower neck behind your head, lightly filing it forward and tapping the handle of the simulator the bottom of the neck.
  • The fretboard throughout its movement must be in a horizontal position. At the lowest point, hold it for 2-3 seconds.
  • Slowly lift your hands up, fully straightening the elbow joints at the highest point and relax the muscles of the arms and back.
  • Do all the movements gently, without jerks, otherwise there is an increased risk of injury of the elbow and shoulder joints.
  • Doing fitness with weights, it is especially important to pay attention to technique exercise, in this work it is best with small weight in front of the mirror or under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

    Recommendations for fitness for the back

    Safe and successful fitness always based on strict adherence to rules of training. The thrust of the upper block for the head, like most other activities, has its own subtleties that must be taken into account:

  • First, use light weight weights and increase it gradually.
  • During lowering of the neck of a hand pointing closer to the body.
  • The important point for the security of the exercise is the straight position of your back and head.
  • To enhance the effect of the pull you slightly tilt your body back, that additionally feeds back the beams of the deltoid muscle.
  • Try every workout to change the appearance and width of the grip — this helps to fully work the muscles of the back and arms, to eliminate their addiction to the same type of loads.
  • Useful in training, to combine several exercises for the development of the widest back muscles that will allow to study them comprehensively.
  • Some trainers recommend not straighten your arms completely in the upper position of the neck to reduce the load on the joints. However, in this situation the muscles are in constant tension, while their active development is important to alternately tense and relax, stretching.
  • It is important during the movements correctly and evenly to breathe. The breath must have been a moment of relaxation while lifting the neck, and exhale when lowering it behind your head. This approach allows you to saturate the blood and muscles with oxygen, increasing their endurance, reduce fatigue from exercise for back and to reduce the required time for rest.
  • Break between sets should not be more than fifteen minutes, all are recommended to perform 4 sets with a maximum of 12 reps.
  • Operating weight should not exceed 60% of the maximum possible for you.
  • When performing this exercise, girls are encouraged to use low weight, with high reps.
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